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Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture

This series offers comprehensive, newly written surveys of key periods and movements and certain major authors, in English literary culture and history. Extensive volumes provide new perspectives and positions on contexts and on canonical and post‐canonical texts, orientating the beginning student in new fields of study and providing the experienced undergraduate and new graduate with current and new directions, as pioneered and developed by leading scholars in the field.

Published Recently

78. A Companion to American Literary Studies

Edited by Caroline F. Levander and Robert S. Levine

79. A New Companion to the Gothic

Edited by David Punter

80. A Companion to the American Novel

Edited by Alfred Bendixen

81. A Companion to Literature, Film, and Adaptation

Edited by Deborah Cartmell

82. A Companion to George Eliot

Edited by Amanda Anderson and Harry E. Shaw

83. A Companion to Creative Writing

Edited by Graeme Harper

84. A Companion to British Literature, 4 volumes

Edited by Robert DeMaria, Jr., Heesok Chang, and Samantha Zacher

85. A Companion to American Gothic

Edited by Charles L. Crow

86. A Companion to Translation Studies

Edited by Sandra Bermann and Catherine Porter

87. A New Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture

Edited by Herbert F. Tucker

88. A Companion to Modernist Poetry

Edited by David E. Chinitz and Gail McDonald

89. A Companion to J. R. R. Tolkien

Edited by Stuart D. Lee

90. A Companion to the English Novel

Edited by Stephen Arata, Madigan Haley, J. Paul Hunter, and Jennifer Wicke

91. A Companion to the Harlem Renaissance

Edited by Cherene Sherrard‐Johnson

92. A Companion to Modern Chinese Literature

Edited by Yingjin Zhang

93. A New Companion to Digital Humanities

Edited by Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, and John Unsworth

94. A Companion to Virginia Woolf

Edited by Jessica Berman

95. A New Companion to Milton

Edited by Thomas Corns

96. A Companion to the Brontës

Edited by Diane Long Hoeveler and Deborah Denenholz Morse

97. A Feminist Companion to Shakespeare, Second Edition

Edited by Dympna Callaghan

98. A New Companion to Renaissance Drama

Edited by Arthur F. Kinney and Thomas Warren Hopper

A New Companion to Renaissance Drama