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Equine Science


Zoe Davies


Third Edition





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This book is dedicated to my lovely family, Ian, Sophie and Katie, and to all the horses I have owned or helped as part of my work that have inspired me to write it.


Horses are integral to our culture, and they continue to be used for work, leisure and competition throughout the world. Knowledge of this magnificent animal is continually improving as science delves deeper, uncovering new information that helps us to understand how the horse functions.

This edition of Equine Science has been rewritten and expanded to provide more detailed and up-to-date information for those studying equine courses at higher academic levels or more knowledgeable horse owners keen to understand the inner workings of horses in their care. The systems of the horse are covered extensively with new and expanded information, with full colour artwork and photographs to assist the reader in understanding its scientific content.

Knowledge of equine science for all involved with horses results in higher standards of management and welfare, particularly for those working or competing, no matter what the discipline.

Zoe Davies, MSc., R.Nutr.


I would like to thank Sarah Pilliner for her important contributions to some chapters of this new edition and Julie Musk for her editing skills and support during the production process. I would also like to thank Harthill Stud and all the other contributors for supplying many of the photographs.