The Essential Management Toolbox

The Essential Management Toolbox

Tools, Models and Notes for Managers and Consultants
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von: Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 27.08.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9780470687437
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A must have for all practising and aspiring consultants and strategists, this book covers a wide range of consultancy tools and techniques that are well displayed, well described and well referenced. The tools and techniques are helpfully divided in to twenty recognisable skills sectors within management consultancy fields and specialisms. The depiction of the content with diagrams aids the process of quick reference and ease of understanding. The tools and techniques can be utilised across the whole range of organisational sectors, both private and public. The purpose is not to short cut formal learning, but to provide easy access to a ‘toolbox’ of tried and tested management approaches through a collection of models, tools and occasional brief notes which consultants, managers and scholars can use in a practical way.
Foreword. Introduction. Acknowledgements. 1. Business Planning. 2. Change Management. 3. Customer Relationship Management. 4. Decision Making and Problem Resolution. 5. Financial Management. 6. International Business. 7. Marketing Management. 8. Organizational Development. 9. People-Focused Performance Management. 10. Process Improvement. 11. Product Management. 12. Project Management. 13. Quality Management. 14. Risk Management. 15. Strategic Management. 16. Supply Chain Management. 17. Time Management. 18. Undertaking Research. 19. Working as a Consultant. 20. Workshop Facilitation. References. Index.
"A must-have for all practising and aspiring consultants and strategists". (Government Opportunities, March 2008)
SIMON BURTONSHAW-GUNN has worked on management consultancy projects in the UK, Libya, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition he has designed and delivered management training as part of a European Union co-operation programme in, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and India. He has a strong academic background evidenced by two Master’s degrees in management strategy topics together with a PhD by research in partnering and collaborative working. To complement his academic achievements his experience is recognized with Fellowship of four professional institutions including the UK’s Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Business Consulting. For a period of four years he held the position of a Post-doctorate Research Fellow at the Manchester Metropolitan University relinquishing this at the beginning of 2005 to take up the role of a Visiting Professor at the University of Salford in Greater Manchester. Here he served for almost three years in the 6* research rated School of the Built Environment before being appointed as the first Visiting Professor to the new Salford Business School. Professor Burtonshaw-Gunn has been a research examiner for the UK’s Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) since 2002 and is currently an external member of the Employment and Finance Committee and succession member to the Board of Governors at the University of Bolton. He has recently been appointed as a member of the Court at the University of Leeds for a two-year term. Simon is one of the founding members of an academic research group (International Supply Chain Risk Management) and has presented conference papers in Sweden, the USA, UK, Hungary and India, together with a number of refereed publications, professional journal articles and textbook contributions. This is his first book.
“… the key concept of the script is unique and presented well when compared with similar books in the market. The London School of Marketing is happy to include this book in its essential reading list as a better source for further reading around the Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Diploma, the Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Postgraduate Diploma and the Diploma in Management Consultancy.” Anton Dominique, Strategy & Marketing Director, London School of Marketing “This is a must have for all aspirant consultants and business strategists as it cuts to what the tools are for and how you use them in a business context.” Nick Beech, Director of Programmes, European Centre of Corporate Governance, Liverpool John Moores University, UK “This book has been included by the Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) to the recommended reading list for its two professional qualifications: the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials and the Diploma in Management Consultancy.” Sabrina Ahmed, Professional Standards Manager, Institute of Business Consulting, London “This book is on the reading list for our Consultancy Certificate and Diploma courses because Professor Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn has put together a valuable compendium of tools and models for the practising consultant.” Philip Albon, Managing Director, Techniques for Change Ltd
The purpose of this book is not to short-cut any formal learning and understanding of the use of established and practical management tools and techniques but to provide an easy access to various management approaches through a collection of models and brief prompting notes. As such this book will be of value for, practising mangers, students and management consultants; whether undertaking assignments for external clients or working within their own organizations in an advisory capacity. The book not only supports the Institute of Business Consulting’s Certificate and Diploma programmes but also provides a wide range of models and brief notes on over twenty recognisable skill sectors within management fields and specialisms.

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