The Strategy Pathfinder

The Strategy Pathfinder

Core Concepts and Live Cases
3. Aufl.

von: Duncan Angwin, Stephen Cummings

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 14.09.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119311874
Sprache: englisch
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Real-world strategic management practice in an interactive micro-case format The Strategy Pathfinder presents an innovative, dynamic guide to strategic thinking and practice. Using real-world case examples from companies like Apple, the BBC, Hyundai, LEGO, McDonalds, Nike and SpaceX to illustrate critical concepts, this book enables readers to actively participate in real-world strategy dilemmas and create their own solutions. Strategy Pathfinder’s ‘live’ micro-cases provoke discussion about business models, value creation, new ventures and more, while its complimentary instructional content introduces you to the best ‘classic’ and new tools of strategic management. Rather than passively reproducing past and current ideas, Strategy Pathfinder encourages strategic thinkers to learn by doing. The book is designed to help the reader to develop a clear understanding of key concepts while shifting your thought processes towards real strategic action and innovation by enabling you to: Use strategy theories and frameworks to engage in analytical and creative discussions about key strategic issues facing real companies today Form strategic views for yourself, and test them against the views of others Effectively make and communicate recommendations based on solid strategic analysis that stand up to scrutiny from multiple stakeholders Become an active producer of new strategic ideas rather than a passive receiver of past wisdom This third edition has been updated with new chapters and cases to reflect the latest, cutting-edge issues in strategic thinking and practice.  And the updated companion website offers students, instructors and managers more resources to facilitate understanding, interaction and innovation. As an active learning experience, The Strategy Pathfinder 3rd Edition engages the reader in the work of strategy practitioners. By arming you with the empirical research you need, and the best strategic management theories and frameworks to better analyse situations you're likely to encounter or already facing in your career, The Strategy Pathfinder teaches you how to improve your strategic thinking and practice, and develop your own strategic pathways for the future.
The Strategy Pathfinder Map ix Pathways to Strategy xv About the Creators xxii Chapter 1 Strategic Purpose 1 PART I THE STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENT Chapter 2 Macro-Shocks 37 Chapter 3 Industry Forces 73 PART II STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE Chapter 4 Competitive Advantage 103 Chapter 5 Resource-Based Advantage 133 Chapter 6 Business Model Advantage 165 Chapter 7 Corporate Advantage 191 PART III STRATEGIC GROWTH Chapter 8 New Ventures 221 Chapter 9 Crossing Borders 247 Chapter 10 Leading Strategic Change 281 Chapter 11 Evaluating Strategic Performance 315 PART IV MAVERICK STRATEGIES Chapter 12 The Maverick: Six Senses of Strategy 345 APPENDICES Practice Cases for Job Interviews 369 Using The Strategy Pathfinder 3rd Edition for Assessments and Examinations 385 Notes 391 References 405 Glossary of Core Strategic Management Concepts 411 Acknowledgements 427 Index 429
DUNCAN ANGWIN is the Sir Roland Smith Professor of Strategic Management, Head of the Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation Department, and Head of the Strategic Management Group at Lancaster University, UK. STEPHEN CUMMINGS is Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Victoria Business School, Wellington, New Zealand; an Academic Fellow at the Institute of Management Consultants; and an NZC Research Fellow at Peking University, Beijing.
A DYNAMIC APPROACH TO CRITICAL CONCEPTS OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT The Strategy Pathfinder provides today's hard-pressed business students with a new, effective way to learn about business strategy. Built around real-life problems faced by executives and organisations, this "Strategy IPad" helps business students to engage with the kinds of situation they will encounter in their working lives, whilst providing directional guidance and provoking discussions about key theoretical themes. The Strategy Pathfinder's "live cases" are drawn from the realms of business, sport, culture, charity and military practice, and from all corners of the world, to inspire truly global thinking. The new, third edition will help students: Understand the many forces that impact strategy, and learn how to plan for — and react to — shocks to the system. Learn the different paths to strategic advantage, and leverage resources, innovation, corporate culture and more to pull ahead of the competition. Use strategic planning and smart change leadership to facilitate organizational growth and inspire exceptional performance. Adopt the newest, most effective techniques that turn strategic analysis into a gold mine of information. Strategy is about winning — but the transition from thinking to doing is where the winners are made. The Strategy Pathfinder is designed to facilitate that critical transition by introducing essential concepts in the context of real-world strategic situations. Presented in "micro-case" format, the "live" nature of these scenarios triggers critical thinking and class discussion that reinforces the practical application of strategic skills. The Strategy Pathfinder also helps develop readers' strategic insights and analytical skills by showing how they can develop their own micro strategy cases for organizations they are interested in. The Strategy Pathfinder is also supported by online lecturer supplements, available at

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