Sensors, Mechanical Sensors

Sensors, Mechanical Sensors, Sensors, Mechanical Sensors

Sensors Volume 7

von: H. Bau, N. F. DeRooij, B. Kloeck, Wolfgang Göpel, Joachim Hesse, J. N. Zemel

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Verlag: Wiley-VCH
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Veröffentl.: 20.11.2008
ISBN/EAN: 9783527620722
Sprache: englisch
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'Sensors' is the first self-contained series to deal with the whole area of sensors. It describes general aspects, technical and physical fundamentals, construction, function, applications and developments of the various types of sensors. This volume contains the physical and technical fundamentals of mechanical sensors, and contains and assesses the various types of sensors for particular applications. Of interest to engineers, physicists, chemists and others involved in sensor technology.
PHYSICAL AND TECHNICAL PRINCIPLES. Thermoelectric Microsensors and Microsystems (H. Baltes, et al.). Strain Gage Sensors (A. Bray & G. Barbato). Capacitive Sensors (S. Chang & W. Ko). Piezoresistive Sensors (B. Kloeck). Hall Sensors (K. Maenaka). Resonant Sensors (R. Buser). Ultrasonic Nonresonant Sensors (L. Lynnworth). MECHANICAL MEASURANDS. Sensors for Measuring Acceleration (M. Esashi). Sensors for Measuring Density and Viscosity (F. Spieweck). Sensors for Measuring Flow (P. Vigo & F. Cascetta). Sensors for Measuring Force (G. Barbato & A. Bray). Sensors for Measuring Torque (D. Juckenack). Sensors for Measuring Pressure (W. Alwang). Sensors for Measuring Stress (M. Onoe & J. Takahashi). Sensors for Measuring Sound (R. Lerch). Index. List of Symbols and Abbreviations.
H. Bau is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Engineering. His research interests include Computational Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics. Nico de Rooij is Professor Emeritus of EPFL, a university and research institute. He was Professor of Microengineering at EPFL and Head of the Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Laboratory - SAMLAB. He was also previously a Professor at the University of Neuchatel. B. Kloeck is the editor of Sensors, A Comprehensive Survey, Volume 7, Mechanical Sensors, published by Wiley.

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