Wine and Philosophy

Wine and Philosophy

A Symposium on Thinking and Drinking
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von: Fritz Allhoff, Paul Draper

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In Wine & Philosophy, philosophers, wine critics, and winemakers share their passion for wine through well-crafted essays that explore wine’s deeper meaning, nature, and significance Joins Food & Philosophy and Beer & Philosophy in in the "Epicurean Trilogy  Essays are organized thematically and written by philosophers, wine writers, and winemakers Chapters include, “The Art & Culture of Wine”; “Tasting & Talking about Wine”; “Wine & Its Critics”; “The Beauty of Wine”; “The Metaphysics of Wine”; and “The Politics & Economics of Wine” Accessible to a general audience while at the same time covering some serious philosophical ground Incorporates traditional areas of philosophical study, including philosophy of language, philosophy of perception, aesthetics, metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy A great complimentary text to any guided-tour visit to the Napa Valley or other wineries
List of Figures viii Foreword by Paul Draper ix Acknowledgments xi Planting the Vines: An Introduction 1 Fritz Allhoff I The Art & Culture of Wine 13 1 Wine in Ancient Greece: Some Platonist Ponderings 15 Harold Tarrant 2 On and Off the Wagon: Wine and the American Character 30 Jonathon Alsop 3 Muse in a Stem Glass: Art, Wine, and Philosophy 44 Kirsten Ditterich-Shilakes 4 In Vino Sanitas 63 Frederick Adolf Paola II Tasting & Talking about Wine 79 5 Mmmm . . . not Aha! Imaginative vs. Analytical Experiences of Wines 81 John Dilworth 6 Talk about Wine? 95 Kent Bach 7 Winespeak or Critical Communication? Why People Talk about Wine 111 Keith Lehrer and Adrienne Lehrer III Wine & Its Critics 123 8 What the Wine Critic Tells Us 125 John W. Bender 9 Experiencing Wine: Why Critics Mess Up (Some of the Time) 137 Jamie Goode IV The Beauty of Wine 155 10 You’ll Never Drink Alone: Wine Tasting and Aesthetic Practice 157 Douglas Burnham and Ole Martin Skilleås 11 Who Cares If You Like It, This Is a Good Wine Regardless 172 George Gale 12 Listening to the Wine Consumer: The Art of Drinking 186 Steve Charters V Wine & Metaphysics 203 13 Is There Coffee or Blackberry in My Wine? 205 Kevin W. Sweeney 14 The Soul of Wine: Digging for Meaning 219 Randall Grahm 15 The Notion of Terroir 225 Matt Kramer VI The Politics & Economics of Wine 235 16 Wine-Tasting Epiphany: An Analysis of the 1976 California vs. France Tasting 237 Orley Ashenfelter, Richard E. Quandt, and George M. Taber 17 The Old World and the New: Worlds Apart? 248 Warren Winiarski 18 Taste How Expensive This Is: A Problem of Wine and Rationality 257 Justin Weinberg 19 Shipping across State Lines: Wine and the Law 275 Drew Massey Notes on Contributors 288 Index 295
"The complexity and subtlety of the distinctions made by master tasters is quite astonishing, and is all the more interesting when comparing notes with others." (Network Review, 1 June 2011) "It turns out that not only have reputable psychologists at well-respected institutions done experimental studies on this effect, but it also serves as a kind of foul point for various philosophical questions. The works set out to address the intersection between philosophy and areas of everyday general concern: food, wine, and beer. In addition to straightforward philosophical discussions, the volumes include historical discussions, legal questions, some personal reflections.” (Gastronomica, Fall 2008) "It has some of the best, thoughtful essays about wine and health, winemaking, wine appreciation, wine jargon and wine writers...a very smart book about wine." ( “A truly well rounded view…and a critical reflection on what and how we eat can contribute to a robust enjoyment of gastronomic pleasures.” (Gourmet Retailer) “A rare treat. These grape-stained craftsmen dive into their subjects with Socratic gusto. Nuggets of wit … throughout.” (Wine Enthusiast)
Fritz Allhoff, PhD, is an assistant professor of philosophy at Western Michigan University. He is the co-editor of Food & Philosophy (with Dave Monroe, Blackwell, 2008). He enjoys, especially, Napa and Russian River wines as well as wine travel around the world.
The Greek word sympotein means literally “to drink together.” In the era of Socrates and Plato, the symposium was a central part of Greek culture: a gathering where men consumed wine freely and debated the issues of the day. Philosophers, wine critics, and winemakers share their passion for wine through well-crafted essays that explore wine’s deeper meaning, nature, and significance. Wine & Philosophy offers a playfully fresh, insightful – and, at times, controversial – perspective on the philosophical dimensions of wine and wine appreciation. Joining Beer & Philosophy and Food & Philosophy in the “Epicurean Trilogy,” the essays herein celebrate the ongoing relationship between wine and philosophical reflection, discussion, and debate.
“A fascinating symposium that proves one thing: wine is worth thinking about.” –Hugh Johnson, author of the World Atlas of Wine “Most wine books are narrow in scope. Not Wine & Philosophy: these far-ranging essays are fascinating and diverse, placing the wine in your glass in a context spanning civilizations and centuries.” –Stephen Tanzer, editor/publisher, International Wine Cellar “Wine & Philosophy is remarkably accessible; the writers and winemakers contributing to this work are amazingly accomplished and all have an abiding interest in philosophy, literature, and wine. This combination of scholarship and passion makes for a fascinating, illuminating, and highly entertaining work.” –Larry Stone, Master Sommelier

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