Raising Kids in the 21st Century

Raising Kids in the 21st Century

The Science of Psychological Health for Children
1. Aufl.

von: Sharon K. Hall

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 17.02.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9781444305203
Sprache: englisch
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An easy-to-read guide on raising emotionally healthy children that is based on sound psychological research. The book’s format makes it a good choice for students, parents, or practitioners. Focuses on seven key areas of child development in raising psychologically healthy children Paints an overall picture of the skills children need to become functioning adults through translating the latest scientific research into workable guidelines Explores how early cognitive and social development is linked to universal issues of tolerance, sexism, and racism Written in a language suitable for the student or general reader A useful resource for clinicians to share with families under their care
Preface. 1. Raising Kids in the 21st Century. 2. Early Cognitive Growth. 3. Cognitive Growth Outside of the Home. 4. A Part of the Family: How Belonging Promotes Growth. 5. Social Growth and Peer Relationships. 6. Well-Armed: Transmitting Values to Children. 7. Fun Raising. 8. Tolerance and Social Activism. Appendix A. General Resources. Appendix B. Books for Children. Appendix C. Books for Adults. Notes. References.
?The blood vessels feeding the substance of the book flow copiously with a nourishing abundance of information pertaining to psychological health and children.? (Metapsychology, September 2009) ?Informative and practical, Raising Kids in the21st Century proves an invaluable guidebook and resource for parents, educators, students and clinicians.? ( Change, Houston Edition, August 2009) Well written and geared to a broad audience, this straightforward, jargon-free book offers a detailed, step-by-step guide to promoting good psychological health in children from infancy to late adolescence. Many researchers that Hall (Univ. of Houston, Clear Lake) cites will be familiar to those well versed in developmental psychology. The author grounds her advice on commonsense values and reinforces them with relevant research. Vignettes of real-life family situations at the beginning of each chapter are charming. This will be an excellent introductory resource both for those beginning their studies in developmental psychology and for new parents anxious to do the right thing for their child. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All readers, all levels. -- D. J. Winchester, Yeshiva University (Choice, February 2009)
Sharon K. Hall is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Houston, Clear Lake, and is currently working with faculty in the School of Education to examine gender and self-esteem among underrepresented youth in higher education. She is a member of American Association of University Women, American Psychological Association, and the Southwestern Psychological Association; and has published numerous articles on developmental psychology and parenting. Dr. Hall owns the KidData consulting firm, helping businesses that serve children and their parents.
Dr. Sharon Hall highlights seven key areas of child development in creating this reader-friendly guide to raising psychologically healthy children. Much is known in the academic sphere about the socialization of healthy children, yet these ideas are rarely made readily accessible to a broader audience. This book paints an overall picture of the skills children need to become healthy adults. It offers research on the connections between cognitive development and social competency and emphasizes the impact of strong relationships and personal responsibility on positive outcomes for children. A child’s temperament and ability to self-regulate responses, as well as the gender differences in psychological health are examined. Dr. Hall also explores risk and protective factors that contribute to resilience in children. This easy- to-read volume is based on sound psychological science, making it ideal for parents, teachers, students, or clinicians working with families.
"What does psychological science have to tell us about raising children? Quite a lot, actually, although converting the science to everyday practice is more easily said than done. This is what Sharon Hall does so wonderfully in Raising Kids in the 21st Century. Hall translates theory and research in child development into everyday language for parents, showing them how to promote good "Ph" (psychological health) in their children, starting at birth and continuing through adolescence." –David F. Bjorklund, Florida Atlantic University "In this timely, important, and engagingly written book, Hall presents cutting-edge information about how to promote positive development among children and adolescents. This book is a vital resource for parents, practitioners, and students of human development." –Richard M. Lerner, Tufts University

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