The Business Skills Collection: 30 Minute Reads

The Business Skills Collection: 30 Minute Reads

Go Home E-Mail Free; Bags of Energy Now; Give Great Presentations (And Without a Slidedeck); Make Better Presentations More Often; Boost Your Productivity
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von: Nicholas Bate

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Verlag: Capstone
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Veröffentl.: 11.12.2014
ISBN/EAN: 9780857085030
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Introducing the 30 minute reads e-book series! You're half an hour away from a pain free working life! So why not fill your down-time with some up-skilling? The average commute to work is 30 minutes. Why not kick start your New Year good intentions by using your commuting time to skill-up?! And with five books in the series you could have the most productive week of your life! Digitally native content optimized to be read on-screen Each book contains 10 short, sharp and to-the-point chapters, finishing with an ‘Action Plan’ with clear, super-structured, super-easy steps to no more pain! Brand new series of short form e-books Each can be read in just 30 minutes! Covering core business skills and problems to make your work life more productive, less painful and more successful
I: Bags of Energy Now 1 Boosting Your Physical and Mental Energy 2 Meditation: Relaxing Your Mind 3 Exercise for Boundless Energy 4 Nutrition for a Healthy Body 5 Blissful Sleep 6 "Hands-On" 7 Understand the Journey 8 Group Connect 9 Switch Your Perspective 10 Your Action Plan II: Boost Your Productivity 1 The Philosophy 2 Decide Your Bigger Picture 3 Set Your Compass 4 Make the Right Stuff Happen 5 Being More Productive at Work 6 Getting Things Done Despite People 7 Getting Things Done in a Virtual World 8 Being More Productive at Home 9 Paradoxical Productivity 10 Your Action Plan III: Give Great Presentations (And Without a Slide Deck) 1 Why Present? 2 Structure 3 Why You Should Create a Storyboard 4 Become a Good Storyteller 5 Slides: Less is More 6 Gaining Confidence 7 Challenges 8 The Other Presentations 9 Media: What Else is Available? 10 Your Action Plan About the Author IV: Go Home Email Free 1 Back to Basics 2 Hang On. Who's in Charge Here? 3 The Big Breakthrough: Find Your Zone 4 Multiple Breakthroughs 5 We Need To Talk 6 Admit It, You're an E-holic 7 Fix It! Overcoming Obstacles 8 Great Work Practices 9 Great Home Routines 10 Your Action Plan V: Make Better Decisions More Often 1 The Decision Process 2 Tools to Decision Making 1: Data and evidence 3 Tools to Decision Making 2: Analysis 4 Tools to Decision Making 3: Brainstorm and incubation 5 Tools to Decision Making 4: Boosting creativity 6 Tools to Decision Making 5: Take action 7 Decisions at Work 1: Teamwork 8 Decisions at Work 2: Persuading, convincing and selling 9 Decisions at Home 10 Your Action Plan
Nicholas Bate runs Strategic Edge, a consultancy specialising in creating long-term leadership competitive advantage for its clients including Microsoft, Marks and Spencer, The BBC, Royal Sun Alliance, Oxfam and Warwick University amongst others.He is a thought leader and keynote speaker on the subject of personal excellence. He teaches around the world to audiences of 50-1500 and works as coach to many senior people in global organisations. He is also visiting lecturer at Warwick University Business School, teaching on the full-time and IBM specific MBA programmes.He has produced and teaches five courses: Personal Excellence; Brilliant at the Basics; Personal Presence and Leadership Excellence. His new course Instant MBA was launched in September 2011 to rave reviews.He is the author of 15 books and self-published mini books.

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