Sleep Disorders in Neurology

Sleep Disorders in Neurology

A Practical Approach
2. Aufl.

von: Sebastiaan Overeem, Paul Reading

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The acclaimed guide to quickly and confidently diagnosing and treating sleep disorders in neurological disease—now with more algorithms and tables The diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders can be extremely challenging for physicians, especially when there is underlying neurological disease. In addition to the primary sleep disorders, there is a growing clinical interest in sleep disturbances associated with common neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease. This updated and expanded edition of the critically acclaimed Sleep Disorders in Neurology: A Practical Approach provides doctors with expert recommendations and clear guidance on identifying sleep disorders in patients suffering from neurological diseases and providing effective treatment plans. In creating this Second Edition doctors Overeem and Reading made every effort to further enhance the practical approach of the first edition by adding additional algorithms and tables to assist physicians in more rapid decision making. In addition, they expanded the content to include greater coverage of primary sleep disorders. Classification and diagnosis chapters have been revamped to follow the 3rd International Classification of Sleep Disorders. Offers physicians, with a practical approach to diagnosing and treating complex sleep disorders Draws on the expertise of neurologists who specialize in the disorders under discussion Features quick-access algorithms that help physicians rapidly diagnose and treat primary and secondary sleep disorders with confidence Provides guidance on when to consult a sleep specialist in managing a particular sleep disorder and Written by a multinational author team who provide a wider perspective and range of clinical experience Sleep Disorders in Neurology: A Practical Approach, Second Edition is an essential resource for sleep medicine specialists, as well as clinicians and health care professionals not specifically trained in sleep medicine, but who nevertheless need to manage neurologically damaged patients with increasingly recognized sleep/wake disturbances.
List of Contributors vii Preface xi Part One General Sleep Medicine 1 1 The Sleep History 3Paul Reading and Sebastiaan Overeem, 2 Polysomnography 13Pieter Jan Simons and Sebastiaan Overeem, 3 Daytime Tests for Sleepiness and Vigilance 31Gert Jan Lammers, Mojca van Schie and J. Gert van Dijk 4 Diagnostic Strategies and Classification 47Geert Mayer and Dirk Pevernagie 5 Pharmacological Treatment of Insomnia and Parasomnias 61Paul Reading and Sue J. Wilson 6 Pharmacological Treatment of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness 73Karel Šonka 7 The Effects of Medication on Sleep and Wakefulness 83Gé S.F. Ruigt and Joop van Gerven Part Two Primary Sleep Disorders 127 8 Narcolepsy and Other Central Disorders of Hypersomnolence 129Sebastiaan Overeem, and Paul Reading 9 Insomnia 143Ingrid Verbeek and Angelique Pijpers 10 Sleep?]related Breathing Disorders 155Timothy G. Quinnell 11 Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders 169Kirstie N. Anderson 12 Parasomnias and Their Differentiation from Epilepsy 183Chris Derry 13 Restless Legs Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder 193Thomas C. Wetter and Christine Norra Part Three Sleep in Neurological Disorders 209 14 Sleep Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease and Other Parkinsonian Syndromes 211Isabelle Arnulf, Valérie Cochen De Cock, Paul Reading and Marie Vidailhet 15 Sleep in Dementia and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases 229Alex Iranzo 16 Myotonic Dystrophy 241Bart Willem Smits and José Enrique Martínez?]Rodríguez 17 Sleep Disorders in Neuromuscular Disease 251Sushanth Bhat and Johan Verbraecken 18 Headache Disorders 265Jeanetta C. Rains and J. Steven Poceta 19 Sleep Epilepsies 277Luigi Ferini?]Strambi 20 Sleep–Wake Disorders Following Traumatic Brain Injury 291Christian R. Baumann 21 Sleep Disorders Associated with Ischaemic Stroke 301Dirk M. Hermann, Markus H. Schmidt and Claudio L. Bassetti 22 Sleep Disorders in Multiple Sclerosis and Related Conditions 319Jeroen J.J. van Eijk, Thom P.J. Timmerhuis, Brigit A. de Jong and Paul Reading 23 Tumours and Paraneoplastic Syndromes 327Alex Iranzo Index
Sebastiaan Overeem, MD, PhD is on staff at the Centre for Sleep Medicine "Kempenhaeghe", Heeze and Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Paul Reading, MA, MB B Chir., PhD, FRCP is Consultant Neurologist in the Department of Neurology, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK and recent President of the British Sleep Society.
THE UPDATED GUIDE TO THE DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF NEUROLOGICAL SLEEP DISORDERS It can be challenging to accurately discern between and effectively manage sleep disorders, and particularly those associated with underlying neurological disease. Now in its second edition, this user-friendly text continues to clarify this difficult process by offering sleep specialists, neurologists, and other health care professionals case-appropriate methods of diagnosis and treatment. Clear, concise guidance on the proper identification of both common and rare disorders is complemented by insights into diagnostic testing and different treatment options, while a wide range of illustrations visually demonstrate the points at hand. The second edition of Sleep Disorders in Neurology: A Practical Approach makes some excellent additions to the book's content. With its expanded coverage, the text goes into greater depth in its discussion of insomnia and other primary sleep disorders. Recent research has also led to the inclusion of a newly written chapter on the fascinating subject of sleep deprivation and the brain. Furthermore, all diagnostic classifications have been updated and remodelled in accordance with the 3rd International Classification of Sleep Disorders. This straightforward guide: Provides practical, clinically oriented instruction for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders Covers both common and rare neurological sleep disorders Includes quick-access algorithms that are designed to aid practitioners' efficient and effective decision-making Complements its newly expanded content with demonstrative illustrations Sleep Disorders in Neurology: A Practical Approach is an essential diagnostic aid and point of reference for all those working with patients experiencing sleep-wake disturbances.

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