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The Smart Cyber Ecosystem for Sustainable Development

Edited by

Pardeep Kumar

Vishal Jain

Vasaki Ponnusamy

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The cyber ecosystem consists of a huge number of different entities that work and interact with each other in a highly diversified manner. In this era, when the world is surrounded by many unseen challenges and when its population is increasing and resources are decreasing, scientists, researchers, academicians, industrialists, government agencies and other stakeholders are looking forward to smart and intelligent cyber systems that can guarantee sustainable development for a better and healthier ecosystem. The main actors of this cyber ecosystem include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and the mechanisms providing cybersecurity.

This book attempts to collect and publish innovative ideas, emerging trends, implementation experiences, and pertinent use cases for the purpose of serving mankind and societies with sustainable societal development. As outlined in the Table of Contents, the 22 chapters of the book are divided into three parts: Part I deals with the Internet of Things, Part II focuses on artificial intelligence and especially its applications in healthcare, whereas Part III investigates the different cybersecurity mechanisms.

In conclusion, we would like to express our great appreciation to all of those with whom we had the pleasure of working with during this project. First, the editors would like to express their deep and sincere gratitude to all the authors who shared their ideas, expertise, and experience and submitted their chapters in a timely manner. Next, the editors wish to acknowledge the extraordinary contributions of the reviewers for their valuable and constructive recommendations that improved the quality, coherence, and content presentation of the chapters. Finally, our heartfelt gratitude goes to our family members and friends for their love, prayers, and concern, allowing us to complete this project on time.

Dr. Pardeep Kumar
Dr. Vishal Jain
Dr. Vasaki Ponnusamy

July 2021

Part 1