Social Media Commerce For Dummies

Social Media Commerce For Dummies

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von: Marsha Collier

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Capture customers and sales with social media commerce Social media commerce is a booming industry. By using social networks in the context of e-commerce transactions, brands large and small are making their products more available and more convenient for customers. This one-of-a-kind guide introduces you to social media commerce and explains how you can use social media to provide better customer service, collect payments online, and build your customer base. Online marketing expert Marsha Collier helps you determine where you have the best opportunity to reach your market, which sites you should integrate with, and much more. Your customers are communicating with each other via social media; making purchasing opportunities available on social media sites adds convenience for your customer and opens up new sales opportunities This step-by-step guide explains social media commerce and shows what you can accomplish Helps you determine the sites where your business should have a presence Demonstrates how customers can help promote your brand as they recommend products and services to others on their social networks Author Marsha Collier is the undisputed expert on eBay and a recognized authority on social media marketing Social Media Commerce For Dummies helps you offer your customers better service while giving them the opportunity to share information about your product with their social media contacts.
Introduction 1 Part I: Prepping for Social Media Commerce 7 Chapter 1: Social Media Commerce and Your Bottom Line 9 Chapter 2: Competing in the Social Media Realm 25 Chapter 3: Creating a Social Media Policy 47 Part II: Adapting Your Web Presence 53 Chapter 4: Passive Engagement: Creating a Social Persona through Your Website 55 Chapter 5: Active Engagement: Connecting Directly with Your Customers 75 Chapter 6: Claiming Your Space on Review Sites 89 Chapter 7: Knowing Where to Share Your Content 101 Part III: Casting for and Catching Customers 117 Chapter 8: Finding Your Customer on the Social Web 119 Chapter 9: Seizing the Social Media Conversation 143 Chapter 10: Cashing In: Doing Real Business Online 163 Chapter 11: Building Revenue through Links and Deals 177 Chapter 12: Making a Direct Hit with Mobile 193 Part IV: Supporting Your Social Media Commerce Efforts 203 Chapter 13: Handling Customer Service without Picking Up the Phone (Well, Almost) 205 Chapter 14: Monitoring Your Online Reputation 219 Chapter 15: Marketing in a Social Way: New Media Advertising 235 Chapter 16: Improving Productivity with Apps and Widgets 251 Part V: The Par t of Tens 259 Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Build an Online Presence Now 261 Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Get Social Media Feedback 273 Glossary 283 Index 293
Marsha Collier is an expert on social media topics as well as the world's bestselling author on eBay. She has written multiple editions of eBay For Dummies and Starting an eBay Business For Dummies, and she is much in demand as a speaker and trainer, appearing at many events each year.
Learn to: Build your revenue and customer base through social media Use social media to improve customer service Locate sites that offer the best connection to your customers Track results Your customers are social! Master social media commerce techniques to build your business Traditional advertising and marketing techniques just don't do the job anymore. Today's consumer relies on input from a trusted community when making buying decisions. For your message to resound with customers, you must take advantage of their social network channels and interact with them online. Lucky for you, this book shows you how! Social studies — understand social media, social business, and social commerce Build your plan — develop a social action plan for your business and create an employee policy Revamp your website — include substantive information about your product or service, be mobile-friendly, and make contact easy Find your customers — explore the demographics of your target market and learn where your customers hang out Make new sales — by turning visitors into customers Service is everything — boost your business image by handling service issues instantly via Twitter and Facebook Know what they're saying — monitor social media to see how your reputation is doing Keep getting better — use apps, widgets, and other tools to enhance your social media presence Open the book and find: Ways to learn from the mistakes of others Tools to find your customers online Tips for Tweeting Creative ways to share content and engage web visitors Why your strategy must be flexible New ways to use e-mail Suggestions for building a following A glossary of social media terms