Yahoo! Web Analytics

Yahoo! Web Analytics

Tracking, Reporting, and Analyzing for Data-Driven Insights
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von: Dennis R. Mortensen

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Veröffentl.: 18.08.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9780470555187
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Yahoo! Web Analytics teaches readers how to collect data, report on that data, and derive useful insights using Yahoo!’s free Web analytics tool . This detailed resource from Yahoo!’s Director of Data Insights discusses the why of Web analytics as well as the how while revealing secrets and tricks not documented elsewhere. The thorough book also offers step-by-step instructions and advanced techniques on everything from using data collection groupings to creating compelling data visualizations. It’s a must-read for all analytics professionals and those who want to be.
1. Getting started. 2. Content and advanced conversion tracking. 3. Enterprise Campaign Tracking. 4. Merchandizing tracking and reporting. 5. Advanced instrumentation. 6. Working report results. 7. Customizing report results. 8. Using basic reports as templates for customization. 9. Using dashboards. 10. Distinctive reports and usage. 11. Paid Search analysis and optimization. 12. Form analysis and optimization. 13. General content analysis and optimization.
Turn Data into Insight and Action with Yahoo! Web Analytics Turn website data into powerful insights and profitable actions with the new Yahoo! Web Analytics tool and this unique, in-depth book. Yahoo! insider and Internet analytics expert Dennis R. Mortensen provides detailed tips and techniques for successfully using Yahoo! Web Analytics to gain the competitive advantages you seek. Learn the “why” as well as the “how” of web analytics and discover Yahoo! Web secrets and tricks not found anywhere else. Inside, you’ll also find: Detailed data collection advice, including how to use data collection groupings and track almost everything, from simple page views to custom-created fields How to best implement campaign tracking, including paid search setup, multiple campaign categories, and merchandising tracking and reporting In-depth explanations of advanced filtering capabilities, including powerful ways to customize reports Powerful data visualization tools and optimal dashboard configurations, which are illustrated in the 16-page color insert Exclusive and expert-level optimization techniques for everything from pay-per-click campaigns to Flash- and Ajax-based objects Time-saving tips, hands-on exercises, and fascinating examples using real client experiences “As the individual who drove the initial development of Yahoo!’s Web Analytics tool, Dennis managed to conquer mind-numbingly complex issues by presenting them in a simple and useful way. It’s no wonder that he did it again with his Yahoo! Web Analytics book.” —Bryan Eisenberg, New York Times bestselling author of Call to Action and Always Be Testing and cofounder of FutureNow, Inc. “Dennis provides the details about the impact Yahoo! Web Analytics can have on your business, with a laser-like focus on moving from data to true business insight and action.” —Jason Burby, Chief Analytics & Optimization Officer, ZAAZ “If you want to actually derive value from these tools rather than just look at the pretty reports, Dennis lays it all out. This is a book you can count on.” —Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit “This is a detailed and practical guide to using Yahoo! Web Analytics to turbo-charge your business performance. Get this book before your competitors do!” —Tim Ash, CEO of and author of Landing Page Optimization