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This book developed out of the research for Foucault's Last Decade (Polity, 2016), to which it forms a prequel. As such, many of the debts incurred in the writing of that previous book are shared with this one.

Stephen Legg and Eduardo Mendieta both generously read the entire manuscript and made several useful suggestions. I also want to thank Andrew Barry, Natalie Bouchard, Cecile Brich, Sebastian Budgen, Neil Brenner, Graham Burchell, Jeremy Crampton, Michael Dillon, Sophie Fuggle, Colin Gordon, Peter Gratton, Bernard Harcourt, Laurence Paul Hemming, Marcelo Hoffman, Morris Kaplan, Mark Kelly, Léopold Lambert, Murray Low, Steven Maynard, Felix de Montety, Adam David Morton, Clare O'Farrell, Stephen Shapiro, Kevin Thompson, Alex Vasudevan, Nick Vaughan-Williams, and Perry Zurn. I am again grateful to Daniel Defert, and thank Foucault's nephew Henri-Paul Fruchaud for a very helpful conversation at the Bibliothèque Nationale. I wrote reviews of each of Foucault's first three Collège de France courses for Berfrois journal (, and thank Russell Bennetts and the team for their interest. I also thank the readers of my Progressive Geographies blog who followed this project through its development. Some resources produced during this work are available at

Work in this book was presented to audiences in Australia (University of Melbourne; Monash University); Canada (Memorial University, Newfoundland); Italy (University of Palermo); Sweden (University of Stockholm); United Kingdom (University of Lancaster; University of East London; The Galleries of Justice, Nottingham; the Historical Materialism conference at the School of Oriental and African Studies; the London School of Economics; University College London; Institute of Historical Research); and the United States of America (Purchase College, State University of New York). The final stages of writing were conducted while a visiting senior research fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London. I thank Tamar Garb, Catherine Stokes and their colleagues for the welcome.

For access to archival material I am grateful again to the staff at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) Richelieu, especially Marie Odile Germain and Laurence Le Bras, and the Institut Mémoires de l′édition contemporaine (IMEC) in Caen. I have also used the British Library Rare Books room and Newsroom, BNF François-Mitterrand, Senate House library, the State Library of Victoria, and the libraries of the University of Warwick, Monash University, University of Melbourne, London School of Economics and New York University. The University of Warwick supported archive visits. At Polity Press I am grateful to John Thompson and Pascal Porcheron, and the two anonymous readers of the original manuscript. Neil de Cort saw the book through production, Susan Beer copy-edited the text and Lisa Scholey compiled the index.

An earlier version of Chapter 3 was published as ‘A More Marxist Foucault? Reading La société punitive’, Historical Materialism, vol. 23 no. 4, 2015, pp. 149–68; and parts of Chapter 4 as ‘Discipline, Health and Madness: Foucault's Le pouvoir psychiatrique’, History of the Human Sciences, vol. 19 no. 1, February 2006, pp. 39–66. Parts are used with permission of Brill and Sage respectively.

Above all I thank Susan for her love and support in my life outside the archive.


To ease reference, key texts are referred to by abbreviations. For texts where one book is translated in a single book, such as the lecture courses, the French page number is given first, followed by the English after a slash. So PP 105/103 would refer to the lecture course Le pouvoir psychiatrique, p. 105 in the French text, and p. 103 in the English translation Psychiatric Power. I have frequently modified existing translations.1

Throughout this book, English titles are used for books available in translation; French for untranslated works or unpublished manuscripts, though an English translation of the title is provided the first time they are used.

Texts by Foucault and others

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Archival material

BNF Archives et Manuscrits, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
IMEC Fonds Michel Foucault and Fonds Groupe d'Information sur les prisons, l'Institut Mémoires de l'édition contemporaine, l'abbaye d'Ardenne, Caen,

IMEC's catalogue codes have changed over time as material is reorganized. References are correct at the time materials were consulted.

Classical texts are referred to by the usual conventions. I have generally used the bi-lingual editions in the Loeb library.