The Playful Classroom

The Playful Classroom

The Power of Play for All Ages
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von: Jed Dearybury, Julie P. Jones

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 10.06.2020
ISBN/EAN: 9781119674481
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<p><b>Shows teachers how and why they should bring play into the classroom to make learning meaningful, relevant, and fun.</b></p> <p>Research studies show that all students—young and old, rich and poor, urban and rural—benefit immensely from classrooms filled with art, creativity, and laughter. Fun, playfulness, creative thinking, and individual expression reinforce positive experiences, which in turn lead to more engaged students, better classroom environments, and successful learning outcomes. Designed for K-12 educators, <i>The Playful Classroom </i>describes how teachers can develop a playful mindset for giving students meaningful, relevant and fun learning experiences. This unique real-world guide provides you with everything you need to incorporate engaging, hands-on lessons and creative activities, regardless of the level and subject you teach. </p> <p>Building on contemporary and seminal works on learning theory and play pedagogy, the authors explain how to inspire your students by bringing play. into your classroom. This clear, user-friendly guide supplies practical strategies and effective solutions for adding the missing ingredients to your classroom culture. Access to the authors’ companion website provides videos, learning experiences, and downloadable teaching and learning resources. Packed with relatable humor, proven methods, and valuable insights, this book enables you to:</p> <ul> <li>Provide meaningful experiences that will benefit students both in school and later in life </li> <li>Combine the principles of PLAY with traditional curricula to encourage creative learning</li> <li>Promote trust, collaboration, and growth in students</li> <li>Develop a playful mindset for bringing the arts into every lesson</li> <li>Foster critical thinking in any school community</li> </ul> <p><i>The Playful Classroom:  The Power of Play for All Ages </i>is a must-have resource for K-12 educators, higher education professionals, and readers looking for education-based professional development and training resources.</p>
<p>Foreword xvii</p> <p>About the Authors xxi</p> <p>Acknowledgments xxiii</p> <p>Introduction xxv</p> <p>In order for the PLAYFUL Classroom to become a reality, there are some foundational beliefs that always matter.</p> <p><b>Section 1 The Case for Play</b></p> <p>Play designs the future. Trains, planes, and automobiles of today were the kids’ cardboard creations of yesterday.</p> <p><b>1 Hey y’all! (yes, all y’all) 3</b></p> <p>Defining PLAY 4</p> <p><b>2 Play as a Behavior 7</b></p> <p><b>3 Play as a Mindset 11</b></p> <p>Imagination 11</p> <p>Sociability 13</p> <p>Humor 15</p> <p>Spontaneity 16</p> <p>Wonder 18</p> <p><b>4 Benefits of PLAY 20</b></p> <p>Brain Benefits 20</p> <p>Academic Benefits 20</p> <p>Creative Benefits 21</p> <p>Social Benefits 21</p> <p>The Playful Mindset 24</p> <p><b>5 Excuses 25</b></p> <p>Excuse 1: It’s Not Part of My Standards 25</p> <p>Excuse 2: Administrators Won’t Allow It 29</p> <p>Excuse 3: I Don’t Have Time 30</p> <p>Excuse 4: Play Isn’t on “the Test” 32</p> <p>Excuse 5: Life Isn’t Always Fun 34</p> <p><b>6 Reframing PLAY 36</b></p> <p><b>Section 2 Play Inspires Creativity</b></p> <p><b><i>Creativity Inspires Play</i></b></p> <p>Remember when you needed a tent, but had no tent? You found chairs and blankets and made one. You played and solved a problem through critical thinking using the materials you had.</p> <p><b>7 Friday Afternoons and Monday Mornings 45</b></p> <p>Taking Risks with a Full Toolbox 46</p> <p>Creativity is Not the Degree to Which You Can Create Art 47</p> <p>Lookin’ with Fresh Eyes 48</p> <p><b>8 Begin with the Experience 53</b></p> <p>Draw Your Own Lines. Insert Your Own Squiggle. 54</p> <p><b>9 Variations on Play in the Classroom 56</b></p> <p><b>10 Creativity as Discovery and Invention 60</b></p> <p>Careful, Though 62</p> <p>Authenticity 62</p> <p>Flow 63</p> <p>A Question About Flow in Schools 64</p> <p><b>11 Make Time for What Matters 65</b></p> <p>Intermission: A Story 66</p> <p>Plan, Do, Review 67</p> <p>A Creativity Disclaimer 68</p> <p>Student Choice 68</p> <p>“Nothing Worth Doing is Easy” 70</p> <p><b>12 Finding Balance 71</b></p> <p>It’s OK to Not Have All the Answers 72</p> <p>Failure 73</p> <p>Play is for All Ages 76</p> <p>Wrapping It Up 78</p> <p><b>Section 3 Play Builds Trust</b></p> <p><b><i>Trust Builds Opportunities for Play</i></b></p> <p>. . . in ourselves, students, parents, colleagues, and administration.</p> <p>If we constantly doubt one another’s abilities, motives, judgments, and qualifications, how can we move forward together?</p> <p><b>13 Play Builds Trust 83</b></p> <p><b>14 Don’t Sit and Get 85</b></p> <p>Benefits of Physical Play 89</p> <p>Physical Play Improves Our Intellectual Capacity 89</p> <p>Physical Play Builds Emotional Intelligence 90</p> <p>Physical Play Helps Us Build Friendships 90</p> <p>Physical Play Develops Our Moral Character 91</p> <p>Physical Play Promotes Physical Wellness 91</p> <p>Physical Play is a Catalyst for Joy 91</p> <p><b>15 A Story about Trust 93</b></p> <p><b>16 Administrators Must Trust . . . 101</b></p> <p><b>17 Teachers Can Trust . . . 105</b></p> <p><b>18 Parents Can Trust . . . 112</b></p> <p>Newsletters 112</p> <p>Positive Phone Calls 113</p> <p>Sneak a Peek 113</p> <p>Parent Play Days 114</p> <p><b>19 Students Already Trust . . . 115</b></p> <p><b>Section 4 Play Builds Relationships</b></p> <p><b><i>Relationships Are Strengthened Through Play</i></b></p> <p>Our students are humans before they get to us, and they’re still humans when they leave. It will do us well to remember that fact more than their test scores, data, and grades.</p> <p><b>20 Our Biological Predilection 119</b></p> <p>A Conversation 119</p> <p>Hunter-Gatherers: We’re More Alike Than You Think 121</p> <p>A Story About Cats 125</p> <p><b>21 The Impact of the GERM 127</b></p> <p><b>22 Love First, Teach Second 130</b></p> <p>Confession 133</p> <p><b>23 Play Personalities 136</b></p> <p>The Joker 138</p> <p>The Kinesthete 139</p> <p>The Explorer 140</p> <p>The Competitor 140</p> <p>The Director 141</p> <p>The Collector 141</p> <p>The Artist/Creator 141</p> <p>The Storyteller 142</p> <p><b>24 The Theme Park Experience 146</b></p> <p>Smile 147</p> <p>Say Their Name 147</p> <p>Make Others Feel Important—and Do It Sincerely 148</p> <p><b>25 Learning with Them, Alongside Them 149</b></p> <p>Fire and Brimstone 149</p> <p>Authenticity 150</p> <p>The Relationship Epilogue 154</p> <p><b>Section 5 Play Builds Community</b></p> <p><b><i>Communities Are Strengthened When We Play</i></b></p> <p>We live and interact with others—locally, regionally, and globally.</p> <p>Play helps us shape a mindset of advocacy, awareness, sensitivity, and compassion for all.</p> <p><b>26 Relevance and the Four-Legged Stool 157</b></p> <p><b>27 Fostering a Sense of Belonging 163</b></p> <p>Bravery Badges 164</p> <p><b>28 Getting to Know Students Personally 167</b></p> <p>Play Reveals Thinking 169</p> <p>Play Strengthens Social Skills 170</p> <p>Play Creates Connections 171</p> <p><b>29 Supporting Academic Success 172</b></p> <p>Feedback for Growth, Not Grades 174</p> <p>Scores and Career Goals 178</p> <p><b>30 Knowing Students’ Names 181</b></p> <p>Greeting Students 182</p> <p>Nicknames 183</p> <p>Cheering for One Another 184</p> <p><b>31 Creating Interesting and Applicable Lessons 186</b></p> <p><b>32 Beyond the Red School Door 190</b></p> <p><b>33 Across the Country, and Around the World 195</b></p> <p>Global School Play Day 195</p> <p>Global Read Aloud 196</p> <p>Global Maker Day 197</p> <p><b>Section 6 Play Nurtures Growth</b></p> <p><b><i>Growth Shapes Our Play</i></b></p> <p>We can always be better. Play helps us to grow.</p> <p><b>34 The Truth About Success 201</b></p> <p>Blubber and a Little Grit 204</p> <p><b>35 Encourage a Spirit of Growth 207</b></p> <p><b>36 Your Brain, an Infomercial 211</b></p> <p>Your Brain Makes an Oops 212</p> <p>Wait, So What About Tests? What About Grades? 213</p> <p>Learning Thresholds? 214</p> <p>The Power of Our Words 216</p> <p><b>37 Creating a Culture of Growth Through Play 217</b></p> <p>Modeling Inquiry with a WISH 219</p> <p>Playful Communication and Collaboration 220</p> <p>Multiple Playful Paths 220</p> <p>Accessible Play 223</p> <p>Playful Curricular Integration 224</p> <p>The Language of Playful Teaching 225</p> <p>Play is Valued as a Way to Assess Learning 227</p> <p><b>38 A Lesson of Play: Nurturing Growth for an Administrator 230</b></p> <p>The Playful Mindset 234</p> <p><b>Section 7 Get Out There and Play!</b></p> <p>“She could never go back and make some of the details pretty. All she could do was move forward and make the whole beautiful.” —Terri St. Cloud</p> <p><b>39 The Playful Mindset 239</b></p> <p>The Playful Mindset 240</p> <p><b>40 Look for Playful Moments (Awareness) 242</b></p> <p>Challenge #1 Bravery Badges 242</p> <p>Challenge #2: Determine the Play Personality Types in My Class. Use That Information to Invite Comfortable Play for All 243</p> <p>Challenge #3 Celebrate the Random 246</p> <p>Challenge #4 Follow and Interact with Playful Educators Online 247</p> <p><b>41 Time, Space, Opportunity (Intentionality) 248</b></p> <p>Challenge #5 Gather Ye Rosebuds, Errr . . . Tools for Play 248</p> <p>Challenge #6 Rethink the Rules with Game Adaptations 249</p> <p>Challenge #7 Take a Walk “Art”side 250</p> <p>Challenge #8 Musical Chair Mashup 251</p> <p><b>42 Play, Mess Up, Learn, Repeat (Process) 252</b></p> <p>Challenge #9 Breakout EDU 252</p> <p>Challenge #10 Play-Doh Elephant Challenge 252</p> <p>Challenge #11 Card House Challenge 253</p> <p>Challenge #12 Awesome Squiggles/Virtual Valentines/Gingerbread Communities 254</p> <p>Gingerbread Communities 254</p> <p>Awesome Squiggles 254</p> <p>Virtual Valentine Exchange 255</p> <p><b>43 The More We Play, the More Playful We Become (Habit) 256</b></p> <p>Challenge #13 Reflect on the Language in Your Classroom 256</p> <p>Challenge #14 Sculpt and Scoot!!!! 258</p> <p>Challenge #15 How Did You Play to Learn Today? 258</p> <p>Challenge #16 Play History Analysis 259</p> <p><b>44 Play Makes You Happy. Happy People Play. (Results) 260</b></p> <p>Challenge #17 Host a Tiny Art Show 260</p> <p>Challenge #18 Tape Art Museum 260</p> <p>Challenge #19 Destination Learning 261</p> <p>Challenge #20 Make a Mark 261</p> <p><b>45 Get Out There and Play 263</b></p> <p>Appendix A: Southernisms and Their Meanings 265</p> <p>Appendix B: The Playful Classroom Teacher’s Reading Guide 271</p> <p>References 273</p> <p>Index 277</p>
<p><b>JED DEARYBURY</b>, is an educational leader and award-winning teacher of grades 1, 2, 3 and higher education in teacher preparation programs. He was featured in <i>GQ Magazine</i> as Male Leader of the Year, he won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching, and he was a top 5 finalist for South Carolina Teacher of the Year. <p><b>JULIE JONES</b>, has experience teaching 4th through 12th grades and is currently an Associate Professor at Converse College in K-6 teacher education. She regularly conducts research on educational technology and pedagogy with a mix of creativity and play.
<p><b>Our classrooms must be meaningful, relevant, and fun.</b> <p><i>The Playful Classroom</i> shows readers how to reconnect with students, parents, and your profession. It's full of real-life examples and research-based "how-to's" that you can start implementing tomorrow. Imagine every day at school filled with creativity, relationship building, community, and growth. Is it possible? Yes, it is. <p>"It has been said that teachers affect eternity, having no idea where exactly their influence stops. If you are a teacher or a parent or simply a human being, read <i>The Playful Classroom</i>. And watch your influence, not only with the children around you, but with the adults, too, ripple toward eternity. Prepare to be inspired!"</br> <b>Dr. Anthony DeBenedet</b>, Medical doctor and author of <i>Playful Intelligence</i> <p>"With practical and readily applicable classroom strategies, Jed and Julie invite us into the wonderful world of play through laughter and creativity! I laughed a lot and learned even more. From early learning through secondary education, all educators can find golden nuggets throughout this text!"</br> <b>Dr. Jemelleh Coes</b>, EDU Professor, UGA, 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year <p>"Playful learning isn't a reward. It's required! If you want deep, satisfied, inquisitive learning, the ideas inside <i>The Playful Classroom</i> will inspire and equip you."</br> <b>Matt Miller</b>, Author, <i>Ditch that Textbook</i>

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