Roar! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle

Roar! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle

A Business Fable
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von: Kevin Daum, Daniel A. Turner

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 18.03.2010
ISBN/EAN: 9780470609866
Sprache: englisch
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Don't just get your message out. ROAR it out! In this captivating parable, you'll follow Ryan Miller, an executive struggling with reduced sales in a challenging economy. Ryan is mentored by his old Livingston, New Jersey high school friend, Lenny Bernstein, now a Hasidic Jew in Brooklyn having great success in his packaging business. Over a series of lunches around New York City, Lenny shares the key insights that have driven his sales through the roof, while allowing him to run his business efficiently-and still have plenty of time for family. Lenny explains the simple mnemonic R-O-A-R Recognize the four types of buyers Observe from the buyer's perspective, and adapt your message Acknowledge the buyer's special wants and needs Resolve the buyer's issues Praised by renowned money manager Ken Fisher, Roar! gives you a 3,500-year-old sales secret that has never before been articulated in a business context, one you can use to recharge your sales operation and revitalize both your business and your life. It may be a jungle out there, but it's a little less scary once you know how to ROAR!
Chapter 1 The Meeting. Chapter 2 Visiting the V.P. Chapter 3 Following Up. Chapter 4 The 3,500-Year-Old Process. Chapter 5 The Wise Buyer. Chapter 6 The Cynical Buyer. Chapter 7 The Simple Buyer. Chapter 8 The Disinterested Buyer. Chapter 9 The Referral. Chapter 10 The Sales Call. Epilogue. Summary of ROAR! Concepts. Integrating the ROAR! Approach. Our Inspiration. Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Bonus Chapter and Coupon.
Kevin Daum is the founder of TAE International, a marketing consultancy that helps companies deliver The Awesome Experience through compelling messaging, intentional marketing, and memorable delivery. He has a degree in theatre and is an Inc. 500 entrepreneur whose sales and marketing techniques resulted in more than $1 billion in sales. Kevin is a graduate of the MIT Entrepreneurial Executive Leadership program, a former board member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (comprising 7,200 CEOs), and the National Columnist for Smart Business magazine. Kevin and his team of consultants deliver programs on customer experience, marketing, and creativity. Visit Kevin online at Daniel A. Turner is President and founder of TCG, an Inc. 500 company that has saved taxpayers over $250 million. Dan is on the board of the Entrepreneurs' Organization and is a graduate of the MIT Entrepreneurial Executive Leadership program.
Business had changed. For years, as VP of Sales and Marketing at Wolfson Furniture, Ryan Miller easily created steady growth and success. Then the economy tanked. Sales dwindled. Marketing efforts flopped. Wolfson Furniture was suddenly on the ropes. Ryan's future, once golden, seemed dim. But life is mysterious. Just when all seems lost, serendipity lends a hand. For Ryan, fate takes the persona of Lenny, an old high school friend. Having found happiness in Hasidic Judaism, Lenny now runs a packaging company in Brooklyn. "Business is booming, even in the down economy!" he tells Ryan excitedly. So what's Lenny's secret? Roar! gives you a seat at the table as these two friends reconnect, and Ryan discovers how to revitalize his sales and marketing approach. Lenny's sales and marketing process is 3,500 years old and is beautifully simple, yet goes ignored by most companies. As the story unfolds in real-life kosher restaurants all over New York City, you'll discover the step-by-step R-O-A-R system you can use to boost your results. You'll get practical tools and tips, including a template to help you reframe your Value Proposition, detailed discussions of the four types of buyers and strategies for selling to each, plus interview questions you can customize. Warmhearted and entertaining, Roar! is an inspiring story for anyone looking to add a secret ingredient to their sales mix. Its many tools and resources will enable you to deliver a compelling message and strengthen your business in any economy. Take it from Lenny, it's a sales jungle out there, but it's much less scary when you know how to ROAR!
Praise for Roar! "Kevin Daum's Roar! is a charming new set of insights destined to help you in all your personal interactions whether in sales or otherwise. Everyone should have an old friend like Lenny." —Ken Fisher, founder and CEO, Fisher Investments, and columnist, Forbes' "Portfolio Strategy" "This is one of the most entertaining business books I've read, offering up some of the most essential steps you can take right now to better communicate your idea and win." —Jennifer Openshaw, columnist, Dow Jones' MarketWatch "Nothing is more important than knowing how to specifically communicate your message to customers. Kevin Daum has cracked open an ancient code that has been under our nose for thousands of years—providing a twenty-first-century application of these timeless principles." —Verne Harnish, "Growth Guy"founder, Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, CEO, Gazelles "Daum has nailed the keys to effective selling. Imagine an easy way to learn this, traveling through a fun story and, at the end, walking away with some highly recommended restaurants as a value add. You will truly 'ROAR' once you finish this book!" —Jack Daly, CEO, Professional Sales Coach, Inc.

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