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Immigration & Society series

Carl L. Bankston III, Immigrant Networks and Social Capital

Stephanie A. Bohon and Meghan Conley,Immigration and Population

Thomas Faist, Margit Fauser, and Eveline Reisenauer,Transnational Migration

Christian Joppke, Citizenship and Immigration

Grace Kao, Elizabeth Vaquera, and Kimberly Goyette,Education and Immigration

Nazli Kibria, Cara Bowman, and Megan O’Leary,Race and Immigration

Peter Kivisto, Religion and Immigration

Ronald L. Mize and Grace Peña Delgado,Latino Immigrants in the United States

Philip Q. Yang, Asian Immigration to the United States

Immigration and Population

Stephanie A. Bohon

Meghan Conley


To the tired, the poor, the huddled, the wretched, and the homeless who have journeyed to US shores for nearly 250 years.


No book could be completed without the support of many people. We are indebted to Peter Fernandez and to Michael Jarrett, who died a few months prior to the completion of this project. Their constant encouragement sustained us. We would also like to thank Dr. Jon Shefner and the faculty of the Department of Sociology at the University of Tennessee, who provided considerable instrumental support. We are grateful to the staff at Polity, especially Commissioning Editor Jonathan Skerrett, and Editorial Assistant Elen Griffiths, who gave us guidance on the direction of our writing and patiently handled our lives’ disasters. Finally, we gratefully acknowledge the helpful comments of Dr. Bridget Gorman (Rice University), Dr. Rebecca Clark (NICHD), and Dr. Carmel Price (Furman University).