Student Affairs Professionals Cultivating Campus Climates Inclusive of International Students

Student Affairs Professionals Cultivating Campus Climates Inclusive of International Students

New Directions for Student Services, Number 158
1. Aufl.

von: Helen Park Jameson, J. Renay Loper

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With the increase in the international student population, student affairs professionals need a deeper understanding of the challenges and benefits of globalizing a campus. This volume: Examines how student affairs professionals and their campus partners might welcome diverse populations of international students. Provides strategies for enhancing interactions between international and domestic students, as well as the greater campus community. Offers innovative, culturally competent approaches to working with international students. Shares ways to inclusively and effectively educate and support international students to succeed on campuses in the USA. Shares examples of innovative programs designed to increase cultural competence and be more inclusive of international students both inside and outside the classroom. This sourcebook explores the various ways international students in the United States strengthen our country and campus communities, further citizen diplomacy, increase intercultural competency skills, and develop more global mindsets.This is the 158th volume of this Jossey-Bass higher education quarterly series. An indispensable resource for vice presidents of student affairs, deans of students, student counselors, and other student services professionals, New Directions for Student Services offers guidelines and programs for aiding students in their total development: emotional, social, physical, and intellectual.
Editors’ Notes 5Helen Park Jameson, J. Renay Loper 1. High Hopes: International Student Expectations for Studying in the United States 9James Dorsett First-year international students come with a variety of hopes and dreams about their U.S. educational experience. This chapter describes common expectations and how U.S. institutions can assist international students to develop the agility and navigation skills necessary for success in what is for them, a new academic, social, and cultural system. 2. Empowering Learners: A Win-Win Solution for Students and Educators 23Diana Davies, Suronda Gonzalez The Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum movement advocates leveraging international students’ language and cultural knowledge to support their academic goals and increase sharing of home culture experience while studying on U.S. campuses. Such approaches are vital for internationalization efforts. 3. International Student Employment: Navigating Immigration Regulations, Career Services, and Employer Considerations 37Amanda McFadden, Lee Seedorff This chapter introduces readers to trends and issues related to the benefits and challenges of international student regulatory issues, career development, and employment. 4. Welcoming a New Wave of Students from China: Rising Expectations and Challenges 49Peggy Blumenthal, Sonny Lim Chinese student enrollment at colleges and universities in the United States have expanded rapidly over the past decade. Thus this chapter provides an analysis of challenges and opportunities that students from China often face, explores creative responses among host campuses,and also contends campuses need to continually adapt to future shifts in student global mobility. 5. International Students at Community Colleges: Challenges and Opportunities for This Unique Segment of U.S Higher Education 61 Ross Jennings More and more community colleges in the United States are pursuing recruitment and retention efforts of international students. This chapter provides practical advice and insights from an author whose college has been successful in this effort. 6. Building Campus Communities Inclusive of International Students: A Framework for Program Development 73Helen Park Jameson, Sunday Goshit This chapter introduces the Intercultural Program Development Framework (IPDF), which offers practical approaches for developing programs inclusive of international students. Two successful programs at the University of Iowa are used to demonstrate the application of the framework. Index 87
Helen Park Jameson is the founder of Culture Friendly Consulting (CFC), LLC., which provides cultural competency, intercultural, social justice and inclusion training, coaching, and consulting services. J. Renay Loper is the associate director of Global Pro Bono at PYXERA Global, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to reinventing how the public, private, and social sectors converge to solve complex social challenges.

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