You Haven't Hit Your Peak Yet!

You Haven't Hit Your Peak Yet!

Uncommon Wisdom for Unleashing Your Full Potential
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von: Harvey Mackay

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 22.01.2020
ISBN/EAN: 9781119658771
Sprache: englisch
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<p><b>Advice from one of America's most respected and well-connected business leadership gurus</b></p> <p>If you haven't reached your peak, you're not alone. But still, you're doing something right. Sound strange? Well, any businessperson worth their salt knows it takes determination to reach the finish line. The business world is constantly changing so it’s essential to learn, adapt, and grow.</p> <p>In all-new pieces of wisdom, common sense, and advice, Harvey Mackay shares his decades of business leadership acumen to show you how to stay relevant, fluid, and on the path for success.</p> <ul> <li>Find out how adversity can be your best friend</li> <li>Use humility in your successes to make good business partners</li> <li>Stop riding a dead horse</li> <li>Discover how recognition does wonders</li> </ul> <p>Told with the sort of straight-shooting humor that only Harvey Mackay can deliver, <i>You Haven't Hit Your Peak Yet</i> is your personal road map for the route that can take you to the top.</p>
<p>Foreword xv</p> <p>Acknowledgments xix</p> <p>Introduction xxi</p> <p><b>Section 1 Adversity 1</b></p> <p>Adversity can be your best friend 3</p> <p>Bouncing back from deflating times 5</p> <p>The worst failure is the failure to try 8</p> <p><b>Section 2 Attitude 11</b></p> <p>Take charge of your attitude 13</p> <p>A smile adds face value 16</p> <p>Arrogance and business don’t mix 18</p> <p>Happiness breeds success 21</p> <p><b>Section 3 Believe in Yourself 23</b></p> <p>People achieve to the degree they believe in themselves 25</p> <p>Give your self-confidence the boost you need 27</p> <p>Humility, success make good business partners 29</p> <p><b>Section 4 Business Basics 31</b></p> <p>The best job lessons I ever learned 33</p> <p>How not to ride a dead horse 35</p> <p>Discipline is the order of the day 37</p> <p>Winners set goals, losers make excuses 39</p> <p>Ethics is about what is right, not who is right 41</p> <p><b>Section 5 Coaching 43</b></p> <p>Lessons from John Wooden: Build a pyramid of success 45</p> <p>Good bosses improve good employees 47</p> <p>A great work environment is an excellent motivator 49</p> <p>Recognition does wonders for your sense of hearing 51</p> <p>Lou Holtz coaches you all the way to #1 53</p> <p><b>Section 6 Competition 55</b></p> <p>Know thy competitors 57</p> <p>How to beat your competition 59</p> <p>Competition teaches you to outswim the sharks 61</p> <p>Winners thrive on competition 63</p> <p><b>Section 7 Creativity 67</b></p> <p>Creativity does not require genius 69</p> <p>Cultivate creativity to grow success 71</p> <p>Imagination is the fuel for success 74</p> <p><b>Section 8 Customer Service 77</b></p> <p>Warning—Customers are perishable 79</p> <p>Taking care of customers is taking care of business 81</p> <p>Create a service culture 83</p> <p>The art of the apology 85</p> <p><b>Section 9 Hiring/Firing/Jobs 87</b></p> <p>Hire a professional 89</p> <p>Make a bad hire and your plans could backfire 91</p> <p>Firing is like public speaking; few like to do it 93</p> <p>Employee retention: A cause for reflection 95</p> <p>Getting a job is a job 98</p> <p>How do you get better at your job? 101</p> <p><b>Section 10 Humor/Laughter 103</b></p> <p>Laughter: The natural high 105</p> <p>A sense of humor is no joke 107</p> <p>Humor works at work 109</p> <p><b>Section 11 Ideas/Innovation 111</b></p> <p>Ideas without action are worthless 113</p> <p>Big innovations start with little ideas 115</p> <p>Spark innovation in your company 118</p> <p><b>Section 12 Leadership 121</b></p> <p>Attention: Leadership lessons from the Marines 123</p> <p>Good leaders bring out the best in employees 126</p> <p>Real leadership often defies the rules 129</p> <p><b>Section 13 Negotiation 131</b></p> <p>Successful negotiations start with stellar preparation 133</p> <p>Negotiating 101: 50 years of experience 135</p> <p>Everything’s negotiable—and here’s how to do it 137</p> <p><b>Section 14 Networking 141</b></p> <p>Dig your well before you’re thirsty 143</p> <p>How does your networking report card stack up? 145</p> <p>Get to know the gatekeeper 148</p> <p>Make friendships work at work 150</p> <p><b>Section 15 People Skills 153</b></p> <p>Ten Commandments for the office 155</p> <p>Bad manners are bad for business 157</p> <p>Maintain a civil tongue 159</p> <p>2, 4, 6, 8—Who do you appreciate? 161</p> <p>Harvey’s short course in class 164</p> <p>Who’s buttering your bread? 166</p> <p>The best ship to sail—friendship 168</p> <p><b>Section 16 Persistence 171</b></p> <p>Never too late to succeed 173</p> <p>Trying times are no time to quit trying 175</p> <p><b>Section 17 Quality/Values 177</b></p> <p>Good enough never is 179</p> <p>Do it right the first time 182</p> <p>Values determine who we are 184</p> <p><b>Section 18 Roadblocks 187</b></p> <p>If you don’t have a plan B, you don’t have a plan 189</p> <p>Stop procrastinating before it stops you 191</p> <p>Don’t let fear of success hold you back 193</p> <p><b>Section 19 Sales and Marketing 197</b></p> <p>Law of large numbers pays large dividends 199</p> <p>What makes a good sales rep? 201</p> <p>Putting the sway in persuasion 203</p> <p>Sales—up close and personal 205</p> <p>Knowing something about your customer is just as important as knowing your product 208</p> <p>Use the Mackay Sales Scalpel to sharpen selling techniques 211</p> <p>Sales is everyone’s business 213</p> <p><b>Section 20 Self-Improvement 217</b></p> <p>Who do you want to be when you grow up? 219</p> <p>Never leave well enough alone 221</p> <p>Strengthen your memory 223</p> <p>Experience is the name people give to their mistakes 226</p> <p><b>Section 21 Success 229</b></p> <p>The Seven Cs of Success 231</p> <p>Success is the difference between working hard and hardly working 234</p> <p>Make like a pencil and get the lead out 237</p> <p>Sam Walton’s rules for success 239</p> <p>Become “the most likely to succeed” 241</p> <p>For long-term success, give up these detrimental traits 244</p> <p><b>Section 22 Teamwork 247</b></p> <p>Look for these traits in successful team players 249</p> <p>When we find each other, a miracle begins 251</p> <p>When “go, team, go” becomes “stop, team, stop” 253</p> <p>None of us is as good as all of us 255</p> <p><b>Section 23 Time Management 257</b></p> <p>How to keep time on your side 259</p> <p>Take the time to manage your time 261</p> <p>Make the call to improve phone skills 264</p> <p><b>Section 24 Trust 267</b></p> <p>Who packed your parachute today? 269</p> <p>Whom do you trust? 271</p> <p><b>Section 25 Vision/Visualization 275</b></p> <p>Visualization helps you live your dreams 277</p> <p>Your vision shapes your reality 279</p> <p><b>Section 26 Watch Your Language 281</b></p> <p>We learn more by listening than by talking 283</p> <p>Wash your mouth clean of these career-killing phrases 286</p> <p>Spread the word: Don’t gossip 288</p> <p><b>Section 27 Final Thoughts 291</b></p> <p>The Other Seven Wonders of the World 293</p> <p>The Second Ten Commandments 296</p> <p>Things I’ve learned in life 298</p> <p>You get what you give 300</p> <p>Lifelines beat deadlines any day 302</p> <p>Happy people make other people happy 304</p> <p>Thoughts for a richer life 307</p> <p>About the Author 311</p> <p>Index 313</p>
<p><b>HARVEY MACKAY</b> has written seven <i>New York Times</i> bestselling books, three reached <sup>#</sup>1, and two were named by the <i>New York Times</i> among the top 15 inspirational business books of all time—<i>Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive</i> and <i>Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt</i>. His books have sold 10 million copies in 80 countries and have been translated in more than 50 languages. Harvey is a nationally syndicated columnist whose weekly business advice appears in 100 newspapers and magazines around the country. He was named one of the top five speakers in the world by Toastmasters International and speaks to corporate audiences around the world. Harvey is chairman of the $100 million MackayMitchell Envelope Company in Minneapolis, which he founded in 1960.
<p><b><i>For 25-plus years I've had a Post-it note on my bathroom mirror where I shave that simply states, "You haven't hit your peak yet!" I've looked at that message every day. So when I was wracking my brain trying to think of a title for this new book, it hit me. . . or should I say, it was staring me in the face. I saw the note and said, "That's my title."</i></b></p> <p>Few people are as eminently qualified to give advice as Harvey Mackay. From humble beginnings, Harvey has become a top inspirational speaker, nationally syndicated columnist, and seven-time <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author. The son of an Associated Press bureau chief and a dedicated teacher, he developed a knack for storytelling and a thirst for wisdom that led him to where he is today. Now, he returns with <i>You Haven't Hit Your Peak Yet!</i>—a veritable encyclopedia of insight for business and life.</p> <p>This book is a reading requirement, both for Harvey Mackay followers and for those new to the unique, straight-shooting humor that has made him a living legend. The pages are packed with short, easily digestible messages to inspire you, guide you, and reignite your drive to succeed. The result is a memorable reading experience that will leave readers with take-home value and a renewed sense of wonder.</p> <p>Harvey is also careful to connect these kernels of truth to the real world, asking readers to consider the difficult questions in whose answers lie the secrets to personal success. Are you living up to your own potential? Is your life well–balanced, or are you setting yourself up for regrets? When you take an honest look around you, what do you see, and how can you use that information to achieve greater success? With this book, you can gain the courage to let go of your fears and embark on the next phase of your remarkable journey through life.</p>
<p><b>PRAISE FOR <i>YOU HAVEN'T HIT YOUR PEAK YET!</i></b> <p>"Harvey Mackay may be the most talented man I've ever met."</br> —<b>LOU HOLTZ</b>, Hall-of-Fame college football coach <p>"When Harvey wrote this book, he hit his peak! Advice to readers: read the final section first. Here is the genius of Harvey's long-term success. Live it, and it will be yours as well."</br> —<b>MARILYN CARSON NELSON</b>, former CEO of Carlson (a global travel and hospitality company) <p>"Harvey Mackay's secret weapon is this: once he hits his peak, he just finds a taller mountain to climb. This remarkable book shows you how to keep reaching higher, no matter what the obstacles in your path."</br> —<b>BRENDON BURCHARD</b>,<i> Founder of The High Performance Institute</i> <p>"Harvey Mackay will help you move mountains with this book. Once again he's helping people walk the walk— or climb the climb—to the peak of their careers. Your career climb will be much smoother with help from this experienced guide!"</br> —<b>JOHN MAXWELL</b>, author, speaker, leadership expert <p>"If you are determined to hit your peak, Harvey's advice will provide the expert guidance you need to continue your trek. His useful lessons will echo every step of the way on your career path."</br> —<b>SUZE ORMAN</b>, host of<i></i> Women & Money podcast <p><b>A lifetime of business advice from one of America's most respected leadership gurus</b> <p>Harvey Mackay knows a thing or two about success. <i>You Haven't Hit Your Peak Yet!</i> is his A-to-Z guide of how to succeed—a treasure trove of inspiration, encouragement, and laughs that you'll turn to again and again. <p>If you think it might be too late for you to reach your full potential, read this book. Not only is there still time for you to achieve your dreams, all the mistakes you've made in the past are actually precious assets that will help shape your future, if you're willing to listen to the lessons they have for you. Harvey Mackay has helped millions of people visualize the path to success, and now it's your turn. <p>From keeping a positive attitude and visualizing success to winning in negotiations and sales, this book packs more practical value into its short, digestible entries than any other business or leadership book out there.

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