The CEO of Technology

The CEO of Technology

Lead, Reimagine, and Reinvent to Drive Growth and Create Value in Unprecedented Times
Wiley CIO 1. Aufl.

von: Hunter Muller

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Veröffentl.: 18.12.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119276357
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The CIO playbook, with lessons from the world's best leaders The CEO of Technology shows today's CIOs how to become exceptional leaders and bring value to their organization. By taking lessons from some of the world's best CEOs, you'll develop the traits and characteristics that drive legendary leadership. Interviews with top executives at leading global technology companies including Apple, Boeing, Direct TV, Facebook, Texas Instruments, and more provide deep and valuable insight into what it means to lead in a hyper-driven tech environment. These stories provide valuable lessons that don't come from a classroom, but only from the in-the-trenches experience of the world's best leaders—coupled with a groundbreaking leadership approach designed for the demands of today's markets, to give you the ultimate CIO handbook. You'll learn how to maximize the value of your greatest asset—your team—and how to drive performance to unprecedented levels. You'll discover how great leaders communicate business strategy across the modern enterprise, and become a driving force behind your organization's success. The IT industry is experiencing a seismic shift that is revolutionizing the way companies do business. The stakes are high, everything is in flux, and there are no guaranteed paths to success. Whether this revolution means crisis or opportunity is up to you; this book gives you a game-changing approach to IT leadership in the 21st century enterprise. Improve the quality of your leadership and strengthen the C-suite bond Attract top talent, build great teams, and align IT with overall strategic vision Become the indispensable leader who consistently drives achievement Integrate technology and business strategy to become a high-value CIO Modern CIOs face a radically new array of leadership challenges in today's ultra-competitive, highly volatile markets; are you capable of leading the charge to the top? The CEO of Technology offers a visionary approach and the wisdom of experience to help you join the ranks of great leaders.
Preface – Creating a Culture of Genius: Lead, Reimagine and Reinvent vii Acknowledgments xi Introduction – Are You Ready for 2030? 1 Chapter 1 Qualities of Courageous Leadership 9 Chapter 2 What Keeps the CEO up at Night 39 Chapter 3 Driving Innovation across the Enterprise 59 Chapter 4 Leaders of Transformational Change 79 Chapter 5 Elevation and Career Ascent 109 Chapter 6 The “Eyes and Ears” of the Enterprise 135 Chapter 7 Building a Robust Network of Partners 155 Chapter 8 Key Takeaways 167 Recommended Reading 177 Meet Our Expert Sources 179 About the Author 217 About HMG Strategy 221 Index 223
HUNTER MULLER is the founder, president, and CEO of HMG Strategy, LLC. An industry forerunner with more than three decades of experience advising and coaching in C-suites all over the world, he is a sought-after speaker and accomplished author of numerous books, including The Big Shift in IT Leadership, Leading the Epic Revolution, On Top of the Cloud, and The Transformational CIO, all published by Wiley.
In the beginning of the 1980s, no one had a computer on their desk, and technology management strategies focused on data processing. By the end of the decade, every white-collar worker had a personal computer connected to a network, and the scope of managing technology radically changed into creating and maintaining these information systems for a company. The same seismic shift in the sophistication and job description of the modern-day CIO is happening right now, and The CEO of Technology is the must-have roadmap for every young CIO and IT executive who wants a solid game plan for staying out in front of the new age of digital transformation. In this clarifying resource for a volatile marketplace, longtime pioneer of IT leadership Hunter Muller asks his extensive global network of top executives about their biggest concerns and needs in IT, and how the new, emerging breed of CIO are meeting those challenges today and plan to in the future. In candid, interview-style coverage, you gain firsthand insight into the little-known opportunities where CIOs can transform a company and drive business value, as well as the hidden pitfalls of not growing, developing, and adopting new technologies. More than thirty expert contributors give you the solid footing you need to step outside your comfort zone to enable your organization to outpace the competition, by: Using the latest best practices to implement, monitor, and maintain a consistent, security-focused mindset throughout an enterprise Embodying and coaching the specific qualities and talents essential to developing world-class partnerships Practicing the most up-to-date strategies for simplifying IT and removing system complexity Creating and sustaining a durable culture for achieving optimal speed to performance, innovation, and cash And much more The CEO of Technology gives you everything you need to align your IT approach with your company's business goals—without getting left behind when it all changes.
THE CIO'S PLAYBOOK TO EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP The CEO of Technology is the authoritative guidebook to being a high-performing CIO in the fast-paced, ultra-competitive business space of tomorrow. Yes—if you're not working to fully transform the digital functions of your enterprise to meet tomorrow's expectations, you are on a path to failure. The success of an entire business can be critically impacted by the right—or wrong—digital strategy and leadership. With this hands-on resource for the real world, you gain access to the intimate wisdom and habits of global leaders at the forward edge of leveraging technology so you can execute the actionable approach to blending innovative technology and cutting-edge business strategy to generate value. Turn yourself into the CIO your company needs by: Optimizing your team to drive performance to unprecedented levels Communicating business strategy across the modern enterprise Innovating in core, parallel, and new markets Nurturing an authentic culture of innovation The stakes are high in today's IT sector, and with The CEO of Technology, you can confidently make the moves leading to big payouts.

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