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Increase Your Influence In A Day For Dummies®



H ow would you like to change people’s beliefs and behaviours so they say ‘Yes!’ to your requests, proposals and propositions? How would you like to convince and motivate others in an ethical way to do as you’d like them to do? If you want to accomplish this, read on.

Persuasion and influence are about guiding people to make decisions based on reliable information and a sound relationship with you, in order for them to do what’s best for them. Savvy persuaders and influencers demonstrate respect for the people they want to influence. Through word choice as well as non-verbal behaviour, persuaders and influencers seek to understand where the other person is coming from.

Savvy persuaders and influencers demonstrate respect for the people they want to influence. The most successful influencers know what they want and how to convince others in ways that serve everyone’s needs and interests.

What You Can Do in a Day

As part of the In A Day For Dummies series, I designed this book to contain about a day’s reading (or a couple of days if you’re taking your time). I focused on some of the key skills and mindset required to influence others – all of which can be easily digested in a day. You should have enough information to be able to immediately increase your ability to influence others.

Foolish Assumptions

While I know the pitfalls of making assumptions, I’m prepared to assume that you:

check.png Are interested in persuasion and influence and know a little bit about the subject.

check.png Want to improve your ability to persuade and influence others.

check.png Are willing to reflect on your current approach and respond to the suggestions offered in this book.

check.png Want the best for yourself and for others.

Icons Used in This Book

Icons emphasise a point to remember, a danger to be aware of or information that I think you may find helpful. Those points are illustrated as such:

technicalstuff_4c.eps While you don’t need to read the information here to enhance your persuading and influencing skills, you may find the facts and data fascinating.

remember_4c.eps If you remember nothing else from what you’ve read in the chapters, this icon highlights an important point to store away for future use.

tip_4c.eps This icon provides an idea that can save you time or prevent frustration.

5minuteexercise.eps This icon marks simple techniques and ideas to help you boost your persuading and influencing skills.

exploresomemore.eps If you want to find out more, go to for some additional material.