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Akbar Ahmed, Islam under Siege

Zygmunt Bauman, Community: Seeking Safety in an Insecure World

Zygmunt Bauman, Europe: An Unfinished Adventure

Zygmunt Bauman, Globalization: The Human Consequences

Zygmunt Bauman, Identity: Conversations with Benedetto Vecchi

Norberto Bobbio, Left and Right: The Significance of a Political Distinction

Alex Callinicos, Equality

Diane Coyle, Governing the World Economy

David Crystal, The Language Revolution

Andrew Gamble, Politics and Fate

Paul Hirst, War and Power in the 21st Century

Bill Jordan and Franck Du¨vell, Migration: The Boundaries of Equality and Justice

David Lyon, Surveillance after September 11

James Mayall, World Politics: Progress and its Limits

Ray Pahl, On Friendship

Christian Reus-Smith, American Power and World Order

Shaun Riordan, The New Diplomacy


An Unfinished Adventure



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1 An Adventure called ‘Europe’

2 In the Empire’s Shadow

3 From Social State to Security State

4 Towards a World Hospitable to Europe




I am grateful to Giuseppe Laterza and John Thompson for prevailing on me to develop a one-off text prepared for a lecture in Leyden into a wider survey of the current prospects of Europe struggling for unity, reason and ethical conscience in the increasingly fragmented world of passions and ethical confusion. It is thanks to them that I dared to take up the task, though flaws in its fulfilment are solely my responsibility.

My thanks go also, once more, to my editor Ann Bone, whose infinite patience proved to be in this case particularly precious due to the subject-matter that mutated faster than the writing managed to proceed …