UKCAT For Dummies

UKCAT For Dummies

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von: Chris Chopdar, Neel Burton

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 01.03.2012
ISBN/EAN: 9781119966555
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The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is a standardized test used as an entrance examination for the majority of medical and dental schools in the UK. Its purpose is to test the likely aptitude of a candidate for a clinical career. UKCAT For Dummies provides readers with the review materials they need to score well on the UKCAT and make medical school a reality, featuring: A proven UKCAT preparation program with a five-year history of success Hundreds of a practice questions and explanations Test-taking strategies that work Information and advice on the entire application process from Drs. Chris Chopdar and Neel Burton Go to to see the latest on UKCAT
Introduction 1 Part I: Understanding UKCAT 7 Chapter 1: The UKCAT and University 9 Chapter 2: Dissecting UKCAT 17 Chapter 3: Taking Tests: UKCAT Strategies that Work 29 Part II: Examining the Subtests 35 Chapter 4: Reading Between the Lines: The Verbal Reasoning Subtest 37 Chapter 5: Making Things Add Up: The Quantitative Reasoning Subtest 61 Chapter 6: Looking at Pretty Patterns: The Abstract Reasoning Subtest 89 Chapter 7: Deciphering the Code: The Decision Analysis Subtest 111 Part III: Practice Tests 141 Chapter 8: Practice Test One 143 Chapter 9: Practice Test One: Answers and Explanations 193 Chapter 10: Practice Test Two 227 Chapter 11: Practice Test Two: Answers and Explanations 277 Part IV: The Part of Tens 309 Chapter 12: Ten Steps to Help You Get into Medical or Dental School 311 Chapter 13: Ten Ways to Stay Cool Under Pressure 315 Index 319
Dr Chris Chopdar and Dr Neel Burton are the founders and directors of Get into Medical School ( an organisation serving individuals aspiring to study medicine. Dr Chopdar studied at Lincoln College, Oxford. In addition to his work at GeMS, he also works as an independent psychiatrist and life coach. Dr Burton trained at Guy's, King's and St. Thomas' School of Medicine in London. He specialised in psychiatry in Oxford, where he regularly tutors medical students. He is the author of two medical textbooks and has won the British Medical Association Young Authors' Award.
The expert advice, instruction, review and practice you need to score high on the UKCAT If you're planning on applying to medical or dental school, the first step to proving you've got the right stuff is scoring well on the United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test. Co-authored by the founders of a popular tutoring firm for medical school applicants, UKCAT For Dummies provides you with a proven formula for success on the UKCAT. Packed with hundreds of practice questions and explanations, in-depth reviews and sure-fire test-taking strategies, this book is your key to conquering the test and embarking on a brilliant career in medicine. Know thy enemy – get the lowdown on the UKCAT, its role in the application process, what's in it, how much time you'll have to take it, what it's really testing for, how it's scored and much more Maximise your test-taking prowess – learn proven strategies and techniques for improving your performance on the UKCAT Know what to expect – benefit from in-depth reviews and analyses of the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Decision Analysis subtests Study more effectively – learn tested-in-the-trenches techniques for boosting your productivity and studying efficiency Practise, practise, practise – prepare yourself to score high with two full-length, timed practice tests – worked-through solutions included Open the book and find: What the UKCAT is, how it works and what it tests for Which skills each component of the UKCAT tests Hundreds of sample questions with worked-through answers Explanations of the correct answers to test questions Two complete, timed practice tests Proven test-taking strategies Expert tips on managing test anxiety and minimising stress Tips on navigating the medical school application process Learn to: Score well on the UKCAT Make medical school a reality Use proven strategies and tactics on the day of the test Anticipate the unexpected with hundreds of practice questions

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