Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

End-to-End Editing and Debugging Tools for Web Developers
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von: Bruce Johnson

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Expert guidance on using Visual Studio Code for editing and debugging your web development projects Visual Studio Code, a free, open source, cross-compatible source code editor, is one of the most popular choices for web developers. It is fast, lightweight, customizable, and contains built-in support for JavaScript, Typescript, and Node.js extensions for other languages, including C++, Python, and PHP. Features such as debugging capability, embedded Git control, syntax highlighting, code snippets, and IntelliSense intelligent code completion support—several of which set it apart from the competition—help make Visual Studio Code an impressive, out-of-the-box solution. Visual Studio Code: End-to-End Editing and Debugging Tools for Web Developers helps readers to become familiar with and productive in Visual Studio Code. This up-to-date guide covers all of the essential components of the software, including the editing features of the workspace, advanced functionality such as code refactoring and key binding, and integration with Grunt, Gulp, NPM, and other external tools. New users, experienced developers, and those considering moving from another developer tool will benefit from this book’s detailed, yet easy-to-follow information on Visual Studio Code. This book: Teaches readers how to use Visual Studio Code to do full-stack development Explains the steps to install Visual Studio Code on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms Provides a foundation for non-users considering moving to Visual Studio Code Helps current users expand their knowledge of the tool and its available extensions Describes how to open a .NET Core project and get end-to-end execution and debugging functionality   Visual Studio Code: End-to-End Editing and Debugging Tools for Web Developers is an invaluable guide for both professional and hobbyist web developers seeking immediately-useful information on Visual Studio Code.
Introduction xv Chapter 1: Introducing Visual Studio Code 1 Getting Started 1 Installing Visual Studio Code 2 Windows 2 Linux 6 macOS 10 How Cross-Platform Works 11 Summary 12 Chapter 2: Exploring the User Interface 13 Editors 14 Activity Bar 15 Editing Settings Manually 17 Status Bar 18 Other Windows 23 Command Palette 23 Terminal Window 24 Output Window 25 Debug Console 26 Problems Window 27 Summary 29 Chapter 3: Files and Folders and Projects (Oh My) 31 Explorer 31 Project View 32 Decorations 36 Workspaces 37 Saving the Workspace 37 Adding Folders 38 Settings 38 Search 38 Advanced Searches 39 Regular Expression Matching 39 Specifying Files 40 Replacing Text 41 Settings 41 Summary 42 Chapter 4: Editing Code in Your Language of Choice 43 Editor Area 43 Editor Groups and Layouts 45 Open Editors 48 Outline View 51 Editing Functionality 52 Keyboard Shortcuts 53 Choosing Your Language 57 Formatting 58 Code Writing Assistance 59 IntelliSense 61 Method Info 61 Completions 62 Settings 62 Find and Replace 63 Minimap 64 Code Snippets 65 Multiple Cursors 67 Auto Save 67 Hot Exit 68 Editor Settings 68 Summary 71 Chapter 5: Integrating with Source Control 73 Source Control Management 73 Using Git 75 Cloning a Repository 76 Staging and Committing 76 Branches 77 Working with the Tracking Branch 78 Merge Conflicts 80 Miscellaneous Support 82 Git Output 82 Default Git Editor 83 Git Diff Tool 83 Other SCMs 83 Installing the Extension 84 Configuring the Extension 85 Summary 86 Chapter 6: Debugging Code 87 Debugging Node.js 87 Launching the Session 88 Launch Configurations 89 Launch vs. Attach Execution 91 Adding a Configuration 92 Simultaneous Configurations 94 Debug Actions 95 Breakpoints 95 Stepping through Code 97 Data Inspection 97 Advanced Launch Configuration 98 Variable Substitution 98 Launching a Browser on Debug 99 Summary 100 Chapter 7: External Tools and Task Automation 101 Tasks Defined 101 Creating Custom Tasks 104 Compound Tasks 106 Problem Matchers 107 Multiline Matchers 108 Background Patterns 109 Advanced Task Configuration 110 Platform-Specific Properties 110 Variable Substitution 110 Summary 112 Chapter 8: Unit Testing 113 Testing a Unit 113 Python Unit Testing 114 Unittest Framework 115 PyTest Framework 116 JavaScript Unit Testing 118 Jest Extension 118 Refactoring 121 Code Actions 122 Summary 124 Chapter 9: Working with Extensions 125 Extension Marketplace 126 Searching for Extensions 127 Installing Extensions 129 Extension Configuration 133 Updating Extensions 136 Workspace Extensions 137 Command-Line Interface 138 Useful Extensions 138 Linters 139 Keyboard Mappings 139 Snippets and Coding Assistance 140 Miscellaneous Tools 140 Summary 142 Chapter 10: Creating Your Own Extensions 143 Getting Started 143 An Extension Project 147 Activation Event 148 Contribution Points 148 Visual Studio Code API 149 Extension Project Structure 149 Activation Events 151 onCommand 151 onDebug 152 onFileSystem 152 onLanguage 153 onUri 153 onView 154 onWebviewPanel 154 workspaceContains 155 Start Up 155 Contribution Points 155 breakpoints 156 colors 156 configuration 157 configurationDefaults 157 commands 158 debuggers 158 grammars 158 jsonValidation 159 keybindings 159 when Clause 159 languages 160 menus 160 problemMatchers 162 snippets 162 taskDefinitions 163 themes 163 viewsContainers 163 views 164 Visual Studio Code API 165 Common Patterns 165 Promises 165 Cancellation Tokens 165 Events 165 Commands 166 Debug 166 Env 166 Extensions 167 Languages 167 Scm 168 Tasks 168 Window 168 Workspace 169 Summary 169 Index 171
BRUCE JOHNSON is a partner at ObjectSharp Consulting. He has spent most of his career in the computer industry, working on projects at the leading edge of Windows technology. Bruce has spoken hundreds of times at conferences and user groups throughout North America. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and has been recognized numerous times as a Microsoft MVP.
A complete guide to working with the popular code editor from Microsoft The choice of a code editor is an important one for any web developer. Visual Studio Code, the free and open-source editor from Microsoft, has swiftly become a favorite in the coding community. It provides all the basics in a lightweight package and adds a number of features that set it apart from other editors. Whether you are new to the program or are already a user, Visual Studio Code will equip you with a thorough knowledge of the out-of-the-box functionality and the available extensions for your cross-platform code editor of choice. This book is appropriate for developers using Visual Studio Code on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and guides you through the installation process for each platform. A detailed inventory of features follows the development workflow, so you can follow along with this book to set up your workspace, project files, code editing tools, and source control integration as you go. Additionally, Visual Studio Code guides you through the extensibility features of the code editor, so you can locate and install key extensions, from additional language support to useful new functionality. Finally, this book will show you how to create your own extensions to make Visual Studio Code exactly what you need your code editor to be. Visual Studio Code is an essential guide to: Navigating and customizing the workspace Editing code in your language of choice using syntax coloring, refactoring support, and other productivity-enhancing features Choosing and implementing a file structure appropriate to your needs Integrating with external tools, including native support for Git Debugging code in both .NET Core and node.js

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