All titles in the shop can also be bought as a PDF coupon to give as a present.

You will find brief instructions below:

  1. Either search for a certain title or browse our range. The Details view for each book as well as the list of results shows a button for buying the title as a gift coupon, alongside the shopping basket button.
    It depends on which format is available for the title.

  2. After clicking on the button the selected title is placed in your shopping basket as a coupon. To buy this coupon click on the shopping basket and then "proceed to checkout". You will then be automatically led through the payment process.

  3. You'll receive the coupon as a code in a PDF file that you can download and print out for presenting as a gift. You can see a sample PDF coupon for an eBook here:

  4. Gutschein-Beipspiel

  5. Der Code kann nun über den Punkt „Gutschein-Code einlösen" auf der angegebenen Shopseite eingelöst werden. Der Einlösende erhält daraufhin den Downloadlink zu seinem Titel sofort im Browser und per Email.

Do you already have a coupon code?

Then you can redeem it here:Gutschein-Code einlösen