Scaling Global Change

Scaling Global Change

A Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Surviving the Start-up Phase and Driving Impact
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von: Erin Ganju, Cory Heyman

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Grow your start-up into a global influence with real-world impact Scaling Global Change provides social entrepreneurs with the strong organizational foundation they need to change the world. Through the story of Room to Read, one of the fastest-growing nonprofits in the last 18 years, this book features clear, real-world lessons for growing a non-profit or social enterprise, with special insight into girls’ education and literacy programming in lower-income countries. By outlining theories of program, operational, and system-level change, the discussion delves into the meat of the entrepreneurial spirit and applies it directly to everyday strategic decisions. The book begins with an overview of essential communication, vision, and execution fundamentals, and then dives into a discussion of metrics, monitoring, planning, leadership, and more. Clear guidance on internal operations, fundraising, team building, management, and other central topics provides a roadmap for new and experienced leaders, while further exploration of influence, strategy, and government funding relates the wisdom of experience from the perspective of a successful organization.    Cross the chasm from start-up to mature organization with worldwide impact Gain insight into the theoretical and practical underpinnings of nonprofit success Adopt new perspectives on effectiveness, excellence, and influence Translate ideas into action in a way that will change the world Social entrepreneurship has taken off more than ever, and the market is crowded with optimistic leaders wanting to change the world. How do you differentiate your organization from the pack? How can you stand out, stand up, and make a real impact? These lessons are gained through experience and building a strong organizational culture; Room to Read has treaded this path and found itself at the heights of success. With Scaling Global Change, you reap the benefit of experiential lessons while applying them to the success of your own organization. **All Royalties from the sale of Scaling Global Change will be donated directly to Room To Read**
About the Authors ix I Framing the Issues 1 1 Introduction: Go Big or Go Home 3 2 Vision and Execution: Framing the Issues 23 3 Communications: Telling the Story 45 II What We Do 69 4 Programs: A Theory (of Change) Is Just a Theory Until It Is Turned into Action 71 5 Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation: What Gets Measured, Gets Done 105 III How We Do It 133 6 Administration, Finance, and International Operations: Strengthening Operations and the Implementation Chain 135 7 People Management: Changing the World Is a Team Sport 165 8 Fundraising: Defining and Selling the Value Proposition 194 IV Scaling for Global Change 229 9 Strategic Influence: Growing Our Impact 231 10 Government Funding: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t 262 11 Strategic Planning: Wrapping It All Up 288 Index 307
ERIN GANJU, cofounder, Emeritus Board Member and former CEO of Room to Read, has been instrumental in the design and implementation of the organization's scalable, replicable model for improving children's education in low-income countries through its literacy and gender equality in education programs. CORY HEYMAN, PhD, is Chief Innovation Officer, Executive Director of Room to Read Accelerator (Room to Read's external technical assistance unit), former Chief Program Officer, and franchisee of the healthy fast casual restaurant concept CoreLife Eatery.
Scaling Global Change is a "how to" guide for social entrepreneurs who have a vision to change the world and need a strong organizational foundation to do it. It describes how one enterprise, Room to Read, blossomed from a start-up to one of the fastest- growing nonprofits of this century. This insider's look is written by two influential thought leaders in the C-suite who know that the struggle to create a better world takes enormous effort, planning, perseverance, and talent. From focusing your complete vision to going global, this A-to-Z resource covers key aspects of building and scaling a social enterprise capable of achieving longstanding global impact. In-depth explanations provide the theoretical underpinnings and practical business lessons to aid social entrepreneurs and social change champions in three main realms: program excellence, operational effectiveness, and strategic influence. These firsthand accounts of the real-world lessons in scaling Room to Read illustrate how ideas translate into actual day-to-day practice. As entertaining as it is informative, Scaling Global Change brings to life the people and transformative situations along the growth trajectory of this standout nonprofit that has improved educational opportunities for more than 12 million children internationally. It's specifically designed to put this wealth of practical advice and inspiration at your fingertips by conveniently organizing material, including key takeaways at the end of each chapter. Give your socially conscious start-up every chance of growing into a sustainable, prosperous social enterprise with Scaling Global Change: A Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Surviving the Start-up Phase and Driving Impact.
THE SECRETS BEHIND ONE OF TODAY'S FASTEST GROWING SOCIAL ENTERPRISES, ROOM TO READ Scaling Global Change pulls back the curtain on the entrepreneurial social enterprise Room to Read to reveal the wisdom, tools, and lessons driving its unprecedented growth and success. This practical handbook gives social entrepreneurs an authoritative playbook to scaling operations with purpose in today's complex global working environment. It brings together the potent team of Room to Read cofounder and former CEO, Erin Ganju, a leader in the design and implementation of the scalable, replicable model for improving the quality of education, and Chief Innovation Officer, Cory Heyman, who leads the nonprofit's long-term programmatic growth and strategic positioning. Together, they lay out an organizational blueprint that enables you to: Master a hybrid skillset of the most powerful for-profit and nonprofit business practices aimed at solving social and environmental problems Lead a three-pronged, holistic approach to setting up an organization for scalable, replicable, and sustainable growth Turn to high-level guidance and valuable tips along every step of your journey from start-up to scale up Ensure your hard work results in the impact you aspire to achieve with Scaling Global Change. Proceeds from this book go to Room to Read. "The business of social entrepreneurship is one of the most game-changing investments of our time as we aim to solve the myriad challenges facing society. Many have the passion and drive to make the world a more prosperous, safer and healthier place but those truly positioned for success need a roadmap to maintain momentum and a clear vision for scalable solutions. This book provides just that." —PETER GRAUER, Chairman, Bloomberg L.P. "Erin Ganju and Cory Heyman have written a must-read step-by-step guide for those wishing to take their vision for societal change through to scalable, sustainable execution. Information is the most empowering path to success, and this book is filled with insights from one of the fastest scaling and most impactful social enterprises we have invested in." —ROBIN RICHARDS DONOHOE, Co-Chair, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation "In Scaling Global Change, Erin Ganju and Cory Heyman draw on their deep knowledge as insiders of one of the most ambitious organizations ever created to transform the culture of literacy in schools in low income countries, to distill the essential lessons to creating, launching and scaling a successful non-profit. In their insightful reflections on the successful record of 18 years of achievements by Room to Read, they clearly explain the key steps social entrepreneurs must follow to go from idea generation to successful delivery at scale. Any ambitious entrepreneur should read this book." —FERNANDO M. REIMERS, Ford Foundation Professor of the Practice of International Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

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