Current of Music


Elements of a Radio Theory

Edited with an Introduction by

Robert Hullot-Kentor


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Editor’s Introduction: Second Salvage: Prolegomenon to a Reconstruction of Current of Music
1  Radio Physiognomics
2  A Social Critique of Radio Music
3  The Radio Symphony: An Experiment in Theory
4  Analytical Study of the NBC Music Appreciation Hour
5  ‘What a Music Appreciation Hour Should Be’: Exposé, Radio Programmes on WNYC and Draft
6  ‘On Popular Music’: Material and Text
7  Musical Analyses of Hit Songs
Other Materials
A  The Radio Voice
B  Memorandum on Lyrics in Popular Music
C  Experiment on: Preference for Material or Treatment of Two Popular Songs
D  The Problem of Experimentation in Music Psychology
E  Note on Classification
F  On the Use of Elaborate Personal Interviews for the Princeton Radio Research Project
G  The Problem of a New Type of Human Being
H  Some Remarks on a Propaganda Publication of NBC
I   Theses about the Idea and Form of Collaboration of the Princeton Radio Research Project