The Tudors For Dummies

The Tudors For Dummies

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von: David Loades, Mei Trow

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This entertaining guide covers the period from 1485 to 1603, exploring the life and times of everyday people (from famine and the flu epidemic, to education, witchcraft and William Shakespeare) as well as the intrigues and scandals at court. Strap yourself in and get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the romantic and political liaisons of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I - and that's not all! Information on surviving Tudor buildings, such as Hampton Court, adds a contemporary twist for readers wanting to bring history to life by visiting these historic sites. The Tudors For Dummies includes: Part I:  The Early Tudors Chapter 1:  Getting to Know the Tudors Chapter 2:  Surveying the Mess the Tudors Inherited      Chapter 3:  Cosying Up With the First Tudor  Part II:  Henry VIII Chapter 4:  What was Henry like? Chapter 5:  How Henry Ran his Kingdom Chapter 6:  Divorced, Beheaded, Died; Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: The Perils of Marrying Henry Chapter 7:  Establishing a New Church: Henry and Religion Part III: Edward VI, Mary and Philip, and Queen Mary Chapter 8: Edward, the Child King Chapter 9: Establishing Protestantism Chapter 10: Northumberland, Lady Jane Grey and the Rise of Mary Chapter 11: What Mary Did Chapter 12: Weighing Up War and Disillusionment Part IV: The First Elizabeth Chapter 13: The Queen and her Team Chapter 14: Breaking Dinner Party Rules: Discussing Religion and Politics Chapter 15: Tackling Battles, Plots and Revolts Chapter 16: Making War with Spain Chapter 17: Understanding the Trouble in Ireland Chapter 18: Passing on the Baton - Moving from Tudors to Stewarts Part V: The Part of Tens Chapter 19: Ten top Tudor Dates Chapter 20: Ten Things the Tudors Did For Us Chapter 21: Ten (Mostly) Surviving Tudor Buildings
Introduction. Part I. Encountering the Early Tudors. Chapter 1. Touring the Time of the Tudors. Chapter 2. Starting a Dynasty: Henry VII. Part II. Handling Henry VIII. Chapter 3. Being Bluff King Hal: Henry VIII. Chapter 4. Running the Kingdom, Henry’s Way. Chapter 5. Six Weddings and Two Funerals: Henry VIII’s Wives and Girlfriends. Chapter 6. Building a New Church: Henry and Religion. Part III. Remembering the Forgotten Tudors: Edward VI and Mary. Chapter 7. Ruling from the Nursery: Edward VI and His Protectors. Chapter 8. Encouraging Protestantism. Chapter 9. Changing with the Times: Edward John, Jane and Mary. Chapter 10. Returning to the Old Faith: Mary I. Chapter 11. Ending the Dream: The Last of Mary. Part IV. Ending with Elizabeth. Chapter 12. Dancing with Elizabeth. Chapter 13. Choosing the Middle Way between Protestants and Catholics. Chapter 14. Gunning for Elizabeth. Chapter 15. Facing the Armada. Chapter 16. Ending an Era: 1590-1603. Part V. The Part of Tens. Chapter 17. Ten Top Tudor People. Chapter 18. The Things the Tudors Did for Us. Chapter 19. Ten Top Tudor Buildings. Chapter 20. Ten Major Tudor Events. Chapter 21. Ten Tudor Firsts. Index.
Professor David Loades is Professor Emeritus at the University of Wales and has taught history at universities including St Andrews and Durham. He has written many books on the Tudor period and is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Mei Trow is a history tutor, lecturer and author who has written numerous historical books on topics ranging from Jack the Ripper to Boudicca. His recent TV work includes Ancient Discoveries and Spartacus for The History Channel.
Delve inside the Tudor world and discover the facts behind the fiction The British Isles have witnessed many great regal dynasties through the ages, but none more turbulent, exciting and controversial than the Tudors. This book looks through the history of a legendary era, exploring monarchs such as the infamous Henry VIII, the ruthless Mary I and the indomitable Elizabeth I. Packed with information on the battles, beheadings and royal family bust ups, The Tudors For Dummies is history at its best. Covering everything from the founding of the Church of England to the Spanish Armada, this book reveals why the Tudors were so pivotal in shaping modern Britain. Back to the start – find out about daily life in the sixteenth century and discover the roots of the Tudor dynasty Divorced, beheaded, died; divorced, beheaded, survived – take an in-depth look at Henry VIII's ever-changing marital status and the reasons behind his break with the Roman Catholic church Chasing the limelight – unravel the chaotic successions of Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey and 'Bloody Mary' The first Elizabeth – explore an era of religious and political transformation, taking in the Spanish Armada, her feud with Mary, Queen of Scots, and much more Open the book and find: What Henry VIII was really like How the Church of England was founded Why Lady Jane Grey was queen for only nine days Why Elizabeth I never married Robert Dudley The history behind the Tudor rose The origins of the Troubles in Ireland How the monarchy changed hands, from Tudors to Stuarts Where to find surviving Tudor buildings What the Tudors did for us Learn About: Tudor life and times and how they shaped the Britain of today Henry VIII and his unlucky wives The turbulent private and political life of Elizabeth I The bloody battles, rampant diseases and religious divides of the period

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