Success as a Mediator For Dummies

Success as a Mediator For Dummies

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von: Victoria Pynchon, Joseph Kraynak

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 09.03.2012
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Everything you need to enter the exciting field of legal mediation To be an effective mediator, it's essential to possess the ability to take control of animated situations, offer advice, and facilitate discussion—all the while remaining neutral without formulating biased judgment. Success as a Mediator For Dummies helps you acquire these attributes and much more. Aspiring mediators will learn the importance of upholding an honorable reputation, the skills, personality traits, and characteristics of a good mediator, and how to effectively market a successful mediation career. Plus, you'll get practical advice about finding work in the field, realistic salary information, and tips on as tips on identifying whether you have the skills and tools to become a good mediator. The steps necessary to become a mediator (education, training, licensing, states-specific requirements, etc.) How your education and professional background can enhance your mediation work Sample rules and standards of conduct All the steps necessary to build and market a successful private practice in mediation, or flourish as a mediator in a law firm, corporation, school, or non-profit organization Whether you have a background in law or an interest in legal careers, Success as a Mediator For Dummies gives you everything you need to enter the exciting field of legal mediation.
Introduction 1 Part I: Acquiring the Keys to Mediation Success 7 Chapter 1: Achieving Success as a Mediator 9 Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Niche 21 Chapter 3: Training for Your Chosen Market and Niche 35 Part II: Becoming a Master Mediator 61 Chapter 4: Navigating the Mediation Process 63 Chapter 5: Mediating with and without Lawyers 83 Chapter 6: Exploring Different Mediation Styles 97 Chapter 7: Honing Essential Mediation Skills 115 Chapter 8: Employing Conflict Dynamics to Resolve Any Dispute 135 Part III: Improving Your Success Rate 157 Chapter 9: Establishing and Maintaining Control 159 Chapter 10: Transitioning from Adversarial Negotiation to Collaborative Mediation 173 Chapter 11: Capitalizing on Your People Skills 187 Chapter 12: Problem-Solving Like a Pro 201 Chapter 13: Breaking through Impasse 219 Chapter 14: Closing and Memorializing the Parties' Agreement 245 Part IV: Launching Your Own Mediation Practice 255 Chapter 15: Building Your Business from the Ground Up 257 Chapter 16: Marketing Yourself and Your Business Online and Off 273 Chapter 17: Growing Your Business through Client Retention and Community 289 Part V: The Part of Tens 303 Chapter 18: Ten Practices of the Super Mediator 305 Chapter 19: Ten Major Mediating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 311 Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Busting Impasse 317 Index 323
Victoria Pynchon is a mediator, author, speaker, negotiation trainer, consultant, and attorney with 25 years of experience in commercial litigation practice. Joe Kraynak is a professional writer who has contributed to numerous For Dummies books.
Everything you need to become a master mediator To be an effective mediator, you need to learn and fine-tune a variety of special skills, from remaining calm and neutral, to breaking impasse, to marketing your business with diligence. Whether you have a background in law or you're brand-new to the field of conflict resolution, this guide gives you everything you need to enter the exciting world of mediation. Say yes to success — find out how to choose a market that holds the greatest potential for success and obtain the training to pursue that market Mediation strategies 101 — get a handle on the fundamental techniques used in mediating, like anchoring, framing, trust-building, brainstorming, problem-solving, and logrolling Put your skills to the test — take a tour of the various situations you'll have to navigate during a mediation, and how to establish and maintain your authority while also helping the parties resolve their disputes Drumming up business — discover how to market yourself and your services, grow your business through networking and referrals, and understand the ins and outs of the business side of mediation Open the book and find: Advice on finding the perfect mediation market for you The required education and training Helpful hints to network with other mediators in the community The best mediation style for your dispute Conflict resolution styles, strategies, and tactics Field-tested ways to break through impasse Learn to: Resolve disputes, offer advice, and facilitate discussion Remain neutral, calm, and in control Succeed as a private-practice mediator

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