Travel Photography In A Day For Dummies®

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Travel Photography In A Day For Dummies®




Okay, raise your hand if you haven’t taken a camera with you on a trip somewhere . . . Just as I thought — only one person in the back row.

Traveling and photography go together as well as peanut butter and jam, or blankets and naptime. However, although nearly everyone takes a camera with them on their travels, using the camera correctly, taking advantage of all its capabilities, and shooting photos people actually want to look at make things a little more challenging!

Whether you have one of the new snazzy, feature-rich point-and-shoot cameras, a simple camera option on your smartphone, or a dSLR with interchangeable lenses, knowing how to use it to its best advantage no matter where you are in the world will make photography more fun and the results awesome. Even your Uncle Bernie won’t fall asleep during your slideshow when you get home.

This book covers the basics of exposure, composition, and camera operation, and then provides an overview of many different types of places and subjects you’re likely to encounter on travels anywhere from the next city over to the jungles of Borneo. I include some handy tips and tricks for various situations that are easy and quick to learn and remember, and a fast reference before you head out to your adventure.

You then discover how you can get your photos safely home and share them with your friends and family, using common storage options as well as the Internet. Rest assured, after reading this book, you’ll know your options for creating lasting visual memories of your travels with your camera.

What You Can Do In A Day

As part of the In A Day For Dummies series, I designed this book to contain about a day’s reading (or a couple days if you’re taking your time). I focus on basic photography principles along with a variety of travel photography situations and scenarios, along with lots of example photos. With a little practice, you can significantly improve your travel photos, to the joy and relief of your family and friends!

Foolish Assumptions

I don’t know what assumptions you’ve made about me at this point, but I can tell you a few things that I already assume about you:

check.png You know what a computer is. You can turn it on, and you understand that if you spill coffee on your keyboard, you’ll have to run out and get a replacement.

check.png You have, or are about to get a digital camera on your smartphone, a point-and-shoot, or a dSLR.

check.png You have a familiarity with the web and are reasonably comfortable using basic services such as the Internet, web browsers, and simple online applications.

Icons Used in This Book

Icons emphasize a point to remember, a danger to be aware of, or information that I think you may find helpful. Those points are illustrated as such:

tip_4c.eps Tips are little bits of information that you may find useful.

warning_4c.eps I use this icon to point out dangerous situations.

technicalstuff_4c.eps All geeky stuff goes here. I don’t use this icon very often, but when I do, you know you’re about to encounter technical mumbo-jumbo.

remember_4c.eps When you see this icon, read the text next to it two or three times to brand it into your brain so that you remember whatever it was that I think you need to remember.

exploresomemore.eps This icon directs you to the companion website for the book — — where you can find photos and articles relating to travel photography.

5minuteexercise.eps Go online for a quick exercise or task to make your next trip and the photos you’ll take a memorable one.

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