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Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies






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Odell Education (OE) is dedicated to fostering creativity and critical thinking in students and the education community. OE has developed nationally validated and acclaimed literacy curriculum. OE collaborates with schools, states, and organizations on assessment, curriculum, and professional development projects and is recognized as a leading expert in the CCSS.


Project director: Stephanie Smythe

Primary program designers:

Curriculum consultant: Nemeesha Brown

Unit developers—Texts, notes, and questions:

We are grateful for feedback we received on early versions of units from Achieve’s EQuIP Review Process, under the direction of Christine Tell, Alissa Peltzman, and Cristina Marks.

We are also grateful for the students and teachers of the Bay Shore Schools who collaborated with us to pilot the curriculum. Thanks especially to LaQuita Outlaw, Elizabeth Galarza, Caitlin Moreira, and Jen Ritter (who personally renamed the Supporting Evidence-Based Claims Tool).

We are especially grateful for New York State and the Regents Research Fund for funding the development of the earlier Open Educational Resource version of this curriculum. Without the support we received from Kristen Huff, David Abel, and Kate Gerson, none of this work would have been possible.