Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

A Master Framework to Engage, Equip, and Empower A World-Class Sales Force
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von: Byron Matthews, Tamara Schenk

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Put buyer experience and selling resources front-and-center to boost revenue Sales Enablement is the essential guide to boosting revenue through smarter selling. A thorough, practical introduction to sales enablement best practices, this book provides step-by-step approaches for implementation alongside expert advice. In clarifying the sales enablement space and defining its practices, this invaluable guidance covers training, content, and coaching using a holistic approach that ensures optimal implementation with measureable results. Case studies show how enablement is used effectively in real-world companies, and highlight the essential steps leaders must take to achieve their desired sales results.   Smarter buyers require smarter selling, and organizations who have implemented enablement programs attain revenue goals at a rate more than eight percent higher than those that do not. This book provides a 101 guide to sales enablement for any sales professional wanting to enhance sales and boost revenue in an era of consumer choice. Understand sales enablement and what it can do for your company Implement enablement using techniques that ensure sustainable, measureable performance impact Adopt proven best practices through step-by-step advice from experts Examine case studies that illustrate successful implementation and the impact of sales enablement on revenue Consumers are smarter, more connected, and more educated than ever before. Traditional sales strategies are falling by the wayside, becoming increasingly less effective amidst the current economic landscape. Companies who thrive in this sort of climate know how to speak to the customer in their own terms, and sales enablement keeps the customer front-and-center by providing sales people with the resources buyers want. Sales Enablement provides a scalable, sales-boosting framework with proven results.
Special Thanks from the Authors ix About the Authors xi About Miller Heiman Group xii About CSO Insights xiii Foreword xv Part I Introduction 1 Chapter 1 The Science of Selling 9 Part II Laying the Foundation 25 Chapter 2 The Many Facets of Sales Force Enablement 27 Chapter 3 The Customer’s Path 39 Chapter 4 The Enablement Charter 49 Part III Enablement Services 65 Chapter 5 Content Services 69 Chapter 6 Training Services 91 Chapter 7 Coaching Services 107 Chapter 8 Creating Consistency Through Value Messaging Part IV The Inner Workings of Enablement 141 Chapter 9 Formalized Collaboration 143 Chapter 10 Integrated Enablement Technology 153 Chapter 11 Enablement Operations 169 Chapter 12 Measuring Results 181 Part V Where to Go from Here 197 Chapter 13 Enablement Maturity 199 Chapter 14 The Future of Selling Starts Now 211 Appendix 219 Index 227
BYRON MATTHEWS is the Chief Executive Officer of Miller Heiman Group and leads their commitment to championing customer management excellence. His dedication to placing the customer at the core of everything gives Miller Heiman Group its expanded, holistic approach for developing, managing and sustaining long-term customer relationships. Over the past twenty-three years, he has consulted for and led sales organizations for several Fortune 500 companies. Byron's depth and breadth of prior experiences includes eleven years at Accenture and over five years at Mercer as Global Sales Leader and Global Head of the Sales Performance Practice. Prior to joining Miller Heiman Group, he served as Chief Distribution Officer at Aflac, where he led more than 30,000 sales professionals across multiple channels. TAMARA SCHENK is Research Director at CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group. Her work is focused on all things sales force enablement, sales managers, collaboration, and social selling on a global level. Before joining Miller Heiman Group as an analyst and research director in 2014, she enjoyed more than twenty five years of international experience in sales, business development, and consulting in different industries, such as IT, telecommunications, automotive, and utilities. She also had the pleasure of developing sales enablement from an idea to a program and strategic function at T-Systems, a Deutsche Telekom company, where she led the global sales force enablement and transformation team at the VP level. Tamara is a well-established and highly recognized voice, sought-after speaker in the enablement world, member of the Sales Enablement Society, and a regular contributor to Top Sales World as a featured writer.
Today's prevailing sales strategies are often based on decades-old practices for bringing products and services to customers. In the age of technology, buyers come fully informed about what you have to offer, how you stack up against the competition and the different options for solving their business challenges. Successful selling demands a new approach to differentiating your offering, engaging customers, and driving profits. Sales Enablement is the turnkey roadmap for sales leaders and sales enablement professionals who are serious about building a state-of-the-art sales force. This comprehensive guide shows you how to orchestrate a sustainable system of content, training, coaching, and technology along with proven best practices for equipping your sales teams with everything they need to succeed in today's competitive sales environments. You'll gain a detailed understanding of: Sales force enablement, including practical guidance on clarifying the goals, strategies, services, and intended results to ensure executive sponsorship and buy-in The three main categories of enablement services, including content, training, and coaching, and how they impact sales productivity and performance The most effective ways to optimize cross- functional collaboration and prioritize technology investments Reimagine–and achieve–higher sales performance with Sales Enablement.
PRAISE FOR SALES ENABLEMENT "Sales leaders have long struggled to adequately equip their salespeople. This book explores how the field of sales enablement offers a comprehensive and successful approach to support and empower today's sales force." —DOUG J. CHUNG, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School "Since writing the first definition of the role for sales enablement back in 2008, I've seen an explosion of 'experts' who are promoting a lot of advice that doesn't really help. The book is spot on in its view that getting internal clarity around sales enablement is a critical key to success." —SCOTT SANTUCCI, Chairman and President, Sales Enablement Society and Chief Catalyst, Growth Enablement Ecosystems "How do companies align with changing customer behaviours while nurturing their collective talent and driving sustainable growth? Sales Enablement tackles these challenges and offers a clear framework to quantify, integrate, and improve all customer facing functions." —LEE BARTLETT, Author of The No.1 Best Seller, Sales Leader, and Tech Entrepreneur "Tamara and Byron have delivered impressive work here, backed by research, and proven on the frontlines. If you are building or upgrading your sales enablement function, I highly recommend this book and their approach to building the most productive possible sales force." —MIKE KUNKLE, Vice President of Sales Transformation Services, Digital Transformation, Inc. "Sales enablement is a critical function in helping sales achieve the highest levels of performance. But getting the highest value from your sales enablement organization requires strong sponsorship, a customer/sales focused charter, and disciplined execution. In Sales Enablement, Byron and Tamara provide a clear roadmap in making sure your sales enablement organization achieves its goals!" —DAVE BROCK, Author of Sales Manager Survival Guide, CEO at Partners In EXCELLENCE "By far the best book out on the complexities of sales enablement and what firms should be doing." —ROBERT M. PETERSON, PhD, Dean's Distinguished Professor of Sales, Northern Illinois University

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