The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide

The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide

How to Connect with your Customers to Sell More!
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von: Marsha Collier

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 15.12.2010
ISBN/EAN: 9781118007655
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Make your online customers happy—and create new ones—with this winning guide Social media gives you an unparalleled vehicle for connecting and engaging with an unlimited number of customers. Yet this vehicle is different than other, more impersonal forms. With social media, reps become part of their customers' lives. They follow back. They handle complaints immediately. They wish customers "happy birthday." They grow their brands by involving themselves in communities. The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide gives you the keys to authentic and engaged service to customers through social media. Using a blend of case studies, a primer on classic online customer service, and instructions on how to execute quality customer service, this book enables you to access the opportunities that social media presents as a means of serving customers. Authentically use social media to connect with customers to boost your bottom line Attract new customers through your online presence Achieve higher GMS (Gross Merchandise Sales) with quality customer service Social media gives you a new and growing realm to distinguish your business. Create a productive presence in this interactive space with The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide.
Introduction. 1 The Art of Customer Service. 2 Quality Real-World, Small-Business Customer Service. 3 Using Your Web Site to Connect with Your Customer. 4 Developing a Blog to Engage Customers. 5 Connecting with Your Customers Where They Play. 6 Microblogging for Service, Fun, and Profit. 7 Checking Out Where Customers Review Your Business. 8 Knowing Your Customers' Expectations: How to Connect. 9 Platforms to Enhance the Experience. 10 Engaging Your Employees as Brand Ambassadors. 11 Pioneers of Online Community: How They Did It. 12 Small-Business Examples: How They Did It Right. 13 Lessons from Big Business: Leaders in Customer Service. Index.
Marsha Collier ( is an online business authority, retail expert, radio personality, and bestselling author who trains individuals to make money online. She launched an eBay business in the early days of the site, becoming one of the world's forecast eBay entrepreneurs and a charter member o eBay's elite "PowerSellers" since 1998. The author of several bestselling For Dummies titles, she has built a following and has become an in-demand public speaker and media spokesperson.
Create the online service that wins customers and keeps their loyalty Whether you create an online business from scratch or make online customer outreach a part of your already established business, you are opening your virtual doors to hundreds of millions of potential customers. The possibilities for your business growth may seem limitless. And they can be—but only if you instill in your business the model and mission of customer service that has built successful businesses for centuries. Through personal experience in building her first online business on eBay, and her contacts with hundreds of businesses around the world, Marsha Collier has learned firsthand that good customer service can launch a small business into the stratosphere—while bad customer service can break the biggest conglomerate. With humor, fascinating research, and sensible advice, The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide will demonstrate how any business can maximize its local or international customer outreach and even tailor its growth to meet both short-term and long-term goals. Collier explains: The choices available for online communication and how to use them to create a customized outreach program Methods to integrate healthy customer service habits into your approach—and your employees’ approach. Ways to zero in on the online forums and communities that are a part of your customers’ lives—and become a vital player in those areas The implications that good, bad, or indifferent customer service have on your online reputation—and how far that reputation can travel With fascinating examples of companies that have succeeded or failed in online customer service, as well as case studies of innovative customer outreach strategies, The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide brings the winning strategies to life that can put any company on the road to greater growth and long-term success.
Praise for THE ULTIMATE ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE GUIDE “The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide: How to Connect With Your Customers to Sell More! is a great gift from author and entrepreneur Marsha Collier. Marsha defines the art of customer service, connection, and engagement, and teaches small businesses how to battle and win with big players. Marsha's bestselling “Starting an eBay Business for Dummies,” is a legend in online retailing. This new customer service tutorial delivers much more than the title and promise. If you read Marsha's books and apply her lessons, your business will grow. In this economy, make an investment in Marsha's new book. You won't be disappointed. “ —Kathy Ireland, CEO and Chief Designer, Kathy Ireland Worldwide “Social media and the economy has changed the game for Customer Service for companies large and small. In this book Marsha provides the tactics and know-how to take your business to the next level.” —Frank Eliason, Senior Vice President of Social Media, Citibank "Customer service is no longer a cost center. It's an opportunity. Marsha Collier gives you a first stab at getting it right." — Chris Brogan, President New Marketing Labs "Marsha brings to light an often overlooked perspective in business, the voice and experiences of the customer. In a world where customers are the new influencers, this book is your guide to embracing empathy and new opportunities." —Brian Solis, Author of Engage, The Complete Guide for Building and Measuring Success in the Social Web "Everyone has a product, but customer service is where the rubber meets the road. Today's fastest growing companies go out of their way to offer exceptional service and connect with consumers through a first-rate online customer experience. As one of the world's sharpest minds in social media and online service, Marsha Collier is a must read for anyone serious about growing a business in the age of the digital consumer." — Jordy Leiser, cofounder & CEO of STELLAService, The Authority for Online Customer Service

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