Windows 11 For Dummies

Windows 11 For Dummies

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von: Andy Rathbone

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<b>Need Windows help? Find the latest tips and tricks in this perennial favorite on Windows</b> <p>Windows 11 promises to be the fastest, most secure, and most flexible version of the Microsoft operating system yet. With a promise like that, of course you want to start using it, as quickly as possible! <i>Windows 11 For Dummies</i> gives you that speed, security, and flexibility by getting you up to date with the latest in Windows. Windows expert and bestselling author Andy Rathbone gives you a helping hand by showing you how to get around the newly updated Windows 11 interface, how to use the new Windows tools like Teams and widgets, and how to use Android apps. <p>Your tour of Windows 11 starts with the Start menu and ends with how to troubleshoot when things go wrong. In between you find out how to find files on your hard drive, connect with friends and colleagues on Microsoft Teams, transfer photos from your phone to your hard drive, or switch between your desktop and laptop. Additional topics include: <ul> <li>Navigating the Start menu</li> <li>Finding where your files are hiding</li> <li>Adding separate user accounts to keep your kids out of your business</li> <li>Connecting to a WiFi network</li> <li>Customizing your widgets</li> <li>Switching to a laptop or tablet</li> </ul> <p>You know what you want to get done. Keep <i>Windows 11 For Dummies</i> by your desktop, laptop, and tablet, and you can open it at any time to find out how to get your Windows computer to do what you need.
<p>Introduction 1</p> <p>About This Book 2</p> <p>How to Use This Book 3</p> <p>Touchscreen Owners Aren’t Left Out 4</p> <p>And What about You? 5</p> <p>Icons Used in This Book 5</p> <p>Beyond the Book 6</p> <p>Where to Go from Here 6</p> <p><b>Part 1: Windows 11 Stuff Everybody Thinks you Already Know</b> <b>7</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 1: what is windows 11? 9</b></p> <p>What Is Windows, and Why Are You Using It? 10</p> <p>What’s New in Windows 11? 12</p> <p>What’s Missing from Windows 11? 14</p> <p>Why Does Windows 11 Keep Changing? 16</p> <p>Can My Current PC Run Windows 11? 16</p> <p>The Different Flavors of Windows 11 18</p> <p><b>Chapter 2: Starting with the Start Menu</b> <b>19</b></p> <p>Being Welcomed to the World of Windows 20</p> <p>Understanding user accounts 22</p> <p>Keeping your account private and secure 23</p> <p>Signing up for a Microsoft account 25</p> <p>Figuring Out the Windows 11 Start Menu 27</p> <p>Launching a Start menu program or app 29</p> <p>Finding something on the Start menu 29</p> <p>Viewing, closing, or returning to open apps 31</p> <p>Getting to know your free apps 32</p> <p>Adding or removing Start menu items 35</p> <p>Customizing the Start menu 36</p> <p>Exiting from Windows 39</p> <p>Temporarily leaving your computer 39</p> <p>Leaving your computer for the day 41</p> <p><b>Chapter 3: The Traditional Desktop 43</b></p> <p>Finding the Desktop and the Start Menu 44</p> <p>Working with the Desktop 45</p> <p>Launching apps with the Start menu 47</p> <p>Jazzing up the desktop’s background 48</p> <p>Dumpster diving in the Recycle Bin 50</p> <p>Bellying Up to the Taskbar 52</p> <p>Shrinking windows to the taskbar and retrieving them 54</p> <p>Switching to different tasks from the taskbar’s Jump Lists 54</p> <p>Clicking the taskbar’s sensitive areas 55</p> <p>Seeing the Action Center and Notifications 58</p> <p>Viewing notifications 58</p> <p>Seeing Quick Settings icons 60</p> <p>Watching Widgets 60</p> <p>Customizing the taskbar 62</p> <p>Setting Up Virtual Desktops 63</p> <p>Making Programs Easier to Find 66</p> <p><b>Chapter 4: Basic Desktop Window Mechanics 69</b></p> <p>Dissecting a Typical Desktop Window 70</p> <p>Tugging on a window’s title bar 71</p> <p>Navigating folders with a window’s Address bar 73</p> <p>Figuring out your folder’s new Menu bars 74</p> <p>Quick shortcuts with the Navigation pane 76</p> <p>Moving inside a window with its scroll bar 78</p> <p>Boring borders 80</p> <p>Maneuvering Windows Around the Desktop 81</p> <p>Moving a window to the top of the pile 81</p> <p>Moving a window from here to there 82</p> <p>Making a window fill the whole desktop 82</p> <p>Closing a window 83</p> <p>Making a window bigger or smaller 83</p> <p>Neatly placing windows side by side 83</p> <p>Making windows open to the same darn size 85</p> <p><b>Chapter 5: Storing and Organizing Files 87</b></p> <p>Browsing the File Explorer File Cabinets 89</p> <p>Getting the Lowdown on Folders 92</p> <p>Peering into Your Drives, Folders, and Other Media 93</p> <p>Seeing the files on a drive 93</p> <p>Seeing what’s inside a folder 95</p> <p>Creating a New Folder 98</p> <p>Renaming a File or Folder 100</p> <p>Selecting Bunches of Files or Folders 100</p> <p>Getting Rid of a File or Folder 101</p> <p>Copying or Moving Files and Folders 103</p> <p>Seeing More Information about Files and Folders 105</p> <p>Writing to CDs and DVDs 107</p> <p>Buying the right kind of blank CDs and DVDs for burning 108</p> <p>Copying files to or from a CD or DVD 109</p> <p>Working with Flash Drives and Memory Cards 112</p> <p>OneDrive: Your Cubbyhole in the Clouds 113</p> <p>Setting up OneDrive 114</p> <p>Changing your OneDrive settings 116</p> <p>Opening and saving files from OneDrive 118</p> <p>Understanding which files live on OneDrive, your PC, or both places 120</p> <p>Accessing OneDrive from the internet 122</p> <p><b>Part 2: Working with Programs, Apps, and Files</b> <b>125</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 6: Playing with Programs, Apps, and Documents</b> <b>127</b></p> <p>Starting an App or Program 128</p> <p>Opening a Document 130</p> <p>Saving a Document 133</p> <p>Choosing Which Program Should Open Which File 134</p> <p>Navigating the Microsoft Store 138</p> <p>Adding new apps from the Microsoft Store app 138</p> <p>Uninstalling apps 141</p> <p>Taking the Lazy Way with a Desktop Shortcut 142</p> <p>Absolutely Essential Guide to Cutting, Copying, and Pasting 144</p> <p>The quick ’n’ dirty guide to cut ’n’ paste 144</p> <p>Selecting things to cut or copy 145</p> <p>Cutting or copying your selected goods 147</p> <p>Pasting information to another place 148</p> <p><b>Chapter 7: Finding the Lost</b> <b>151</b></p> <p>Finding Currently Running Apps and Programs 151</p> <p>Finding Lost Windows on the Desktop 153</p> <p>Locating a Missing App, Program, Setting, or File 154</p> <p>Finding a Missing File inside a Folder 158</p> <p>Finding Lost Photos 160</p> <p>Finding Other Computers on a Network 161</p> <p><b>Chapter 8: Printing and Scanning Your Work</b> <b>163</b></p> <p>Printing from a Start Menu App 164</p> <p>Printing Your Masterpiece from the Desktop 166</p> <p>Adjusting how your work fits on the page 167</p> <p>Adjusting your printer’s settings 169</p> <p>Canceling a print job 171</p> <p>Printing a web page 172</p> <p>Troubleshooting your printer 174</p> <p>Scanning from the Start Menu 176</p> <p><b>Part 3: Getting Things Done on the Internet</b> <b>179</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 9: Cruising the Web</b> <b>181</b></p> <p>What’s an ISP, and Why Do I Need One? 182</p> <p>Connecting Wirelessly to the Internet 183</p> <p>Browsing the Web with Microsoft Edge 186</p> <p>Moving from one web page to another 188</p> <p>Making Microsoft Edge open to your favorite site 190</p> <p>Revisiting favorite places 191</p> <p>Finding things on the internet 193</p> <p>Finding More Information on a Website 194</p> <p>Saving Information from the Internet 195</p> <p>Saving a web page 195</p> <p>Saving text 196</p> <p>Saving a picture 196</p> <p>Downloading a program, song, or other type of file 197</p> <p><b>Chapter 10: Being Social: Mail, Calendar, and Teams Chat</b> <b>199</b></p> <p>Adding Your Accounts to Windows 200</p> <p>Understanding the Mail App 202</p> <p>Switching among the Mail app’s views, menus, and accounts 202</p> <p>Composing and sending email 205</p> <p>Reading a received email 208</p> <p>Sending and receiving files through email 209</p> <p>Managing Your Contacts in the People App 212</p> <p>Adding contacts 214</p> <p>Deleting or editing contacts 215</p> <p>Managing Appointments in Calendar 216</p> <p>Meeting Online with Teams Chat 219</p> <p>Starting Teams Chat 219</p> <p>Sending text messages 221</p> <p>Holding video chats 222</p> <p><b>Chapter 11: Safe Computing</b> <b>227</b></p> <p>Understanding Those Annoying Permission Messages 227</p> <p>Staying Safe with Windows Security 228</p> <p>Avoiding and removing viruses 230</p> <p>Avoiding phishing scams 232</p> <p>Setting up controls for children 234</p> <p><b>Part 4: Customizing and Upgrading Windows 11</b> <b>237</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 12: Customizing Settings in Windows</b> <b>239</b></p> <p>Finding the Right Switch 240</p> <p>Flipping Switches with the Windows Settings App 241</p> <p>Adjusting the System settings 242</p> <p>Connecting and adjusting Bluetooth and other devices 249</p> <p>Connecting to nearby Wi-Fi networks and internet 255</p> <p>Personalizing your PC’s look and feel 256</p> <p>Fixing and removing apps 260</p> <p>Creating and changing accounts for others 263</p> <p>Changing date, time, and language settings quickly 263</p> <p>Setting up for video games 264</p> <p>Adapting Windows for your special physical needs 264</p> <p>Managing your privacy and security 266</p> <p>Staying current and safe with Windows Update 267</p> <p><b>Chapter 13: Keeping Windows from Breaking</b> <b>269</b></p> <p>Backing Up Your Computer with File History 271</p> <p>Finding Technical Information about Your Computer 275</p> <p>Freeing Up Space on Your Hard Drive 276</p> <p>Setting Up Devices That Don’t Work (Fiddling with Drivers) 278</p> <p><b>Chapter 14: Sharing One Computer with Several People</b> 281</p> <p>Understanding User Accounts 282</p> <p>Changing or Adding User Accounts 284</p> <p>Adding an account for a family member or friend 284</p> <p>Changing existing accounts 288</p> <p>Switching Quickly between Users 290</p> <p>Changing a User Account’s Picture 292</p> <p>Setting Up Passwords and Security 294</p> <p>Signing in with Windows Hello 296</p> <p><b>Chapter 15: Connecting Computers with a Network</b> <b>299</b></p> <p>Understanding a Network’s Parts 300</p> <p>Setting Up a Small Network 302</p> <p>Buying parts for a network 302</p> <p>Setting up a wireless router 303</p> <p>Setting up Windows computers to connect to a network 304</p> <p>Sharing Files with Your Networked Computers 306</p> <p>Setting your home network to private 306</p> <p>Sharing files and folders on your private network 310</p> <p>Accessing what others have shared 312</p> <p>Sharing a printer on the network 313</p> <p>Sharing with Nearby Sharing 314</p> <p>Turning on Nearby Sharing 315</p> <p>Sharing files with Nearby Sharing 316</p> <p><b>Part 5: Music, Photos, and Videos</b> <b>319</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 16: Playing and Copying Music</b> <b>321</b></p> <p>Playing Music with the Groove Music App 322</p> <p>Handing Music-Playing Chores Back to Windows Media Player 325</p> <p>Stocking the Windows Media Player Library 328</p> <p>Browsing the Windows Media Player Libraries 331</p> <p>Playing Music Files in a Playlist 334</p> <p>Controlling Your Now Playing Items 335</p> <p>Playing CDs 337</p> <p>Playing DVDs 338</p> <p>Playing Videos and TV Shows 338</p> <p>Creating, Saving, and Editing Playlists 339</p> <p>Ripping (Copying) CDs to Your PC 341</p> <p>Burning (Creating) Music CDs 342</p> <p><b>Chapter 17: Fiddling with Photos, Videos, and Phones 345</b></p> <p>Dumping Photos from a Phone or Camera to Your Computer 346</p> <p>Making Photos and Videos with the Camera App 349</p> <p>Grabbing Photos from Your Android Phone through the Your Phone App 351</p> <p>Viewing Photos with the Photos App 354</p> <p>Viewing your photo collection 355</p> <p>Viewing photo albums 358</p> <p>Viewing a slideshow 360</p> <p><b>Part 6: help!</b> <b>361</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 18: The Case of the Broken Window</b> <b>363</b></p> <p>The Magic Fixes in Windows 364</p> <p>Resetting your computer 364</p> <p>Restoring backups with File History 368</p> <p>Windows Keeps Asking Me for Permission 372</p> <p>I Need to Retrieve Deleted Files 374</p> <p>I Need to Fix Broken Apps 374</p> <p>My Settings Are Messed Up 375</p> <p>I Forgot My Password 377</p> <p>My Computer Is Frozen Solid 378</p> <p><b>Chapter 19: Strange Messages: What You Did Does Not Compute</b> <b>381</b></p> <p>Add Your Microsoft Account 382</p> <p>Calendar Notifications 382</p> <p>Choose What Happens with This Device 383</p> <p>Deleted Files Are Removed Everywhere 384</p> <p>Did You Mean to Switch Apps? 385</p> <p>Do You Want to Allow This App to Make Changes to Your Device? 385</p> <p>Do You Want to Pin This App to the Taskbar? 386</p> <p>Do You Want to Save Changes? 386</p> <p>Enter Network Credentials 387</p> <p>How Do You Want to Open This File? 388</p> <p>Keep These Display Settings? 389</p> <p>Let’s Finish Setting Up 389</p> <p>No Usable Drive Found 390</p> <p>Save to OneDrive 391</p> <p>Select to Choose What Happens with Removable Drives 391</p> <p>Threats Found 392</p> <p>USB Device Not Recognized 393</p> <p>Verify Your Identity on This PC 394</p> <p>We’re Not Allowed to Find You 394</p> <p>You Don’t Currently Have Permission to Access This Folder 395</p> <p>Your Privacy Settings Blocked Access to Your Location 395</p> <p><b>Chapter 20: Moving from an Old PC to a New Windows 11 PC</b> <b>397</b></p> <p>Moving to Windows 11 the Microsoft Way 397</p> <p>Hiring a Third Party to Make the Move 399</p> <p>Buying Laplink’s PCmover program 399</p> <p>Visiting a repair shop 401</p> <p>Transferring Files Yourself 401</p> <p><b>Chapter 21: Help on the Windows Help System</b> <b>407</b></p> <p>Getting Started with Windows 11 408</p> <p>Contacting Support 409</p> <p>Microsoft’s support options 410</p> <p>Microsoft’s free support options 410</p> <p><b>Part 7: The Part of Tens</b> <b>413</b></p> <p><b>Chapter 22: Ten Things You’ll Hate about Windows 11 (and How to Fix Them)</b> <b>415</b></p> <p>Knowing Whether Your PC Can Upgrade to Windows 11 416</p> <p>There’s No Backup Program! 416</p> <p>I Want the Start Button and Menu in the Lower-Left Corner! 417</p> <p>Windows 11 Keeps Changing! 418</p> <p>I Don’t Want a Microsoft Account 418</p> <p>Windows Makes Me Sign in All the Time 419</p> <p>I Can’t Line Up Two Windows on the Screen 420</p> <p>It Won’t Let Me Do Something Unless I’m an Administrator! 421</p> <p>I Don’t Know What Version of Windows I Have 421</p> <p>My Print Screen Key Doesn’t Work 422</p> <p><b>Chapter 23: Ten or So Tips for Tablet and Laptop Owners</b> <b>425</b></p> <p>Using the New Touchscreen Gestures 426</p> <p>Switching to Airplane Mode 427</p> <p>Connecting to a New Wireless Internet Network 428</p> <p>Toggling Your Tablet’s Screen Rotation 429</p> <p>Adjusting to Different Locations 430</p> <p>Turning on the Traffic Widget 431</p> <p>Backing Up Your Laptop Before Traveling 432</p> <p>Accessing the Mobility Center 432</p> <p>Turning Calculator into a Road Warrior Tool 433</p> <p>Index 435</p>
<p><b>Andy Rathbone</b> probably didn’t think “someday I’m going to be the world’s all-time best-selling tech how-to book author” when he was finishing his comparative literature degree. A stint writing for computer magazines led to him writing <i>Windows For Dummies</i>, published in October 1992. Since then the book has seen 18 editions published and sold millions of copies. When not helping people find the Start button, Andy enjoys bird watching and playing ukulele.</p>
<p><b>This version of Windows<sup>®</sup> goes to 11!</b></p> <p>The Windows<sup>®</sup> 11 operating system arrives with the promise of being the fastest, most secure, and most flexible version yet. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to make your computer work faster, more securely, and more flexibly. This book offers help for those moments when you ask yourself “what the heck is my computer doing?” You’ll find guidance on how to get around the Windows 11 interface, how to use Windows tools like Teams Chat and Widgets, and even how to bring Android apps on board your device. Once you know your way around, you’ll spend less time answering Windows questions and more time getting things done. <p><b>Inside…</b> <ul><b><li>Starting with the Start menu</li> <li>Finding where your files are hiding</li> <li>Running Android apps</li> <li>Adding separate user accounts to keep others out of your business</li> <li>Connecting to the universe (via Wi-Fi)</li> <li>Getting chummy with Teams Chat</li> <li>Customizing your Widgets</li> <li>Traveling with a laptop</li></b></ul>

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