The Christian Left

The Christian Left

An Introduction to Radical and Socialist Christian Thought
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von: Anthony A. J. Williams

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<p>Christianity is often assumed to be pro-capitalist and socially conservative &ndash; in short, necessarily aligned with the political Right. But can this be straightforwardly true of a religion founded by a figure who drew his early followers from among the poor and downtrodden and spoke against the accumulation of earthly riches?</p> <p>In this book, Anthony A.J. Williams shows that this assumption is far from correct by giving an introductory overview of a tradition of socialist and radical Christianity that can be traced back to the communal ownership described in the Acts of the Apostles. Focusing on modern Christian Left movements, from Christian Socialism and the social gospel to liberation theology and red-letter Christianity, Williams examines the major challenges faced by the Christian Left today, both from within Christianity itself and from the secular Left. Does the Bible and Christian theology really support collectivism and universal equality? Can Christian radicalism remain viable in an age of identity politics?</p> <p>This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the relationship between religion and politics.</p>
Introduction <br /><br />1 The Spirit of Brotherhood: Foundations of British Christian Socialism <br /><br />2 Identity Crisis: Christian Socialism in Post-War Britain <br /><br />3 A Hostile Environment: Religious Socialism in Europe <br /><br />4&nbsp; What Would Jesus Do? Social Gospel and Socialism in the United States <br /><br />5 Moral Minority: The Christian Left in the Age of the Christian Right <br /><br />6 Preferential Option for the Poor: Liberation Theology in Latin America <br /><br />7 Liberty to the Captives: Liberation Theology Across the World <br /><br />8 Where Next for the Christian Left?<br /><br />Notes
<p>&lsquo;This is a wonderfully comprehensive introduction to the very diverse landscape of Christian political radicalism over the last hundred and fifty years.&nbsp; Its global scope is especially valuable, as is its clear analysis of the tensions between much of the contemporary political Left, with its strong involvement in identity politics, and the traditions of Christian socialism, which is more preoccupied with solidarity.&nbsp; A candid, well-researched and timely study.&rsquo;<br /><b>Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury</b></p> <p>&lsquo;A fine, readable, well-resourced and wide-ranging introduction to the spectrum of radical and socialist Christian thought.&rsquo;<br /><b>Revd Canon Dr Jeremy Morris, former Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge<br /><br /></b>&ldquo;A valuable resource [&hellip;] readable, passionate, and accessible.&rdquo;&nbsp;<b><br /><b><i>Church Times</i></b></b></p>
<b>Anthony A.J. Williams</b>&nbsp;is a&nbsp;UK-based writer and researcher, formerly Lecturer in Political Theory at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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