Treatment Approaches for Alcohol and Drug Dependence

Treatment Approaches for Alcohol and Drug Dependence

An Introductory Guide
2. Aufl.

von: Tracey J. Jarvis, Jenny Tebbutt, Richard P. Mattick, Fiona Shand, Nick Heather

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 05.08.2005
ISBN/EAN: 9780470090404
Sprache: englisch
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The first edition of this book was based upon the recommendations of the Quality Assurance in the Treatment of Drug Dependence Project, and provided a step-by-step-guide for therapists working with clients with alcohol or other drug dependency or misuse. Since publication in 1995 it has become well known for its easy-to-read style and wealth of practical resource materials. However, the evidence in the field has moved forward in the last eight years, creating a need for an updated edition. Retaining the trademark easy-to-use, up-to-date style, the Second Edition offers new chapters on pharmacotherapies, case management, young people, and dual diagnosis. Other chapters have been updated to reflect the latest research findings and current practice, and the practice sheets and client handouts are made available online for downloading and customization by therapists.
About the Authors. Practice Sheets and Client Handouts. Foreword by Nick Heather. How to Read this Book. Acknowledgements. PART I: LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS. 1. General Counselling Skills. 2. Assessment. 3. Motivational Interviewing. 4. Goal Setting. PART II: STRATEGIES FOR ACTION. 5. Brief and Early Interventions. 6. Problem-solving Skills. 7. Drink and Drug Refusal Skills. 8. Assertiveness Skills. 9. Communication Skills. 10. Cognitive Therapy. 11. Relaxation Training. 12. Behavioural Self-management. 13. Involving Concerned Others. 14. Pharmacotherapies. PART III: MAINTAINING CHANGE. 15. Self-help Groups. 16. Relapse Prevention Training. 17. Extended Care. PART IV: SPECIAL GROUPS AND MANAGEMENT ISSUES. 18. Case Management. 19. Working with Young People. 20. Dual Diagnosis. PART V: DESIGNING AN INTERVENTION. 21. Putting It All Together. 22. Vignettes. Index.
Tracey Jarvis is a clinical psychologist with expertise in the treatment of substance abuse and dependence, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems. She has developed tertiary level educational materials and is an experienced trainer in the drug and alcohol field. She has also published research articles in scholarly journals and been responsible for a review of treatment outcome research. Jenny Tebbutt is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in the forensic field. She has expertise in the complex psychological treatment and case management of court mandated adolescent and adult clients. She has a strong background in drug and alcohol and child abuse research. She has also published articles in scholarly journals. Richard P. Mattick is the Professor of Drug and Alcohol Studies at the University of New South Wales, Sydney within the Faculty of Medicine where he is the Director of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. He has authored many scientific articles and books. His fields of expertise include the management of opioid and cocaine dependence, the treatment of young people and the application of pharmacotherapies for alcohol and other drug dependence. Fiona Shand is a senior research officer with the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre in Sydney, Australia. She has a background in the development of training materials. More recently she managed the development of evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of alcohol dependence for the Australian Government’s National Alcohol Strategy. Fiona has also published articles in scientific journals.
Now in its second edition, the popular Treatment Approaches for Alcohol and Drug Dependence has been updated with the latest research and methods of practice in the field of drugs and alcohol. Providing a step-by-step guide to applying skills-based and other therapies for the treatment of clients with substance dependence or abuse, this new edition also addresses the increasingly important areas of working with younger clients and clients with dual diagnoses. The authors use case studies to demonstrate how the various techniques can be combined and tailored to meet individual needs, and include useful lists of resources and self-help material that counsellors may share with their clients. The handouts and assessment scales that are included can be easily adapted for use with clients. Written in an easy-to-read style, Treatment Approaches for Alcohol and Drug Dependence is practical, well-structured, and highly informative. It provides an invaluable tool for busy drug and alcohol workers in a range of programs, as well as supervisors and trainers in the field, and those in training. People working in this field who are looking for proven, effective techniques in the treatment of drug or alcohol problems will find this manual essential reading.

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