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About the Author

Frank Ryan is a consultant clinical psychologist and cognitive therapist working in the National Health Service in London, UK. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Division of Brain Sciences, Department of Medicine, at Imperial College, London. The focus of his research is behavioural and cognitive processes in impulse control. He is the author of Cognitive Therapy for Addiction: Motivation and Change (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013).

Author’s Acknowledgements

I would like to thank Claire Ruston, Rachael Chilvers and Steve Edwards. They all contributed to this book at various stages from commissioning to editing and, ultimately, publication. In truth, they provided me with the support and guidance that is essential for willpower to flourish. I also want to gratefully acknowledge the diligence of the development editor, Kathleen Dobie, and the proofreader, Mary White. I am deeply indebted to the many talented researchers and fellow authors whose work forms the basis of much of this book. Thanks are also due to the many people who have come my way in my clinics, who have taught me so much about willpower and how it can ultimately transform lives.


To Roz, with love.

Publisher’s Acknowledgements

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