Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing
Visual Blueprint, Band 61 3. Aufl.

von: Kristopher B. Jones

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Verlag: Visual Books
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Veröffentl.: 27.03.2013
ISBN/EAN: 9781118551776
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Your visual, step-by-step guide to search engine optimization, from an Internet marketing expert Techniques and best practices for search engine optimization are constantly evolving. This visual guide to SEO is fully updated with information on the latest and most effective ways to move your website up in the search engine rankings. Internet marketing guru Kristopher Jones, a frequent keynote speaker at interactive marketing conferences, explains all the key concepts in a visual format so you can see how they work and what to do. Learn about keyword generation, internal linking, URL structure, content creation, using social media, and more. More than 70 percent of businesses today have websites; search engine optimization is a vital factor in growing a business by gaining new customers while increasing business from existing customers This two-color book is the only guide to search engine optimization that is presented in a visual format Presents search engine marketing principles including keyword generation, on-site optimization involving website structure, internal linking, URL structure, content creation, off-site optimization, social media optimization and more Author is a popular keynote speaker and panelist at interactive marketing and technology conferences Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing, Third Edition helps visual learners master and maximize SEO techniques.
An Introduction to Search-Engine Optimization xviii Chapter 1 Getting Started with Search-Engine Optimization Choose a Topic 2 Find Your Target Audience 4 Set a Budget 6 Set Goals 7 Put a Team Together 8 Keep Up with Industry News 10 Attend an Industry Conference 12 Chapter 2 Keyword Generation An Introduction to Keyword Generation 14 Select Keywords 16 Analyze Your Competition with 18 Analyze Your Competition with SEMrush 20 Research Keywords with KeywordSpy 22 Using the Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool 24 Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool 26 Research Keywords with Keyword Discovery 28 Research Keywords with Bing Keyword Tool 30 Research Keywords with Übersuggest 32 Using the Google Trends Tool 34 Chapter 3 Creating Pages An Introduction to Creating Pages 36 Choose Filenames 38 Optimize Title Tags 40 Optimize Meta Description Tags 42 Optimize Meta Keyword Tags 44 Create a Meta Robots Tag 46 Add Emphasis with Header Tags 48 Using Text Modifiers 50 Optimize Images 52 Create Links 54 Validate HTML 56 Chapter 4 Basic Website Structure An Introduction to Basic Website Structure 58 Find Web Hosting 60 Establish a Domain Name 62 Optimize for Multiple Browsers 64 Plan and Design a Website Structure 66 Link within Subject Matter Themes 67 Design a Sitemap 68 Create a Company Information Page 70 Create a Privacy Policy 72 Chapter 5 Advanced Website Structuring An Introduction to Advanced Website Structuring 74 Create a Robots.txt File 76 Specify a Canonical Page 78 Using the Nofollow Attribute 80 Structure URLs Correctly 82 Protect Yourself with an .htaccess File 84 Using Mod_Rewrite to Rewrite URLs 86 Redirect Non-WWW Traffic to WWW 88 Redirect with 301 Redirects 90 Chapter 6 Creating Content An Introduction to Creating Content 92 Write for People, Not Search Engines 94 Avoid Duplicate Content 96 Using Proper Keyword Density 98 Using Latent Semantic Content 100 Keep Content Current 102 Optimize Non-HTML Documents 104 Chapter 7 Creating Communities An Introduction to Creating Communities 106 Create a Blog with WordPress 108 Create a Blog with Blogger 110 Create a Blog with Tumblr 112 Write Search-Engine-Optimized Posts 114 Make Your Blog Successful 116 Create a Community with vBulletin 118 Create a Community with phpBB 120 Make Your Forum Successful 122 Add Reviews to Your Website 124 Chapter 8 Building Links An Introduction to Building Links 126 Evaluate Competition 128 Evaluate Potential Linking Partners 130 Gather Link Intelligence with Open Site Explorer 132 Acquire Quality Links 134 Using Effective Anchor Text 136 Content Marketing with Guest Blogging 138 Content Marketing with Infographics 140 Encourage Community Participation 142 Request One-Way Links 144 Chapter 9 Using Google Analytics An Introduction to Google Analytics 146 Create an Account 148 Install Tracking Code 150 Set Conversion Goals 152 Exclude Your IP Address with Filters 154 Exclude Traffic from a Particular Domain 156 Include Only Certain Directories 158 Track External Links 160 Automate Reporting 162 Using Analytics to Find New Keywords 164 Set Up E-Commerce Tracking 166 Insert Tracking Code on Your Thank You Page 168 Using Third-Party Shopping Carts 170 Chapter 10 Social Media Optimization An Introduction to Social Media Optimization 172 Network with Facebook 174 Create a Facebook Business Page 176 Generate Leads with Facebook Ads 178 Maximize Exposure with StumbleUpon 182 Microblog with Twitter 184 Build Followers with Twitter Search 186 Network with Google+ 188 Grow Your Professional Network with LinkedIn 190 Share Videos with YouTube 192 Generate Traffic with Pinterest 194 Network with WebmasterWorld 196 Chapter 11 Creating Pay-per-Click Campaigns An Introduction to Pay-per-Click Campaigns 198 Learn About AdWords Accounts 200 Create an AdWords Campaign 202 Target Your Campaign 206 Write Effective Ad Copy 208 Using Keyword Matching Options 210 Set Bidding Strategies 212 Export PPC Reports 214 Track Conversions 216 Using Google AdWords Editor 218 Optimize Your Account 220 Chapter 12 Optimizing PPC Campaigns through Quality Score Optimization An Introduction to Quality Score Optimization .222 View Your Quality Scores 224 Optimize Your Quality Score 226 Test Ad Copy 228 Utilize Ad Extensions 230 Test Ad Copy with Advanced Keyword Insertion 232 Using Display Network Targeted Campaigns 234 Using Placement-Targeted Campaigns 236 Install Remarketing 238 Optimize Your Landing Pages 240 Chapter 13 Optimizing for Other Search Engines An Introduction to Optimizing for Other Search Engines 242 Optimize Blog Posts for Technorati 244 Optimize Your Images for Google Images 246 Increase Exposure on 248 Improve Your Ranking on Bing 250 Using Shopping Engines to Drive Traffic 252 Produce Sales with eBay Auctions 254 Using Craigslist to Drive Traffic 256 Chapter 14 Optimizing for Local Search An Introduction to Local Search 258 Create a Google+ Local Page 260 Optimize Your Google+ Local Page 262 Leverage Reviews to Increase Your Local Search Ranking 264 Optimize Your Website for Local Search 266 Maximize Social Media Ranking Factors 268 Eliminate Negative Ranking Factors 270 Consider Offsite Ranking Factors 272 Get Listed on 274 Get Listed on Business Pages 276 Chapter 15 Installing SEO Tools and Plug-ins An Introduction to SEO Tools and Plug-ins 278 Using the Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool 280 Using the SEOmoz Browser Toolbar 282 Using the SEO for Firefox Plug-in 284 Check Page Performance Using the Load Time Speed Test Tool 286 Using the WordPress SEO Plug-in by Yoast 288 Using the SEO Book Rank Checker 290 Using the SEOTools for Excel Add-In 292 Index 294
Discover why Internet Marketing Ninjas CEO Jim Boykin recommends these techniques See how to generate keywords that work, create effective pages, and produce meaningful content Learn visually how to employ forums, links, and social media in your SEO efforts Search Engine Optimization, 3rd Edition Welcome to the only guidebook series that takes a visual approach to professional-level computer topics. Open the book and you'll discover step-by-step screen shots that demonstrate over 140 key SEO techniques, including: Researching and choosing keywords Optimizing meta description tags Using proper keyword density in content Setting up blogs and communities Installing Google Analytics tracking code Generating leads with Facebook ads Creating pay-per-click campaigns Optimizing landing pages Getting your site listed on Installing SEO plugins "Kris Jones knows SEO like the back of his hand, and it shows. This book should be a constant companion for novices and experts alike." —William Sears, Senior Manager, Search Marketing, Disney Interactive High-resolution screen shots demonstrate each task Succinct explanations walk you through step by step Two-page lessons break big topics into bite-sized modules "Apply It" and "Extra" sidebars highlight useful tips