Unpacking Construction Site Safety

Unpacking Construction Site Safety

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von: Fred Sherratt

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Unpacking Construction Site Safety provides a different perspective of safety in practice. • examines how useful the concept of safety actually is to the development of effective management interventions • providing new insights and information to the audience, and assist in a more informed development of new approaches in practice • aimed at safety and construction management practitioners as well as academics
Preface xi Acknowledgements xv 1 Introduction 1 References 4 2 Construction Site Contexts 5 Winning Work 6 Subs of Subs of Subs 8 The Workforce 9 Working Conditions 13 Never work a day in your life … 13 Construction Site Life 14 References 17 3 Safety and Society 21 The Media and its Myths 22 (Mis?])Interpreting the Legislation 25 Where there’s blame … 28 Safety and Society and Construction Sites 31 Understanding People 32 References 42 4 Safety in Construction 47 Measuring Safety: Accidents and Statistics 48 Cause and Effect 51 Safety Management Systems 55 Competence 58 Training 61 Personal Protective Equipment 66 References 73 5 Just a Bit Unsafe? 77 The Legislative Lexicon 77 Safe/Unsafe 83 Safety and Unsafety 88 Safety and Risk 94 Acknowledgements 104 References 104 6 Safety versus Work and Work versus Safety 107 The Non?]Productive 107 Segregation and Integration 111 Problems of Production 114 Production in Practice 116 References 121 7 Engagement and Enforcement 123 Engaging with Safety 124 Safety Propaganda 129 Enforcing Safety 134 Rules Made to be Broken? 138 A Hierarchy of Safety: Responsibility and Ownership 142 Acknowledgements 148 References 148 8 Counting Down to Zero 151 Target Zero: Theories and Thinking 152 Brand Zero 156 Zero in Practice 159 Measuring Zero: Non?]Accident Statistics 161 Achieving Zero 163 Acknowledgements 169 References 169 9 Constructing Safety on Sites 171 What is Safety on Site? 172 Site Safety Culture 177 Putting it into Practice 181 References 187 10 Reflections 189 Index 191
Fred Sherratt PhD MCIOB C.BuildE MCABE FHEA has worked in the UK construction industry for over 13 years, starting as a site secretary and working up through the ranks, via the planning function, to site management. She is now a researcher and Senior Lecturer in Construction Management at Anglia Ruskin University.
Safety is something that seems to be very simple ? but it is actually deceptively complicated, and so it is perhaps unsurprising that we are still struggling to get it right in the construction industry. There is considerable variance in how people position safety within their working lives; it is not embedded in construction practice but often treated as an add-on to the work of the construction site, with significant differences in how ?safety? is talked about by corporate management, site supervisors and site operatives. So for those who manage safety on site, areas of concern, confusion and even potential conflict can arise when trying to implement management systems and more complex safety-culture programmes. Unpacking Construction Site Safety helps academics and construction practitioners develop better knowledge and understanding of the site context for construction safety; it places safety firmly within the social context of construction site work practice, and explores how ?safety practice? fits within this environment and how such practice is perceived by those who work with it every day. This increased awareness of the contextual complexities of safety on site will help improve the design of safety management systems and interventions which need to operate within incoherent, contradictory and potentially hostile site environments ? and give them greater potential to succeed. By exploring safety from this fresh perspective, the author examines how useful the concept of safety culture actually is to the development of effective management interventions. The academic approach taken in this book is unique; although regulations, management systems and safety culture are all topics for investigation, they are not considered as the inevitable means to their own ends. Rather they are critically appraised within the realities of the sites, including the potential for their ineffectiveness, providing new insights and information to the audience, and assist in a more informed development of new approaches in practice. Aimed at safety and construction management practitioners as well as academics, the book prioritises practice. Research findings are presented with the intention of informing and helping to develop interventions with a better understanding of the construction site context.

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