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Phil M Jones


The Sales Guide for Non-Sales Professionals

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To my friend Randy Richman, for giving me more than he will ever get to know.


This book is designed to do exactly what the title says: to provide you with a hand‐held walk through the myriad factors that influence the decision‐making process and allow you to achieve more success through empowering more people to choose you, your product, or your service.

Personally, I have been a student of self‐development from as early as I can remember. I've attended countless seminars, read hundreds of books, and invested time to learn from an abundance of exceptional people. The reality was that from each of these prior studies, on every occasion, I failed to retain all the information and only managed to use the parts that where most relevant at that time.

When I decided to write this book, my goal was to provide something that would serve readers in many ways. You can read it cover to cover, scribbling notes and actions for yourself; you could lift parts of it and use them to train your own people; or you could keep it close by and use it for inspiration as you go through changes in your business and are looking for some external influence. Above all else, remember that this is your book—a working document. Scribble on it, place markers in it, and make it your own. It is expected to spark ideas and actions that are not written on these pages, so it may help to keep a notepad handy as you craft your own action list inspired by the lessons you absorb from this read.

Refining your craft as you grow your own success is an ongoing discovery and this book is something that can be revisited time and time again as you look to launch new ideas, are looking for flashes of inspiration or you are preparing for a new opportunity. Each time you read it then expect to take something new from it, this is a sign of your personal growth and the circumstances you are currently in. Take ownership of this book and use its guide to spark curiosity in you to further develop your skills in winning business by exploring the works of others as you take deeper dives into the principles shared with you.

Your next big break could be just one call or meeting away, let's see how what you learn in this read can get you better prepared to seize that moment.