Solution-Focused RTI

Solution-Focused RTI

A Positive and Personalized Approach to Response to Intervention
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von: Linda Metcalf

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Veröffentl.: 05.05.2010
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A proven method for helping struggling students succeed Solution-Focused RTI provides an effective approach to Response-to-Intervention using a "solution-focused" method, which emphasizes a student's strengths rather than his or her weaknesses. This important book guides educators to identify exceptions to students' learning problems and design personalized interventions that can help those students succeed. In this book Linda Metcalf provides teachers with the basic building blocks of the solution-focused approach and offers step-by-step guidelines for identifying exceptions, designing interventions, and implementing a three-tiered Response-to-Intervention process. Shows how to implement RTI using the positive and personalized "solution-focused" method Linda Metcalf is the author of seven books, including Counseling Toward Solutions, Second Edition Offers an innovative, collaborative approach between teachers, students, and parents Includes reproducible forms for teachers and students This practical book helps teachers pinpoint research-based intervention strategies that work.
About This Book. About the Author. Also by Linda Metcalf. Acknowledgments. Introduction. TIER I: CORE INSTRUCTION FOR ALL STUDENTS. 1 Simple Addition: Doing Things Diff erently Adds Up to Change. An Elementary Discovery. Intermediate Revelation. Raising the Bar and Rating the Middle School. High School Miracle. Turning Chaos into Compliments: A School Counselor Creates the Opportunity. Education Unleashed! New Focus, New Process, New Results. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. 2 Famous People with Educational Challenges: Priceless Lessons for RTI. Famous People Who Made It! Strategies as Unique as Students’ Learning Differences: Discoveries That Work. More Revelations. Solution-Focused RTI and Diverse Populations. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. 3 Who Says the Square Peg Must Fit? Systemic Perspective: The Hierarchical Leader of the School Leads the Pack. Classroom Perspective: Engaging Students in the Solution. Community Perspective: Getting Parents on Board as Experts. Solution-Focused RTI Applications. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. 4 Guidelines for Solution-Focused RTI. Put on a New Set of Lenses in Order to See Students Differently. Suggestions for Beginning the Solution-Focused Approach to RTI. Advertising Success: An Exercise. Core Ideas in the Practice of Solution-Focused RTI. Solution-Focused RTI at a Glance. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. TIER II: TARGETED INSTRUCTIONAL INTERVENTIONS. 5 Flipping the Coin in Education. It's Your Call. Conversation Template for Solution-Focused RTI. How the Process Works. Steps That Create a Solution-Focused Direction. Flipping the Coin: A 504 Meeting. 504 Conversation for Success. 504 Meeting Summary for Teachers—Sample. 504 Meeting Summary for Teachers. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. 6 Parent Conferences That Collaborate Instead of Intimidate: Level A. Focus on Solutions: Level A Conversation. Solution-Focused RTI Conversation: Level A. Exception Findings: Level A. Follow Up After Three Weeks. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. 7 The Team Approach in Solution-Focused RTI: Level B. Focus on Solutions: Level B Conversation. Exception Observations: Level B. Solution-Focused RTI Conversation: Level B. Exception Findings: Level B. More Than a Meeting. Case Example: Leticia. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. TIER III: INTENSIVE INDIVIDUALIZED INTERVENTIONS. 8 The Solution-Focused Assessment: Seeking Strengths and Abilities at Level C. Focus on What Works. Exception Observations: Level C. Make the Findings Exceptional. Solution-Focused RTI Conversation: Level C. A Solution-Focused IEP. Exception Findings: Level C. Solution-Focused Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Chapter Perspectives to Consider. 9 The Exceptional Elementary School (Sarah Switzer). Tier I. Student Survey. Tier I in Action. Tier II. Learning Feedback. Tier II In Action. Tier III. Tier III in Action. RTI Documentation: Tier I Intervention. RTI Documentation: Tier II Intervention. RTI Documentation: Tier III Intervention. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. 10 Intermediate School Solutions: Steps to the Future (Patti Gatlin). Invisible Problems at Work. Transition Years. The School Counselor and Tier I. Tier II Counseling Interventions in RTI. Tier III Interventions. The Role of Refl ection in Solution-Focused RTI. Reprise. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. 11 Opening the Door to Possibilities in High School (Cassie Reid). The Possibility Door Can Be Heavy. So Open a Familiar Door. Everyone Is Reachable and Teachable. A Different Kind of Data. Underdogs Get the Bone. Where Is the Key? Tier. Sometimes Opportunity’s Door Has a Couple of Locks: Tier II. Stop, Think, and Dream About a Miracle. Keeping the Door Open to Opportunity. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. 12 Getting Buy-In. Risk New Ways of Relating for Better Results. Start at the Top. Start with a Miracle by Asking for One. More Exercises to Create Buy-In. Proceed to Level A, B, and C. Stay Focused on Implementation. Buy-In Exercise: The Miracle School. The eBay Exercise. How to Focus Your Conversation on Solutions. Solution-Focused RTI at a Glance. Chapter Perspectives to Consider. Afterword. Appendix A: Reproducible Forms to Help with the RTI Process. Appendix B: Internet Resources. References. Index.
Linda Metcalf, M.Ed., Ph.D., a former classroom teacher and school counselor, is a professor and the/irector of School Counseling at Texas Wesleyan University. She is the author of seven books, including Counseling Toward Solutions, Second Edition from Jossey-Bass. Metcalf presents workshops on the solution-focused approach across the United States and internationally.
Often educators find the Response-to-Intervention (RTI) process too complicated to put into practice. This important book provides an effective approach to RTI that/raws on a proven "solution-focused" method. This positive approach generates less work to implement and emphasizes a student's strengths rather than his or her weaknesses. Solution-Focused RTI shows how to identify exceptions to students' learning problems and /esign personalized interventions to help those students succeed. Metcalf provides educators with the basic building blocks of the solution-focused approach and step-by-step guidelines for implementing a three-tiered RTI process. Engage students and parents in a process that is respectful, collaborative, and hopeful Decrease paperwork Increase morale among teachers through teamwork Motivate students by enlisting their ideas Involve parents by making them experts on their own child This groundbreaking book promotes collaboration among teachers, parents, and students, identifying what has worked, how it worked, and what to/o to achieve success. ". . .A refreshing approach to RTI. Metcalf offers a clear, jargon-free perspective that focuses on identifying and building on the strengths of students. It is chock full of clear illustrations, real-world vignettes, and examples of school-based interventions that are applicable to all students." —Bob Bertolino, Ph.D., associate professor, Maryville University, senior clinical advisor, Youth In Need, Inc. "Metcalf/escribes actual elementary, middle, and high-school situations,/rawing together the latest research and practice from RTI and solution-focused strategies, and showing how teachers, administrators, and school counselors can collaborate to make classrooms places of joy, purpose, caring, and collaboration." —Loretta Whitson, executive/irector, California School Counselors Association

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