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Dictionary of Flavors

Third Edition



Dolf De Rovira, Sr.

President and CEO of Flavor Dynamics, Inc.
South Plainfield
New Jersey









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This dictionary book has more charts which are placed at the end of book for the readers to refer.

Since the last publication of the ‘Dictionary of Flavors’, the industry has gone through a monumental change. This author cannot remember as many accomplishments in the science, as many regulation changes or as many challenges, day to day pressures and concerns that have occurred as in the last few years. Tremendous strides have occurred in identifying nerve receptors for flavor chemicals to the point where receptors are being linked to specific chemical structures. Culinary considerations and their effect on flavor creation continue to explode. Regulatory concerns for food safety and worker safety are on the minds of every successful flavorist today. Marketing concerns such as ‘Gluten‐Free’, ‘All Natural’, ‘GMO Free’, ‘Clean Label’ and on and on drive project decisions and flavor creation techniques. FSMA, HACCP, SDS, BRC, SQF are acronyms now part of the flavorist's everyday life. We live in a time when technology is exploding and the successful flavorist must meet these challenges head on. I hope that some of the additional citations made in this third edition of the ‘Dictionary of Flavors’ will help make this happen and aid in the future flavorist of tomorrow.

I have said many times that sometime in the future someone will look back and exclaim ‘Those were truly exciting times during the early new Millennium, I wonder what it would have been like to be part of all that excitement’. Enjoy!

Non‐Text and Numerical Abbreviations

Non‐Alphabetic Symbols

0 –
Symbol meaning nil or no sensory stimulus
)( –
Symbol meaning threshold sensory stimulus

Numerical Items

2‐AFC –
Two Alternate Forced Choices – A sensory evaluation technique that evaluates two choices wherein the attribute and direction is known. It is randomized as AB and BA and alternatively a third choice of ‘neither’ is also allowed. See Sensory Evaluation, Discrimination Tests.
3‐AFC –
Three Alternate Forced Choices – Considered being more powerful than the triangle test, although the reasons for that increased power are debated. The design of the test is: one item (A) is the target character item and two items (B) are the ones in question. The design is ABB, BAB and BBA. Unlike the triangle which would have AAB, ABA and BAA, the target appears only once. The question is posed: which of these is more ‘x’? See Sensory Evaluation, Discrimination Tests.