Young World Rising

Young World Rising

How Youth Technology and Entrepreneurship are Changing the World from the Bottom Up
Microsoft Executive Leadership Series, Band 13 1. Aufl.

von: Rob Salkowitz

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 05.05.2010
ISBN/EAN: 9780470644300
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Young World Rising gives you an exclusive glimpse into the new trend that's transforming global business and changing the dynamics of globalization The global Millennial generation is 4.1 billion strong, and the spread of data networks is empowering them to build radically new kinds of organizations adapted to a flat and crowded world. Young World Rising takes you on a panoramic tour of the new centers of enterpreneurial innovation on five continents. Explore the dynamics driving the emergence of the Young World Demonstrate how wired Young World insurgents are reinventing entrepreneurship Get an inside look at the most innovative Young World businesses from India, Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia Identify how your organization can capitalize on the rise of the Young World to find new talent, open new markets, identify investment opportunities and more With more than a dozen unique and in-depth case studies, Young World Rising is essential reading for every organization coming to grips with the challenges of globalization and demographic change in the 21st century.
Preface ix INTRODUCTION 1 A Bright and Crowded Future 4 Three Forces Reshaping the World 9 Exploring the Rise of the Young World 13 Promise and Peril 15 CHAPTER 1: The Rising Tide: Three Trends Driving the Emergence of the Young World 17 Demography and Destiny 18 The Rich Old World 18 The Poor Young World 20 The Spread of Ubiquitous Data Networks 27 Youth + Tech: The Emergence of the Global Net Generation 31 The Technology Age Gap in Global Perspective 35 Youth and Entrepreneurship 39 Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid 41 Technology and Indigenous Entrepreneurs 44 The Inflection Point 46 CHAPTER 2: Laying the Groundwork: Aligning Institutional Investments with Young World Development Goals 47 Aligning Profit and Prosperity 50 Building a Public-Private Partnership to Equip the Global Net Generation with World-Class Technology 55 Connecting Young World Innovators to Resources for Incubation and Business Development 59 The Seeds Are Sprouting 63 CHAPTER 3: Young World Entrepreneurship in Action 65 The Distinctive Qualities of Young World Entrepreneurship 67 Increasing the Skills of the Knowledge Workforce 71 Building Connections 81 Improving Conditions 93 Reaching the Global Market with Innovative Products and Services 106 Achieving Escape Velocity 115 CHAPTER 4: Engaging the Young World: Strategies for Success 131 Engaging Young World Talent 133 Collaborating with Young World Partners 139 Investing in Young World Opportunity 144 Developing Young World Markets 149 Plan for Uncertainty 155 Conclusion 161 Executive Summary 165 Appendix A 171 Appendix B 179 Notes 183 Acknowledgements 189 Index 193
"Every new generation gets a lot of attention, though it's not always positive. But if millennials have been scrutinized more closely than any generation since the 1960s, it's because of one factor; they're plugged deep into the internet and have the skills to make the most of its opportunities. Salkowitz's book takes this idea and runs with it, globally. He shows how tiny startups in India, Brazil and other nations whose populations trend young are building online businesses on investment shoestrings, collaborating with others in their cohort (often across borders) and creating innovative approaches to maximize minimal resources." (Delta Sky Magazine, July 2010) "I highly recommend the insightful and visionary book by Rob Salkowitz, to anyone seeking a more complete understanding of the youth based entrepreneurial ITC boom sweeping the developing world. The book will inspire governments, corporations, international organizations, and non-governmental agencies to seek fresh, market based initiatives to ensure that the entrepreneurial revolution continues without being derailed by special interests..." (BlogBusinessWorld, July 31, 2010) "The world-changing ideas of the near future might not come from settled, industrialized countries, or even from 10-ton economic gorilla China, argues Salkowitz, but from the developing world. Their populations are extremely young, driven to improve their lives, and have unprecedented access to and familiarity with technology." (CIO Magazine, July 13, 2010) "Three forces are reshaping the world of the 21st century: youth, ICT and entrepreneurship," says Rob Salkowitz in Young World Rising. While he believes these intertwined forces will have some impact in the Western world, he expects them to completely remake business in less developed nations with populations that skew toward youth, including India, Vietnam, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Mexico and Columbia. Tech-savvy twenty-something's with mobile devices in hand will figure out ways to serve base-of-the pyramid markets, he says-and then scale their operations globally to rewrite the rules of business." (BizEd, July/August 2010)
ROB SALKOWITZ is a writer and consultant specializing in the social implications of new technology and the next-generation workforce. He has worked with Microsoft and other leaders in global business to help formulate market strategy and articulate business goals. As an entrepreneur, Rob has helped start seven businesses and is a principal in the Seattle-based communications firm MediaPlant, LLC. Rob is author of Generation Blend and coauthor (with Daniel Rasmus) of Listening to the Future, both from Wiley. He lives and works in Seattle, Washington.
It's the business story of the decade: all around the world, young people wired with unprecedented access to networks and information technologies are poised to transform the global knowledge economy from the bottom up. Armed with new ideas, new ways to engage customers, new solutions to age-old problems, and new organizational models, businesses in youthful emerging markets like India, South Africa, Brazil, the Philippines, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Colombia, and Vietnam are changing their futures—and ours. Intelligent, timely, and compelling, Young World Rising by Rob Salkowitz—author of Generation Blend and coauthor of Listening to the Future—spells out how your organization can engage with these young entrepreneurs in a variety of ways to create new market opportunities and drive sustainable growth in the wake of the global recession. Young World Rising offers a close-up look at the emergence of a new ethos of entrepreneurship fueled by the spread of network connectivity and the titanic ambitions of a generation of young people more than 4 billion strong. It explores how the Net Generation, global in scope and marinated in digital technology, is blending social and commercial goals, reinventing organizations, and making ingenious use of networks and mobility to build an equitable economy for the twenty-first century. How can your business engage with new partners in new markets? How can you tap into the opportunities of Young World innovation and growth? How can Young World talent bolster the aging workforces of Europe and North America? What are the opportunities for cooperation—and competition—as Young World businesses rise to the fore? Young World Rising challenges today's organizations to keep pace with the global flood of innovation. Rich with research and studies, this book gives voice to the rising entrepreneurs around the world, exploring the similarities and differences in the attitudes of the Net Generation in developed and emerging countries. If you're curious about where the future of work is headed, you need look no further than Young World Rising.
Praise for YOUNG WORLD RISING "Salkowitz identifies an exciting new trend in global business and introduces us to a fresh young cast of entrepreneurs whose ideas are literally changing the world. Young World Rising shakes up conventional notions of demographics, globalization, and innovation in a vision that combines hope and challenge. It's a wake-up call for the old guard, a how-to manual for forward-thinking organizations, and a call to arms for the next generation of talent." —Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind "Great stories of the ways that collaborative approaches are solving old problems and creating new opportunities in the parts of the world that are overdue for some good news." —Don Tapscott, author of Grown Up Digital and coauthor of Wikinomics "Young World Rising combines insightful analysis and great stories that challenge old stereotypes and inspire new approaches for businesses, governments, international organizations, and NGOs. It makes a powerful case for a twenty-first century model that places entrepreneurship and innovation clearly at the center and will be a valuable guide for both policymakers and business leaders." —Ambassador Albert Ramdin, Assistant Secretary General, Organization of American States

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