Mindfulness at Work For Dummies Portable Edition

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About the Authors

Shamash Alidina, MEng MA PGCE, is CEO of Learn Mindfulness International, offering training and teacher training in mindfulness for both the general public, as well as life and executive coaches, yoga teachers, doctors, nurses and other health professionals. His website offers online mindfulness courses and online mindfulness teacher training. He continues to grow his offer of audio CDs, books and more.

Shamash offers mindfulness workshops several times a year around the world and offers a limited number of one-to-one mindfulness coaching sessions in person in London, or via phone/Skype.

Shamash has trained extensively in mindfulness at Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness in the UK, and with Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr Saki Santorelli in New York. He holds a Masters Degree in Engineering (Imperial College) and a Masters Degree in Education (Open University), with a focus on Brain and Behaviour.

Shamash has appeared on television, radio, and in magazines and newspapers including on the BBC and in the Daily Express. He hosts a mindfulness radio show at www.mindfulnessradio.com which has had several thousand listeners. He is an international speaker, addressing audiences at places like Cambridge University’s conference on Mindfulness in the Workplace, the Mind and its Potential conference in Sydney and the Healthy Living Show in Auckland.

Shamash is the author of the international bestsellers Mindfulness For Dummies and Relaxation For Dummies.

See all Shamash’s courses and workshops at www.learnmindfulness.co.uk or email him directly at shamash@learnmindfulness.co.uk.

Catch Shamash on the social networks at: www.twitter.com/shamashalidina, www.facebook.com/learnmindfulness and www.linkedin.com/in/learnmindfulness.

Juliet Adams MSc, FCIPD, is Director of A Head for Work, specialising in management development and new approaches to leadership. She develops bespoke learning programmes and e-learning content for leading organisations around the world. She designs and delivers mindfulness at work courses based on MBCT, but specially adapted to meet the demands and expectations of the workplace. She teaches mindfulness to groups of staff in the workplace and offers one-to-one mindfulness coaching for senior staff in person across the UK. Where face to face working is impractical, Juliet works with clients online via live interactive web meeting technology.

Juliet has spent most of her career working with organisations on leadership and strategic learning programmes, organisational development, and change projects. She has worked on national projects for the police and several standards-setting bodies. She also advises and supports senior HR staff to help them make their HR or L&D function more strategic and business focussed. She holds a Masters Degree in Training and Performance Management and is a Fellow of CIPD.

In recent years Juliet has become increasingly involved in bringing mindfulness to the world of work. She is the founder of Mindfulnet.org, a leading web-based independent mindfulness information resource. She arranged the first Mindfulness at Work conference at Robinson College Cambridge in 2012, and the second with Cranfield University’s School of Management. She is author of Making the Business Case for Mindfulness.

Juliet has been interviewed by the Daily Telegraph, BBC and Personnel Today and is a regular commentator on mindfulness at work. She lives in Cambridgeshire near the beautiful city of Ely.

See Juliet’s courses and workshops at www.aheadforwork.co.uk or email her directly at juliet@aheadforwork.co.uk. Catch Juliet on the social networks at: www.twitter.com/mindfulnet or www.twitter.com/A_Head_for_Work and www.linkedin.com/in/julietadams.


This book is dedicated to you, the reader, in your journey towards a more mindful way of working, and more balanced, enjoyable life.

Authors’ Acknowledgements

From Juliet: I would like to personally thank Shamash for getting me involved in writing this book, and all the staff at Wiley who assisted me in the journey. My special thanks go also to Mark Leonard and Dr Patrizia Collard for their encouragement and support, along with other members of the mindfulness training community. Closer to home, my thanks go also to Sophie and Marta at Samovar Tea House, Ely, for all the wonderful tea and homemade cake. Last, but most importantly, my heartfelt thanks go to my partner Jim for supporting me in so many ways while I tapped away at the keyboard for hours on end.

Publisher’s Acknowledgements

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