The Academic Portfolio

The Academic Portfolio

A Practical Guide to Documenting Teaching, Research, and Service
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von: Peter Seldin, J. Elizabeth Miller

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Verlag: Jossey-Bass
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Veröffentl.: 27.04.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9780470479872
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This comprehensive book focuses squarely on academic portfolios, which may prove to be the most innovative and promising faculty evaluation and development technique in years. The authors identify key issues, red flag warnings, and benchmarks for success, describing the what, why, and how of developing academic portfolios. The book includes an extensively tested step-by-step approach to creating portfolios and lists 21 possible portfolio items covering teaching, research/scholarship, and service from which faculty can choose the ones most relevant to them. The thrust of this book is unique: It provides time-tested strategies and proven advice for getting started with portfolios. It includes a research-based rubric grounded in input from 200 faculty members and department chairs from across disciplines and institutions. It examines specific guiding questions to consider when preparing every subsection of the portfolio. It presents 18 portfolio models from 16 different academic disciplines. Designed for faculty members, department chairs, deans, and members of promotion and tenure committees, all of whom are essential partners in developing successful academic portfolio programs, the book will also be useful to graduate students, especially those planning careers as faculty members.
Preface ix Acknowledgments xiii About the Authors xv About the Contributors xix 1 The Academic Portfolio Concept 1 2 Choosing Items for the Academic Portfolio 11 3 Preparing the Portfolio 31 4 Suggestions for Improving the Portfolio 41 5 Evaluating the Portfolio for Personnel Decisions 45 6 Answers to Common Questions 51 7 Sample Portfolios from Across Disciplines 59Biomedical Engineering 61Timothy M. Wick Bioscience and Biotechnology 79Shivanthi Anandan Child and Family Studies 93Lynda Henley Walters Education 111Robert M. Maninger Education 123Clement A. Seldin English 139John Zubizarreta Environmental Engineering 153Charles N. Haas Foreign Languages and Literature 167Sheri Spaine Long Geology and Environmental Science 181Ranjan S. Muttiah Jazz and Contemporary Music 197Reginald Workman Mathematical Sciences 215Lisa A. Oberbroeckling Nutritional Sciences 229Gina Jarman Hill Pastoral Counseling 247Kelly Murray Pediatric Emergency Medicine 259Annalise Sorrentino Political Science 277Carrie Liu Currier Political Science 295Marlene K. Sokolon Product Design 311Robert Kirkbride Psychology 329Pamela A. Geller References  349 Index 351
“If you plan to read only one book about portfolios, buy this one. Peter Seldin is the author or coauthor of over 16 books about faculty development and evaluation. His most recent books explored the use of portfolios in evaluating teaching or administrative performance. This one is dedicated to the use of the same tool in documenting all three components of a faculty work life, and is addressed both to the preparer and to evaluator of an academic portfolio. …Even the most faithful of Seldin’s readers will find new and updated content among many familiar themes, as well as a change of focus from the evaluator to the preparer of an academic portfolio. The anecdote at the end of Chapter 6 is telling about the authors’ opinion: the time to begin preparing an academic portfolio is now. Start by reading this book to find out why and how!” —The National Teaching and Learning Forum
THE AUTHORS Peter Seldin is Distinguished Professor of Management Emeritus at Pace University in Pleasantville, New York. J. Elizabeth Miller is associate professor of Family and Child Studies at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois.
Praise for The Academic Portfolio "If faculty heed the suggestions and advice in this book, preparing materials for promotion and tenure will be a much easier task and a far more effective process." —Mary Lou Higgerson, vice president for academic affairs, Baldwin-Wallace College "I cannot think of a more timely, useful, and applied tool for faculty and administrators than this comprehensive book by Seldin and Miller." —Barbara Millis, director of the TEAM Center, University of Texas at San Antonio "Bravo! Seldin and Miller have done it. Every faculty member should develop a portfolio. Every dean and department chair needs to read this book." —Walter H. Gmelch, dean, School of Education, University of San Francisco "When I applied for promotion and tenure, I wish I had known the important lessons of this influential and practical book." —John Zubizarreta, professor of English, Columbia College, South Carolina "Seldin and Miller provide an easy-to-use template, guided reflections, and valuable models that chart the course for success." —Melanie Harris, Department of Religion and Ethics, Texas Christian University "This book provides broad presentation strategies, helpful prompts for reflection, and portfolio examples from different disciplines that are worth their weight in gold." —Sheri Spaine Long, chair, Department of Foreign Languages, University of Alabama at Birmingham "I'll share this book and recommend it to my junior faculty members and others seeking to be promoted." —Anisa M. Zvonkovic, chair, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Texas Tech University "A powerful catalyst that helps young academics define their careers with precision and effectively and reflectively accelerate their membership in the academy." —R. Nowell Donovan, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, Texas Christian University

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