The Power of Connection

The Power of Connection

How to Become a Master Communicator in Your Workplace, Your Head Space and at Your Place
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von: Rik Rushton

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 11.12.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9780730349488
Sprache: englisch
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A simple communication framework to begin practising today We all carry around the technology to stay connected 24/7, yet many of us are disengaged and challenged with our lack of communication skills. The Power of Connection provides you with practical, real-world solutions for improving your professional performance, your personal relationships and your outlook — one conversation at a time. Becoming a confident and compelling communicator might be the most important skill for leaders in the modern business landscape, parents in the modern home and individuals who use ‘self-talk' to help shape their world. By adopting the simple strategies revealed in every chapter, you can become an unshakeable success at what you set out to do. This book is designed to help you start communicating better today, so start reading and start practicing with your very next conversation! Understand your communication strengths and weaknesses Become a better listener to build a deeper connection Learn how communication sits at the heart of all relationships Develop the skills to connect, inspire, engage and empower We are surrounded by noise, yet no one is actually saying anything we can connect with — or are we just not listening? Communication is a two-way street, and involves so much more than just speaking. The Power of Connection offers a quick and easy road map for your personal journey of growth and development that will make you a better parent, friend, spouse and employee. It's the right message for this time considering there's never a wrong time to level up your skills and become more effective at work, at home and in life.
About the author ix Acknowledgements xi Foreword xv Introduction xvii 1 Rules of engagement 1 2 Tune in before you broadcast 17 3 Adjust your personal programming 41 4 Become an active listener 65 5 Energy in motion 83 6 Building the reality bridge 99 7 Connect through courtesy and gratitude 117 Conclusion 141 Index 147
RIK RUSHTON is an international speaker, life coach and high-performance sports coach who works with individuals, corporations and multinational companies, sharing his success drivers with audiences across Australia and around the world.
ALL SUCCESS IN LIFE IS BASED ON YOUR ABILITY TO CONNECT Connection is a pillar that supports every successful person and every meaningful pursuit. The Power of Connection offers a fresh, modern and holistic approach to building, maintaining and improving your professional and personal connections through better communication, whether you're in the boardroom, the living room or the classroom. Filled with easy-to-apply proactive techniques and effortlessly consumed in one sitting, one flight, or one night, this guidebook will show you how to: connect, inspire and engage in any situation master both verbal and non-verbal communication become a better listener to build a deeper connection create an engaged and energised workplace. Whether you are a business leader, parent or in a loving relationship, The Power of Connection provides you with practical, real-world solutions for improving your performance, your relationships and your outlook—one conversation at a time.

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