Ultimate Lost and Philosophy

Ultimate Lost and Philosophy

Think Together, Die Alone
The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series, Band 35 2. Aufl.

von: William Irwin, Sharon Kaye

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Veröffentl.: 07.10.2010
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Expanded and up-to-date-the ultimate guide that explores meaning and philosophy of all six seasons of Lost Lost is more than just a popular television show; it's a complex examination of meaningful philosophical questions. What does good versus evil mean on the island? Is it a coincidence that characters John Locke and Desmond David Hume are named after actual philosophers? What is the ethics of responsibility for Jack? An action-adventure story with more than a touch of the metaphysical, Lost forces viewers to ask difficult questions of themselves just as the story asks difficult questions of its characters. Ultimate Lost and Philosophy helps you explore the deeper meaning and philosophical questions hidden within every complex twist and turn in the historic show's entire six-season run. Includes every season of Lost, including 2010's final, highly anticipated season Connects events on the show to core philosophical issues such as truth, identity, and morality Explores a host of intriguing topics such as time travel, freedom, love, and loss For fans of Lost who are interested in what the show reveals about ourselves and the human condition, Ultimate Lost and Philosophy is an entertaining, informative, and enlightening resource.
Introduction: Lost and F.O.U.N.D. 1 PART ONE F IS FOR FORTUNE 1 Lost in Lost’s Times 9Richard Davies 2 Imaginary Peanut Butter: The Puzzles of Time Travel in Lost 32William J. Devlin 3 It Doesn’t Matter What We Do: From Metaphysics to Ethics in Lost’s Time Travel 47Jeremy Pierce 4 If Sawyer Weren’t a Con Man, Then He Would Have Been a Cop: Counterfactual Reasoning in the Last Season of Lost 63Deborah R. Barnbaum PART TWO O IS FOR ORIGIN 5 Lost in Different Circumstances: What Would You Do? 75Charles Taliaferro and Dan Kastrul 6 “Don’t Mistake Coincidence for Fate”: Lost Theories and Coincidence 91Briony Addey 7 Lost and the Question of Life after Birth 107Jeremy Barris 8 See You in Another Life, Brother: Bad Faith and Authenticity in Three Lost Souls 120Sander Lee PART THREE U IS FOR UNITY 9 Lost’s State of Nature 145Richard Davies 10 Friends and Enemies in the State of Nature: The Absence of Hobbes and the Presence of Schmitt 164Peter S. Fosl 11 Ideology and Otherness in Lost: “Stuck in a Bloody Snow Globe” 187Karen Gaffney PART FOUR N IS FOR NECESSITY 12 Escaping the Island of Ethical Subjectivism: Don’t Let Ben Bring You Back 207George Wrisley 13 Lost Together: Fathers, Sons, and Moral Obligations 220Michael W. Austin 14 Should We Condemn Michael? 233Becky Vartabedian 15 The Ethics of Objectifi cation and the Search for Redemption in Lost 241Patricia Brace and Rob Arp PART FIVE D IS FOR DESTINY 16 The New Narnia: Myth and Redemption on the Island of Second Chances 253Brett Chandler Patterson 17 I Once Was Lost: Aquinas on Finding Goodness and Truth 280Daniel B. Gallagher 18 The Tao of John Locke 300Shai Biderman and William J. Devlin 19 Lost Metaphysics: Keeping the Needle on the Record 312Donavan S. Muir APPENDIX: Who Are Locke, Hume, and Rousseau? The Losties’ Guide to Philosophers 321Scott F. Parker CONTRIBUTORS: Jacob’s Candidates 341 INDEX: Oceanic Flight 815 Manifest 347
Sharon Kaye is professor of philosophy at John Carroll University and edited the original Lost and Philosophy. William Irwin is a professor of philosophy at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He originated the philosophy and popular culture genre of books as coeditor of the bestselling The Simpsons and Philosophy and has overseen recent titles including Batman and Philosophy, House and Philosophy, and Mad Men and Philosophy.
What are the metaphysics of time travel? How can Hurley exist in two places at the same time? What does it mean for something to be possibly true in the flash-sideways universe? Does Jack have a moral obligation to his father? What is the Tao of John Locke? Dude. So there's, like, this island? And a bunch of us were on Oceanic flight 815 and we crashed on it. I kinda thought it was my fault, because of those numbers. I thought they were bad luck. We've seen the craziest things here, like a polar bear and a Smoke Monster, and we traveled through time back to the 1970s. And we met the Dharma dudes. Arzt even blew himself up. For a long time, I thought I was crazy. But now, I think it might have been destiny. The island's made me question a lot of things. Like, why is it that Locke and Desmond have the same names as real philosophers? Why do so many of us have trouble with our dads? Did Jack have a choice in becoming our leader? And what's up with Vincent? I mean, he's gotta be more than just a dog, right? I dunno. We've all felt pretty lost. I just hope we can trust Jacob, otherwise . . . whoa. With its sixth-season series finale, Lost did more than end its run as one of the most talked-about TV programs of all time; it left in its wake a complex labyrinth of philosophical questions and issues to be explored. Revenge, redemption, love, loss, identity, morality—all of Lost's key themes are examined in this fully updated guide, which reveals the deeper meaning behind every twist and turn in this historic, one-of-a-kind show.

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