The Project Success Method

The Project Success Method

A Proven Approach for Achieving Superior Project Performance in as Little as 5 Days
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von: Clinton M. Padgett

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Veröffentl.: 11.09.2009
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The Project Success Method is a unique, proven and fire-tested methodology which allows companies, groups or managers to learn and develop consistency in the way they plan, schedule, manage, control and close out projects on time, per spec and within budget-- in as little as 5 days. Over the last 25 years, the methodology has been used around the world by manufacturers of heavy equipment, electronics, aircraft components, paper products, beverages, electric and gas utilities, hotel and restaurant chains, and companies in the financial services, telecommunications, real estate, entertainment, and transportation industries. The Project Success Method has proven effective in a vast array of project applications, including new product development and introduction, IT systems development and implementation, process improvement initiatives, marketing programs, engineering and architectural design, construction and renovation, facility relocations and startups, mergers and acquisitions, major industrial maintenance and special events.
Foreword (Don Miller). Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1 The Easier Way. Chapter 2 Master the Method. Chapter 3 Shift the Worry Curve. Chapter 4 Build a Real Project Team. Chapter 5 Charter for Clarity, Consensus, and Commitment. Chapter 6 Break It Down and Divvy It Up. Chapter 7 Network for Success. Chapter 8 Try to Be Normal. Chapter 9 Figure Out What's Critical. Chapter 10 Compress for Profit. Chapter 11 Monitor, Correct, and Update. Chapter 12 Build a System for Project Success. Chapter 13 Overcome the Objections. Chapter 14 Apply the Power of Project Success. Appendix A Developing Operating Procedures for Projects Involving Multiple Organizations Using a Linear Responsibility Chart. Appendix B Generalized Precedence Diagramming. Appendix C Schedule Calculations. Appendix D Anticipating and Resolving Resource Overloads. Appendix E How to Organize Project Budgets. Appendix F Why Track Actual Costs and Resource Usage? Appendix G The Project Management Office. Appendix H Short Case Studies. About the Author. Index.
Clinton M. Padgett is President and CEO of Project Success, Incorporated (PSI), a consultancy focused on helping clients develop excellence in project management. For over fifteen years, he has provided consulting and training to clients in a wide range of industries. For more information, please visit
The ability to execute projects successfully has become an unparalleled source of competitive advantage and a vital business competency in a highly competitive, dynamic marketplace. Intended for project managers in any industry or field, The Project Success Method is designed to make planning and controlling projects simple and successful—and fast. For over twenty-five years, this proven methodology has been used successfully by a diverse group of companies in more than twenty-five countries on six continents. Author Clinton Padgett, a project management expert, uses real-world case studies to identify and explain the core elements of great project management, providing the missing links between strategy and implementation. Padgett also clearly identifies and explains the essential core elements of project management, and how to plan and control projects successfully. Even better, the Project Success Method is designed to be implemented fast. In less than a week, this proven methodology will put you and your teams in position for continued, long-term success. You'll master all the essentials of world-class project management: Defining project scope and objectives Analyzing work content Organizing teams and assigning responsibilities Developing realistic, actionable schedules Building resource plans Designing useful budgets Monitoring and controlling performance Many strategic initiatives fail, but it doesn't have to happen to you. The Project Success Method gives you a blueprint to define, plan, and control your strategic projects for superior performance that leads to real competitive advantage. Straightforward and easy to implement, this is a proven system for project success—for any project, in any business.
Praise for The Project Success Method "I have used the Project Success Method for twenty years on all types of projects, including major acquisitions, global outsourcing, rapid product development, corporate system migrations, and green initiatives.¿Its top-down approach to planning and critical-issues focus during the control process provide you with a means to manage very complex projects in a relatively simple, straightforward manner. Whether you have a small project in a business start-up or a portfolio of projects in a Fortune 500 company, the Project Success Method will help you complete them on time, within budget, and to quality specifications." —John Liddell, Senior Vice President, Corporate Project Management, CB Richard Ellis "I'd just like to underscore the tremendous versatility of the Project Success Method. I've used it on 400-person projects and twelve-person projects. I've used it in Fortune 500 corporate environments and entrepreneurial start-ups. I've used it on highly technical projects and on business projects, such as rolling out a new advertising campaign or a new company benefits plan. It's worked for me time and time again, and I owe much of my success to PSI and the Project Success Method." —Don Miller, Northrop Grumman (retired) "I have found the Project Success Method to be a very practical approach for managing IT- related projects. Clinton Padgett's book is a good reference guide on the Project Success Method." —Walt Hnyda, Director of Product Implementation, Global Payments Inc. "The Project Success Method has proven itself to be a valuable tool in managing a complex multigeneration product development program with 100+ design, development, manufacturing, and support teams providing input to the Motor Grader Monarch program. The ability to visualize the full scope of the program, identify the numerous dependencies, and understand the 'Critical Path' was crucial to the success of the program. The periodic updates allowed management to anticipate constraints and then adjust priorities and resources to meet the demanding program schedule." —Don Stamberger, Motor Grader Product Manager (retired), Caterpillar Inc.

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