The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada

The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada

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von: Don R. Campbell, Patrick Francey

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 16.01.2013
ISBN/EAN: 9781118464748
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Canada's bestselling author on real estate draws back the curtain on real estate investing Investing in real estate has often been viewed as the poor second cousin to the stock and bond markets. The misperception that investing in real estate is somehow difficult has cost Canadians the opportunity to increase both the quality of and income from their investment portfolio. To help provide a new perspective to Canadian investors, Canada's bestselling real estate author speaks about his relationship with real estate as the asset that has consistently delivered value for himself and the Real Estate Investment Network community across the country. Author Don R. Campbell is Canada's most recognizable face in media on matters to do with real estate Offers readers a unique glimpse into Don R. Campbell's views on real estate as an asset class, the opportunities and challenges, and the essential characteristics of a successful real estate investor People want to learn from the best. Investors have no better role model than Don R. Campbell—either to be introduced to the world of real estate or to take away lessons that will embolden success.
Foreword vii Acknowledgements xiii Introduction xvii Chapter One Why Invest in Real Estate? 1 Chapter Two My Early Years as an Investor 45 Chapter Three Design a Portfolio to Weather the Inevitable Storms 71 Chapter Four Building the Team 103 Chapter Five The Investor Mentality 131 Chapter Six Riding the Cycle to Long-Term Sustainable Wealth 157 Chapter Seven Why Do You Really and Truly Want to Invest in Real Estate? 185 Chapter Eight Is Real Estate Investing Part of Your Journey? 201 About the Author 223
DON R. CAMPBELL (Vancouver) is a Founding Partner and Senior Analyst of Real Estate Investment Network Ltd. He is a leader in providing Canada's most current real estate investment education programs and economic research reports and analysis, and is the author of the best-selling Real Estate Investing in Canada 2.0 and co-author of 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors; Real Estate Joint Ventures; and Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle.
From the Author's Introduction Without proper and unbiased information, an investor is really just a speculator. That's precisely why this book is so important, especially given the economic turmoil that continues around the world. The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada summarizes what I would call a sophisticated and strategic approach to real estate investing. Sophisticated does not mean complicated, strategic doesn't mean timing the market. On the contrary, I am a huge proponent of what is called the Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE) system. Backed by two decades of field experience, the ACRE system is all about investing with purpose through the ability to read the market cycles 18 months in advance of them occurring. I would never tell you that real estate investment is easy. I can assure you that it is a learned skill—and that those who learn to do it well and who have market perspective can expect success. To help you understand what I mean by a sophisticated and strategic approach to real estate investing, this book follows a very specific path. Those who already own investment property will be able to read this book and then review their portfolios, business strategies and goals with a fresh perspective on what they should do next, or do differently given a changing market. And those new to real estate investing will find that the book provides clear action steps so that they can move calmly, with confidence, towards buying their first or next piece of real estate investment property. There is a saying that there is never any bad weather, just bad clothing choices. In real estate the same can be said for homeowners and investors—there are never any bad real estate markets, there are just bad purchase and sale decisions. The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada is Don R. Campbell's personal perspective on real estate investment based on the principles and action steps that he has used to build a robust portfolio of investment properties. Three decades as an investor and two decades running and leading The Real Estate Investment Network? have given him a depth of experience and wealth of knowledge that are unsurpassed in the investor community. If you are considering becoming an investor, or are an investor with a degree of experience, you will find ideas and strategies in these pages that will direct you towards practical steps that decrease risk and increase returns. Some of the key topics that he covers are: How to design a portfolio to withstand the inevitable market ups-and-downs How to know the difference between market noise and market signals How to stop chasing money in order to attract it Finding the right professionals and mentors to help you invest wisely How to ensure you are creating long-term sustainable wealth Discovering if you have the right approach and attitude to become a successful investor

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