The IT Professional's Business and Communications Guide

The IT Professional's Business and Communications Guide

A Real-World Approach to CompTIA A+ Soft Skills
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von: Steven Johnson

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Veröffentl.: 27.04.2007
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Get the communication skills you need for career success with this unique book. Preparing you for exams and beyond, the valuable content delves into the issues that you’ll face in corporate, retail, and remote support environments. The book offers more than fifty scenarios depicting typical workplace situations, possible responses-and appropriate solutions to guide you. With this approach, you’ll gain valuable insight into becoming a team player and learn strategies to communicate more effectively with coworkers and customers.
<p>Introduction xxvii</p> <p><b>Chapter 1 Interacting with Customers 1</b></p> <p>The Angry Customer 2</p> <p>Scenario 3</p> <p>Background 3</p> <p>Overview 3</p> <p>Key Concepts 4</p> <p>Resolution 5</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 6</p> <p>Rude and Ruder 6</p> <p>Scenario 7</p> <p>Background 7</p> <p>Overview 8</p> <p>Key Concepts 8</p> <p>Resolution 9</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 10</p> <p>Impatience: Not Quite a Virtue 11</p> <p>Scenario 11</p> <p>Background 11</p> <p>Overview 12</p> <p>Key Concepts 12</p> <p>Resolution 13</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 14</p> <p>Assertive Intelligence 15</p> <p>Scenario 15</p> <p>Background 15</p> <p>Overview 16</p> <p>Key Concepts 16</p> <p>Resolution 16</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 17</p> <p>The Challenged Customer 18</p> <p>Scenario 18</p> <p>Background 18</p> <p>Overview 19</p> <p>Key Concepts 19</p> <p>Resolution 20</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 20</p> <p>A Quiet Case 21</p> <p>Scenario 21</p> <p>Background 21</p> <p>Overview 22</p> <p>Key Concepts 22</p> <p>Resolution 23</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 23</p> <p>Easing Tension 24</p> <p>Scenario 24</p> <p>Background 24</p> <p>Overview 25</p> <p>Key Concepts 25</p> <p>Resolution 26</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 26</p> <p>Summary 27</p> <p><b>Chapter 2 Working with Professionals 29</b></p> <p>The Inquisitive Coworker 30</p> <p>Scenario 30</p> <p>Background 31</p> <p>Overview 31</p> <p>Key Concepts 32</p> <p>Resolution 33</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 33</p> <p>Dealing with Sexual Harassment 33</p> <p>Scenario 34</p> <p>Background 34</p> <p>Overview 35</p> <p>Key Concepts 35</p> <p>Resolution 36</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 37</p> <p>The Lazy Worker 38</p> <p>Scenario 38</p> <p>Background 38</p> <p>Overview 38</p> <p>Key Concepts 39</p> <p>Resolution 40</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 41</p> <p>An Issue of Trust 41</p> <p>Scenario 41</p> <p>Background 42</p> <p>Overview 42</p> <p>Key Concepts 42</p> <p>Resolution 43</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 43</p> <p>Working with Your Manager 44</p> <p>Scenario 44</p> <p>Background 44</p> <p>Overview 45</p> <p>Key Concepts 45</p> <p>Resolution 46</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 46</p> <p>The Technical Professional 47</p> <p>Scenario 47</p> <p>Background 48</p> <p>Overview 48</p> <p>Key Concepts 48</p> <p>Resolution 49</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 49</p> <p>The Business Professional 50</p> <p>Scenario 50</p> <p>Background 50</p> <p>Overview 51</p> <p>Key Concepts 51</p> <p>Resolution 52</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 53</p> <p>Summary 53</p> <p><b>Chapter 3 Using Proper Phone Techniques 55</b></p> <p>Focusing Distraction 56</p> <p>Scenario 56</p> <p>Background 57</p> <p>Overview 57</p> <p>Key Concepts 57</p> <p>Resolution 58</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 59</p> <p>Comforting a Crier 59</p> <p>Scenario 59</p> <p>Background 60</p> <p>Overview 60</p> <p>Key Concepts 61</p> <p>Resolution 62</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 62</p> <p>Handling Offense 63</p> <p>Scenario 63</p> <p>Background 63</p> <p>Overview 64</p> <p>Key Concepts 64</p> <p>Resolution 65</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 67</p> <p>Soothing Frustration 67</p> <p>Scenario 67</p> <p>Background 68</p> <p>Overview 68</p> <p>Key Concepts 68</p> <p>Resolution 69</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 70</p> <p>Creating Satisfaction 70</p> <p>Scenario 71</p> <p>Background 71</p> <p>Overview 72</p> <p>Key Concepts 72</p> <p>Resolution 73</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 73</p> <p>Callers with Accents 74</p> <p>Scenario 74</p> <p>Background 75</p> <p>Overview 75</p> <p>Key Concepts 75</p> <p>Resolution 76</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 76</p> <p>Interoffice Phone Conversations 77</p> <p>Scenario 77</p> <p>Background 77</p> <p>Overview 78</p> <p>Key Concepts 78</p> <p>Resolution 79</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 79</p> <p>Summary 80</p> <p><b>Chapter 4 Security in Communication 81</b></p> <p>Ethics in Security 82</p> <p>Scenario 82</p> <p>Background 83</p> <p>Overview 83</p> <p>Key Concepts 83</p> <p>Resolution 84</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 85</p> <p>What Can I Throw Away? 86</p> <p>Scenario 86</p> <p>Background 87</p> <p>Overview 87</p> <p>Key Concepts 88</p> <p>Resolution 89</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 89</p> <p>Confiding in Your Superiors 90</p> <p>Scenario 90</p> <p>Background 91</p> <p>Overview 91</p> <p>Key Concepts 91</p> <p>Resolution 93</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 93</p> <p>Caution with Coworkers 94</p> <p>Scenario 94</p> <p>Background 94</p> <p>Overview 95</p> <p>Key Concepts 95</p> <p>Resolution 96</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 96</p> <p>What If It Isn’t My Customer’s Computer? 97</p> <p>Scenario 97</p> <p>Background 97</p> <p>Overview 98</p> <p>Key Concepts 98</p> <p>Resolution 99</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 100</p> <p>Phone and E-mail Security 100</p> <p>Mini-Scenario 1 100</p> <p>Mini-Scenario 2 101</p> <p>Mini-Scenario 3 101</p> <p>Mini-Scenario 4 102</p> <p>Resolution 102</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 102</p> <p>Social Engineering 103</p> <p>Scenario 103</p> <p>Background 103</p> <p>Overview 104</p> <p>Key Concepts 104</p> <p>Resolution 105</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 106</p> <p>Summary 106</p> <p><b>Chapter 5 Workplace Communication and Practices 107</b></p> <p>Slang and Vernacular 108</p> <p>Scenario 108</p> <p>Background 109</p> <p>Overview 109</p> <p>Key Concepts 110</p> <p>Resolution 111</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 111</p> <p>Gender Barriers 112</p> <p>Scenario 112</p> <p>Background 113</p> <p>Overview 113</p> <p>Key Concepts 114</p> <p>Resolution 115</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 116</p> <p>Conflicts 116</p> <p>Scenario 116</p> <p>Background 117</p> <p>Overview 118</p> <p>Key Concepts 118</p> <p>Resolution 121</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 122</p> <p>Tone and Mood 122</p> <p>Scenario 122</p> <p>Background 123</p> <p>Overview 123</p> <p>Key Concepts 123</p> <p>Resolution 125</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 126</p> <p>Teamwork 126</p> <p>Scenario 126</p> <p>Background 127</p> <p>Overview 127</p> <p>Key Concepts 128</p> <p>Resolution 129</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 129</p> <p>Staying Appropriate 130</p> <p>Scenario 130</p> <p>Background 131</p> <p>Overview 131</p> <p>Key Concepts 131</p> <p>Resolution 133</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 133</p> <p>Apologizing 134</p> <p>Scenario 134</p> <p>Background 135</p> <p>Overview 135</p> <p>Key Concepts 135</p> <p>Resolution 137</p> <p>Skills for the A+ Exam 137</p> <p>Summary 137</p> <p><b>Chapter 6 Leadership in IT 139</b></p> <p>Authority 140</p> <p>Method 1: Threat of Authority 141</p> <p>Method 2: Creating Purpose 142</p> <p>Resolution 143</p> <p>Discipline 143</p> <p>Scenario 144</p> <p>Background 145</p> <p>Overview 145</p> <p>Key Concepts 146</p> <p>Resolution 148</p> <p>Delegation 149</p> <p>Scenario 149</p> <p>Background 150</p> <p>Overview 150</p> <p>Key Concepts 151</p> <p>Resolution 152</p> <p>Mentoring 153</p> <p>Scenario 153</p> <p>Background 154</p> <p>Overview 154</p> <p>Key Concepts 155</p> <p>Resolution 156</p> <p>Fraternization 157</p> <p>Scenario 158</p> <p>Background 158</p> <p>Overview 159</p> <p>Key Concepts 159</p> <p>Resolution 161</p> <p>Micromanagement 161</p> <p>Scenario 162</p> <p>Background 163</p> <p>Overview 163</p> <p>Key Concepts 164</p> <p>Resolution 165</p> <p>Feedback 166</p> <p>Scenario 166</p> <p>Background 167</p> <p>Overview 167</p> <p>Key Concepts 167</p> <p>Resolution 169</p> <p>Bonus Questions 169</p> <p>Bonus Question 1 169</p> <p>Bonus Question 2 170</p> <p>Summary 170</p> <p><b>Chapter 7 Communication in the Real World 173</b></p> <p>Plugged In 174</p> <p>Key Concepts 176</p> <p>Resolution 176</p> <p>Being “CAT”ty 177</p> <p>Key Concepts 178</p> <p>Resolution 179</p> <p>Dialing Out 179</p> <p>Key Concepts 180</p> <p>Resolution 181</p> <p>Persuasion 181</p> <p>Key Concepts 182</p> <p>Resolution 184</p> <p>Administration by Majority 184</p> <p>Key Concepts 185</p> <p>Resolution 186</p> <p>Packet What? 186</p> <p>Key Concepts 187</p> <p>Resolution 188</p> <p>Spies Among Us 188</p> <p>Key Concepts 189</p> <p>Resolution 190</p> <p>Summary 190</p> <p>Index 193</p>
<b>Steven Johnson</b>, A+, i-Net+, and CWNP, is the managing editor for PrepLogic, a leading training provider focusing on IT certification preparation. As a consultant, he also concentrates on a variety of IT certifications, including Microsoft and Cisco.
<p>Get the communication skills you need for career success</p> <p>More and more companies now require that their IT professionals have strong communication and customer service skills. Gaining these soft skills is such a critical component of IT that the new CompTIA A+ exams include a significant number of questions on this subject. This unique book prepares you for the exams and beyond as it delves into the issues that you'll face in corporate, retail, and remote support environments.</p> <p>How do you deal with angry customers? How do you prioritize? The book presents over fifty scenarios depicting typical workplace situations, possible responses—and appropriate solutions to guide you. With this approach, you'll gain valuable insight into becoming a team player and learn strategies to communicate more effectively with coworkers and customers.</p> <p>In this book you'll learn how to:</p> <ul> <li>Gain stronger communication and interpersonal skills for the workplace</li> <li> <p>Deal with an angry customer and best resolve the situation</p> </li> <li> <p>Handle any problem while conveying strong professional and ethical behavior</p> </li> <li> <p>Understand some of the most difficult aspects of human interaction</p> </li> <li> <p>Learn how to manage by using fundamental leadership skills, including discipline, delegation, and mentoring</p> </li> <li> <p>Express yourself using active and passive communication</p> </li> <li> <p>Communicate in a multicultural environment</p> </li> <li> <p>Offer either direct or indirect explanations when responding to an issue</p> </li> <li> <p>Prepare for the soft skills questions on the CompTIA A+ exams</p> </li> </ul>

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