The Handbook of Listening by Andrew D. Wolvin, Graham D. Bodie

Handbooks in Communication and Media

This series provides theoretically ambitious but accessible volumes devoted to the major fields and subfields within communication and media studies. Each volume provides experienced scholars and teachers with a convenient and comprehensive overview of the latest trends and critical directions, while grounding and orientating students with a broad range of specially commissioned chapters.

The Handbook of Children, Media, and Development, edited by Sandra L. Calvert and Barbara J. Wilson

The Handbook of Crisis Communication, edited by W. Timothy Coombs and Sherry J. Holladay

The Handbook of Internet Studies, edited by Mia Consalvo and Charles Ess

The Handbook of Rhetoric and Public Address, edited by Shawn J. Parry‐Giles and J. Michael Hogan

The Handbook of Critical Intercultural Communication, edited by Thomas K. Nakayama and Rona Tamiko Halualani

The Handbook of Global Communication and Media Ethics, edited by Robert S. Fortner and P. Mark Fackler

The Handbook of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility, edited by Øyvind Ihlen, Jennifer Bartlett, and Steve May

The Handbook of Gender, Sex, and Media, edited by Karen Ross

The Handbook of Global Health Communication, edited by Rafael Obregon and Silvio Waisbord

The Handbook of Global Media Research, edited by Ingrid Volkmer

The Handbook of Global Online Journalism, edited by Eugenia Siapera and Andreas Veglis

The Handbook of Communication and Corporate Reputation, edited by Craig E. Carroll

The Handbook of Media and Mass Communication Theory, edited by Robert S. Fortner and P. Mark Fackler

The Handbook of International Advertising Research, edited by Hong Cheng

The Handbook of Psychology of Communication Technology, edited by S. Shyam Sundar

The Handbook of International Crisis Communication Research, edited by Andreas Schwarz, Matthew W. Seeger, and Claudia Auer

The Handbook of Organizational Rhetoric and Communication, edited by Øyvind Ihlen and Robert L. Heath

The Handbook of European Communication History, edited by Klaus Arnold, Paschal Preston, and Susanne Kinnebrock

The Handbook of Listening, edited by Debra L. Worthington and Graham D. Bodie

The Handbook of Listening

Edited by

Debra L. Worthington and Graham D. Bodie

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About the Editors

Graham D. Bodie (PhD, Purdue University) is Professor of Integrated Marketing Communication in the School of Journalism and New Media at The University of Mississippi. He is recognized as an international expert on listening and the social cognitive underpinnings of human communicative behavior, having authored over 90 published papers in outlets such as Human Communication Research, Communication Monographs, Communication Research, Communication Yearbook, and the International Journal of Listening, and edited one book, The Sourcebook of Listening Research: Methodologies and Measures (with Debra Worthington). His productivity has placed him in the top 1% of published Communication Studies scholars. In recognition of his scholarly efforts, Dr. Bodie has received several awards, including the Janice Hocker Rushing Early Career Research Award from the Southern States Communication Association, the Early Career Award given by the Interpersonal Communication Division of the National Communication Association, and the Research Award bestowed by the International Listening Association. His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and US Department of Defense and he regularly appears in local and national media outlets on issues relevant to listening in close relationships.

Debra L. Worthington (PhD, University of Kansas) is Professor of Communication and Associate Director of the School of Communication and Journalism at Auburn University. She is a co‐author of Listening: Processes, Functions, and Competency (Taylor & Francis, 2018) (with Margaret Fitch‐Hauser). She co‐edited The Sourcebook of Listening Research: Methodology and Measures (Wiley, 2017) (with Graham Bodie), winner of the 2018 Distinguished Book Award from the Communication and Social Cognition of the National Communication Association. Her research has received multiple top paper, top convention, and top panel awards. Other recognitions include: the Ralph G. Nichols Listening Award, the Burton Award for Legal Achievement, and the ILA Researcher of the Year Award. Her research has been recognized by organizations such as the American Society of Trial Consultants, the European Communication Research and Education Association, and the International Listening Association, as well as by multiple divisions of the National Communication Association, the Eastern Communication Association, and the Southern Communication Association. In 2017, she was inducted into the International Listening Association’s Hall of Fame in recognition of her outstanding research, teaching, and service to the field of listening. She is a past president of the International Listening Association.